perfect imperfections

Happy Monday! I have a milk painted dresser before and after to share today. Here is Lucketts Green in the shop…

I have to admit that this color was not exactly what I was expecting however the unpredictable variations were very fun!  My batch turned up with a hint or so of yellow.

So here’s how the dresser started.  Not a great pic, sorry.  It had a very shiny finish so I was hoping the milk paint would chip off as it dried since I applied it directly to the treated wood.

In this case, the paint chipped slightly and then I encouraged it a bit more with a sanding block on top.

But the paint on the drawers did some crazy things!  One drawer looks almost as if it is a different color.  Regardless the same batch of paint was used on the entire dresser.

You can also see where the paint thinned on another drawer.  I love the inconsistencies.  It makes for a really fun DIY.

Of course, I could have applied the bonding agent to get a cohesive look to this piece but I was up for the wild card so I just applied 2 coats of milk paint directly to the wood.

I finished the entire dresser with a coat of furniture wax to give it a clear, durable finish.  Regardless of all of the texture, it is super smooth to the touch.

Honestly, this is not my favorite piece that I’ve done to date but I do think there is a place for something like this.  It would be well suited for a kids room because it can take the wear and tear.  Plus the 4 drawer chest is just the right size.  In addition, I think the white knobs give it a playful look.  I prefer them much more than the Chippendale pulls that were on it.  I also love the curves on the bottom.

Did you get to painting or picking anything over the weekend?

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here in PA.  The shop was open and we welcomed many new and former customers.  I got to talk milk paint a lot which is great for recharging creatively.  After discussing so many projects, I just wanted to get to work painting all of the pieces I have on deck.  It is funny how talking shop can do that to you.

I doubt there will be much time for painting this week though as I have to check in on my space at West End Garage down in Cape May and then end the week selling at this great antiques event at Philadelphia Salvage Company.  If you are local, you should certainly put it on your calendar. I hope we have a repeat performance from Mother Nature!

I can’t thank everyone enough who has continued to support our Mason Jar Soap Dispensers for MS fundraiser.  We have sold an unbelievable amount over just the last week alone.  We can’t stock them fast enough!  In fact, I was shopping at an adorable vintage store on Friday when the owner helped me carry something to my car.  She spotted some of the Soap Dispensers (because apparently I carry them everywhere) and next thing you know they’re in stock at North Main Consignment & Salvage in Sellersville, PA.  Serendipitous I suppose.

I love partnering with all of these great local companies!

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