So I’ll be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately.  Maybe you’ve noticed?  It is not for a lack of projects, picks and other vintage-worthy posts.  I’m not sure what it is but I am working on getting myself organized so I can share all of my antique adventures with you.

Exactly a month ago, I went part time with my “day job” which has allowed me to focus the majority of my working and waking hours on this little business of mine.  It is a goal that I have worked towards for quite a while and I am super excited to now call Circa Dee my primary career!  Being an entrepreneur and small business owner is a dream come true for me.

Perhaps that is where the blogging funk has come in though?

Things move much more rapidly now than they did before.  I used to make the time to assemble a neat little photo and blog post outlining my week’s finds for you like this.

Now they are in the shop and sometimes sold before I even get to snap a picture.  The same with some painted pieces.  They might be on the truck before I get a chance to style and photograph them for the blog.  I’m not complaining about that but it has presented a difference in the content I have shared on the blog.  Hence the need to organize and schedule things a bit more on my end.  I’m working on it!

In other news, we are bearing down for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy here on the east coast.  As I write this, I hear pounding rain and gusty winds just feet away outside of my window.  It is supposed to get worse in the next few hours.

I am terrified for Cape May which is directly in Sandy’s path.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that we are fortunate enough to call Cape May our 2nd home.  The coastal town is our 2nd love behind Wilson of course.

On Thursday, I was in town to rearrange and restock my vintage booth at West End Garage, just blocks from the beach. Friday was an unseasonably warm and beautiful day to normally be in Cape May in October.  Unfortunately it was the calm before the storm.

On Friday we found ourselves putting most of my booth’s display up on cinderblock risers in case of flooding.  With the size of this storm though I am not sure that a foot of cinderblock clearance will make much difference.  So on Saturday we moved the more valuable pieces out of the shop completely.

Securing my small retail space is nothing compared to boarding up massive beach front homes and businesses.  A year ago we frantically prepared for Hurricane Irene which ended up presenting minimal damage.  This year’s prep was very similar but Hurricane Sandy seems to be on a different level with a combination of a Nor’easter and the high tide of a full moon. We hope she doesn’t wash away our beaches.

Only time will tell.  Stay safe everyone!  I will be sure to post an update once the storm is over and we are able to get back into Cape May.

7 thoughts on “impactful

  1. I thought of you since I know you have a home in Cape May. God is in control and we are praying for a miracle to turn this thing back out to sea. God can do it. I have great faith. We, too, are doing all we can so that our basement doesn’t get too much water. When people ask what I was doing during preparation for Hurricane Sandy I will have to confess that yesterday and this morning (bag sale) we were at a Synagogue at their yearly rummage sale. We weren’t the only crazies and we got the pick of the crop. It’s in my blood I can’t help it.

    Congratulations on the move to part-time with your dream career. It will take some adjusting and new ways of ordering your day, but the process is just as important as the end result. Enjoy it all and again congratulations. Karen (and Rosey too) Willy says hi to Wilson (woof woof)

    1. Hi Karen – thanks for the sweet comments. I laughed out loud at the rummage sale and, of course, I wish I knew about it! Too funny. Stay dry. See you soon.

      1. Oh and I can justify going to the rummage sale in a hurricane by saying that I got a bag full of candles in jars in case the power goes out. Not sure how I can justify the fancy dress unless I say that I had a romantic dinner by candleight when the power went out. Yeah yeah that’s it. Now I am ready. Some go to Walmart and some go junking.

  2. The shore towns are getting clobbered!,,, So much devastation !,,,, Stay safe Dana…I was also in Cape May Saturday for our annual Ghost Trolley Ride…Lookin forward to seeing your sweet booth!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  3. Living on the other side of North America I can only provide support through my thoughts and prayers. I hope Sandy decides to settle down and move on with just a minor hiccup. This is a time to really be thankful and appreciate all that is important. Good luck on your new venture. I love your blog! ~Thea

  4. Hey Dana,

    I really hope the cape may house is okay after last night’s crazy storm!!! Not sure if you are w/o power today like most people I know out in Montco. I hope all is well, and there’s no major damage at either of your pretty houses!

    On the bright side, congrats on the permanent career move, that’s fantastic news. Its great to see how you’ve grown this business in just a short time 🙂

    Take care, and let us know if you need anything.

    best wishes,

  5. Back with lights, internet and all the things I hope to not take for granted. Hope all are well and praying for all our neighbors and friends in New Jersey and New York. Karen.

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