fall vignettes

I can’t believe Halloween is just a week away! I have only done some light decorating this season. Like no frills, go with the natural flow type of fall decorating. I didn’t get very Halloween specific.  I kind of like it so I thought I’d share some of the vignettes that are around my house.

I stepped onto my back patio to fallen dogwood leaves.  Some people are hyperactive about removing leaves as they fall but I happen to love the surprise that nature left us!  The leaves crunch below my feet and dot the bistro table and chairs.  Simple decorating!

Around the corner this big ol’ pumpkin that we haven’t gotten around to carving yet waits patiently on my favorite rusty, aqua chair.

I am a big fan of the contrast in colors between orange and aqua.  In the house I left my growing collection of antique blue and green mixing bowls on display and dispersed decorative pumpkins and things among them.

Aren’t these candy corn just too cute?

On the hearth, I have a vintage shopping basket full of pumpkins, squash and gourds.  Is it weird to keep squash for dinner in the living room?  Not when it is this cute & festive!

Shh, the secrets of a vintage dealer here…I just pick up this shopping basket every weekend and bring it to whatever event I am selling at so I can disperse some fall cheer amongst my vintage vignettes.  Don’t look too closely or you may find one of my price tags.  In fact, many things in my house are tagged with prices.  My family jokes that everything in my house is for sale.  Umm, they’re kind of right.  Tell me I am not alone.  Do any other dealers do this?

This vignette is a focal in the dining room.  I just keeping adding to it by repeating shapes and colors with objects from around the house and nature.  (And there are at least 3, no wait, 4 items in this vignette that I know have price tags on them!)

And finally, I love to gaze out my office window at the beautiful yellow foliage that the birch trees in front of my house are showcasing.  No selling that view.

So how is your house decorated for the holiday?  Feel free to leave link in the comments!

9 thoughts on “fall vignettes

  1. Hi there! We met this past weekend at your store…which I loved! Great items and displays. I bought some milk paint and hemp oil. Question…how do I open the hemp oil container? Do I pierce the top? Love your easy, breezey fall displays posted here too! Thanks for any and all advice! Susan

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