barns, transformations & staycation

Here we are. Wednesday already. I’m feeling bittersweet about Wednesday. See I’m on staycation this week and today is the day to check my own progress. I tend to make a list for myself that I would need a month, not a week, to accomplish. At any rate, I started the week off strong. Today’s post is a hodge podge of events that took place on Saturday morning. After that I put the camera down and picked up the paint brush.  I should have some new eye candy to share later this week.

Anyway, Saturday morning started out early with a country drive to greener pastures.

Quite literally.  I went to my upholsterer’s to pick up this adorable French settee.

He just relocated to a stunning horse farm.  There were so many gorgeous views on the property.  I need to get back there to take some photos because I think you deserve more than a view of a horse’s rear end.  And also because I am sure the leaves will be stunning there in just a few weeks.  Plus there were a number of old barns on the property.  You know how I feel about old barns, right?  Love.

Yeah.  My second stop of the day was to pick this ginormous old barn.  I pulled a number of dusty treasures out which you’ll see in future transformations over here.  But check out that weather vane on top.  I thought that was really cool.

Switching gears a little.  After the barns I managed to get some pictures together of a new hook transformation.  I know, we’ve been turning a lot of things into hooks lately.  It is just so fun!

This particular one consists of an old wooden door knob.

And an old wooden trowel that happens to coordinate just so with the door knob.  Side note, I love using trowels as hooks.  When you turn them upside down the flat side lays perfectly flush and the handle creates the perfect hook.

Plus a pair of little knobs on either end.  Did you notice what the base of the hooks is?  It is a decorative part of a Victorian porch which would have been vertical on the porch.

Oh and did you want to see another picture of that settee?  I just love it and hope to have a before and after  photoshoot with it soon and then it will be up for sale!

Back to my to-do list…

10 thoughts on “barns, transformations & staycation

  1. That settee is beautiful,love it,it should sell quickly,hope your week is going well.


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