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For the last year and a half I’ve discussed details with one of my friends and wedding clients.  Lots and lots of details from invitations to menus to bouquets.  I had the honor of putting together many of those details including not one but two vintage brooch bouquets.

The aesthetic of the event was what I would call rustic modern.  There were a ton of great earthy accents at their venue.  Check out the wood ceiling and brick flooring.  Great view by the way.

Although there were modern details, no wedding would be complete without something old.  In this case, the bride’s bouquet…

She wanted it to reflect the gold tone details that played into her color scheme along with pops of green.

Much like the stationery that I also put together.

We ended up with a jewel tone sparkly bouquet for the Matron of Honor.

These were really fun to construct.  Actually the hunt was the most fun, as usual!  I scoured for vintage brooches for months paying careful attention to the color and subject of the brooches.  I strayed from just floral brooches to include things that meant something to the bride such as a pair of cats on a bike representative of the couple’s cats.

One by one each brooch was wired to create a stem.  When necessary, I used a small amount of hot glue to secure the brooch and wire.  Each wired stem was taped with florist’s tape.

Treating each brooch like an actual flower, I pulled together a hand tied bouquet carefully hiding the mechanics of the tape and glue with satin ribbon.

Finally I packaged them up in, what else but a vintage hat box!

No need to worry about preserving this bouquet.  The bride can display it forever in a vase.

So what do you think of this trend and vintage repurpose?  Will you look at your grandmother’s old brooches from a different perspective now?

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14 thoughts on “something old

  1. I think these bouquets are beautiful, though I cringe to think that some people actually destroy the broaches when they make these. I own a vintage clothing store and I know that some vintage broaches have greater value than many people realize. That value is lost when their original pin backs are removed. If in doubt, talk to someone who knows about vintage jewelry before using your grandmother’s broach.

  2. Those bouquets are wonderful and your “how-to” was great for those of us inspired and wanting our own {for a wedding or just cause its a great way to display lovely jewelry}. I’ve always thought it was a shame to keep grandma’s wonderful “jewels” buried deep in my dresser drawer … just last week I quickly fashioned a display frame for our dresser and have her rhinestone pins displayed there … even my hubby thought it a nice idea. What a lovely contribution you made to the special feel of this wedding.

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