Happy Halloween everybody! It sure looks spooky around these parts thanks to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy – dubbed Frankenstorm here in the northeast.  On Monday, I posted a bit panicked about how our favorite coastal town of Cape May, New Jersey would fair.  Well, I am here to report that Cape May won the battle with Sandy.  Hooray!

Unfortunately our neighbors to the north did not make out as well as Cape May.  My heart goes out to all of those folks just up the coast.

Ironically our home town to the west in Pennsylvania seemed to be more battered than Cape May as well.  We lost power in PA on Monday evening and as of writing this have not had it restored just yet.  Our town is full of beautiful, mature trees – one of the draws of the neighborhood.  However, not all of the trees withstood the wind gusts.  Some toppled over on our power lines.  We were nervous for the large trees surrounding our house but they all stood strong.

After about 36 hours without electric and heat we decided to venture back east to Cape May.  That is when we learned that ironically the coastal town was in better shape than our Montgomery county town.

And that we had internet.  Hooray again!

It is amazing what lack of electricity can do.  I forgot what day it was, never knew the time and flicked the light switch on a ridiculous amount of times out of habit.  Living in the dark is not fun.  Oh and neither is wearing 2 pairs of pants to sleep.  

Anyway, back to the positive news around Cape May…

Boarded up beach houses suffered minimal damage

For the most part, sand dunes did their job as barrier

Only a few roads were sand covered

Everyone’s favorite Cape May landmark, Congress Hall, overlooks the sea

Sandy makes a grand exit leaving town with a show of clouds

A little bit spooky for Halloween

A flock of beautiful cranes bathed in the storm’s remnants

Again, I can’t stress how fortunate we are.  We have some flooding around the house.  Ok, our front yard is a pond but nothing we can’t manage compared to what others are experiencing.

I hope you are your family are safe, dry and warm this Halloween.

13 thoughts on “frankenstorm

  1. Beautiful pictures, in spite of the storm! Funny how our lives take on new perspective when faced with such tremendous devastation, isn’t it? Glad you are “well” although powerless..for now….My mom lives in Nazareth and is still without power as well, generator is a pumpin’ tho. Blessings for the days ahead.

    1. Tracye – I hope your mom got power back! Our has been restored but we had to dump our whole fridge. Fortunately it wasn’t much. We are just thankful to have a roof and everything in tact.

      1. Dana, yes she did get power back. They were very fortunate as well. Glad you made out well sans that foodiestuff ;-( minor in comparison. Sending prayers for extra patience as all the areas around you dig out.

  2. Hope you guys had a nice Halloween in Cape May; nice photos too.
    FYI, power was restored to the neighborhood at approx 1am this morning; it’s nice to have heat again. George, The Mayor

  3. Oh I thank God for sparing Cape May. I love Cape May and am so glad it survived in such good shape for such a devastating storm (praying for Atlantic City, etc.) My camping skills were only minimally put to use since we have a gas stove that we manually light and the hot water was still a pumping. I managed to truck my freezer food to my Mom’s freezer. Rosey was upset that her school party and trick or treating were cancelled. Everything worked out in the end since Mom lives in Philly and they were up and running. So we threw her costume in the car and trick or treated last night anyway. Bonus round is that this Saturday night she will dress up again and go around our neighborhood. She was an adorable Miss Kitty. We did eat a little too much chocolate though. Anyway, now I have to get back to sorting through my hundreds of e-mails. God Bless America land and people that we love. Stand beside her and guide her …. Karen

  4. So happy my Cape May is ok!!!! Goin there in December with the girls… Staying at The Puffin….hope I can finally meet you at The West End Garage!!!! Glad you and your are ok… My town also did well and we have power!!!! wool hoooo Debbie Vintage On. Dime

    1. oh me too! Let me know when you will be in town for the holidays Debbie so we can meet in person. I love Cape May in December and will certainly be around!

  5. I’m so happy to hear Cape May fared well through the storm, but it is SO sad to see the devastation further North 😦

    Thanks for keeping us informed on your status!! Its so funny you lost power at your main house for so long when my friend who lives like 3 blocks from you only lost it for a few hours…so strange!!


    1. I know. It seemed very isolated to a few blocks based on a few trees that were down. I can’t stop looking at the pictured of the devastation just a few miles from us. We are so lucky and thankful.

  6. Your pictures are amazing. I’m glad you are doing okay up there. Since we live in Florida, we definitely know the power of storms, but who would have imagined that this one would be worse for the NE than it was here. Hope normalcy is restored to you all soon.

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