hot pepper re-run

Hello all!  Tuesday already, huh? We certainly had a busy weekend around here with the Harvest Party sale and all.  Thanks to everyone who came by.  I love meeting new vintage fans and followers.

We had beautiful weather for the first weekend of fall which had me thinking about this time last year.  My how quickly time flies.  We had similar blue skies and crisp weather.  This little blog has grown tremendously since then so I thought it would be fun to post a project I did exactly one year ago.  I loved my hot pepper wreath and hopefully this blog re-run will give any fall nesters out there an easy DIY idea…


I was inspired at the farmer’s market again. There was a huge basket of wrinkled hot peppers on sale. $3 Take ’em all. Who can argue that?

Shiny. Red. Luscious. A couple of days past their prime for cooking.

Not for crafting. So I got a 12 inch flat wreath form.

And some wire. Layer 3 peppers on top of the former 3 and secure with wire.

I wired half of the wreath with the pepper stems out and the other half with the curly ends out.

I love the curly shape of these peppers.

I worked in some burlap scraps to up the fall factor and to hide the mechanics of the wire.

There you have a farmer’s market red pepper wreath.

Only 4 “ingredients” used.

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4 thoughts on “hot pepper re-run

  1. that’s really lovely. I first saw the photo of the peppers and was appreciating their natural beauty. I didn’t realize you were going to do something with it until I opened your post…what a lovely, lovely transformation. =>

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