mason jar soap dispensers for MS

I’m writing today with content that is different than my usual vintage treasure or DIY project.  I want to tell you a little bit more about us and a cause that we want to get behind.  In fact, it really is a DIY project after all.  A DIY fundraiser…

In September Ryan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It has only been a few weeks since we received confirmation that he has this autoimmune disease that is attacking his central nervous system however he has been suffering from symptoms for several months if not years.

Although this is not the diagnosis we wished to receive, we are happy to be able to develop a treatment plan that works to keep Ryan’s symptoms in remission.  We’re remaining positive and adjusting our lifestyle as needed.  That includes walking, cycling, ballet & yoga.  Yes, ballet and yoga.  You should seem him in yoga pants!  Kidding but he has mastered first and second position in ballet.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that Ryan is an instrumental part of Circa Dee.  While vintage, styling & repurposing are my passions, Ryan has been a driving force in the projects that I come up with.  He has lent his carpentry skills and knowledge in many projects.  Ok probably all of them.

And that’s not going to change.

You may be familiar with our popular mason jar soap dispensers.  They have been a great seller since we introduced them earlier this year.  It all began after Ryan made just one for our home.  Next thing you know we sold them like hot cakes.

I continue to source the vintage canning jars.  I particularly love the very old ones with imperfections in the glass like air bubbles.  We tested several style pumps this summer and settled on an industrial style one that is compatible with hand lotion, hand soap and dish soap.

Ryan has consistently made every soap dispenser lid even while experiencing numbness in his hand.  Throughout the summer we did not know the cause of the tingling sensation.  Now we have a diagnosis for it although there is no cure, only the hope that the symptoms stay in remission with the right treatment.  Ryan has found that making the soap dispensers is therapeutic for him because it helps to strengthen his motor skills.

Moving forward we’d like to make a $1 donation to MS research for every mason jar soap dispenser we sell. 

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers for MS.  We’ve set up a DIY fundraiser with our local chapter of the MS Society where the donations will be deposited monthly in Ryan’s name.  We’ve already made a deposit for September’s sales!

Currently the soap dispensers are available at our Brick & Mortar shop, Etsy, West End Garage, Phantastic Phinds and any popups you can find Circa Dee at around the Philly area like Clover Market.

Research for this disease is near and dear to us for the obvious reason of finding a cure but also because Ryan is a Scientist by trade.  Yup, he’s not all blue eyes and brawn around here.  He’s a smarty pants too.  Ryan has a PhD in Immunology & Microbiology.  In his post-doc, he conducted stem cell research which is also a current therapy for MS.

We’ll certainly be looking for other ways to get involved in finding a cure for MS and raising funds to do so.  You can expect to see us on the MS City to Shore bike ride next fall and maybe at a Zumbathon (in yoga pants), who knows!  Let me know if you’d like to join our team for the bike ride.

Thanks for listening!

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31 thoughts on “mason jar soap dispensers for MS

  1. With much love and support to you and especially Ryan, I’ll be stocking on soap dispensers for me and gifts for everyone I know. Great idea for a great cause and a great guy.

  2. i pinned it and am going to share on facebook. thinking of you, and so glad you guys have a good plan! and i think men in yoga pants doing ballet are super hot.

  3. I will share this on Facebook. You and Ryan are truly an inspiration, I will have you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Is there a way that I can buy these online?

  4. Hi, So sorry about the diagnosis. We have MS in our family, so I understand a little about what you may be going through. I would love to support the cause, is there a way that I can order the jars on-line?

  5. Hi….my son John has Chrohns which is also an auto disorder…..hang in their…dealing with a chronic illness is hard…but you two seem like you have a great attitude….I will for sure get a mason jar the next time I go to West End……Debbie Vintage On A Dime

  6. Hey Dana, Sorry to hear the news about Ryan, but glad you found out and have a plan in place. I’m sharing this on my FB page today.
    I saw you are going to be part of the Mt Airy Fest . too. I hope to make it there. Talk to you soon,

  7. Hi Dana -I just saw this post thanks to Denise and am happy to share it on the Clover Market FB page as well! I am sorry to hear the news about Ryan, too, but your positive attitudes and your senses of humor will be instrumental for you for the long haul!!! Hugs to you both 🙂

  8. hey dana.

    i heard about ryan and i am so happy to see that you both are remaining positive and have already decided to join in several different fundraisers and activities. as always, i wish you both the best and will be looking to buy a mason jar for us.

    Love you both!

  9. thanks for this post.i also have a brother in-law with MS. I like the attitude both of you have towards everything.A positive outlook on life helps a lot.I am continents away from you so I cant participate in the fundraiser.

    My thoughts and prayers to you two.

  10. Thanks for the post.I also have a brother in-law who has MS.I like the attitude both of you have adopted towards everything,and even balle for Ryan. I am continents away,I would have loved to contribute towards the fundraiser.

    My thoughts and prayers to you two.

  11. Hi guys! Hang in there…..I am on the lookout for jars for you. Can count us in for the bike ride…whether we help out with fundraising, ride or just cheer you on! See you soon at the beach. Love ya.

  12. I know Ryan is a strong person and will manage this in the best and most creative way(s) possible…ballet, love it! He has an amazing partner in life to help him along this journey. I look forward to replacing our soap dispensers with the MS dispensers! Love you both!!

  13. Carpenters with beautiful carpentry work are rare these days. Ryan is an amazing guy. It’s heartwarming that you’re putting beautiful things together for a beautiful cause. I wish you the best. Stay positive. Sending you rays of sunshine from where I am! =>

  14. Thank you for sharing from the heart what you and Ryan are going through. I think it will encourage many people. I love the mason jar soap dispenser and can only imagine they will sell well for you. More than that, though, I love your attitude and I’ll be praying for you both.

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