the perfect pairing

It feels like it has been awhile since I shared a furniture before and after on the blog that I’ve been this excited about!  I found the perfect pairing of chalk paint and milk paint.  The combinations of these products could be endless!

So here is the result of combining Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue with Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in Shutter Gray with a dash of Egyptian gold gilding and an Ironstone wash.  All finished in clear wax.

Did you get all that?

First, the before.  We picked this sideboard/buffet up locally and very carefully brought it home.  Other than these shots, this is all I have for before pictures.  But I am sure you’ve seen these French pieces before so you have an idea.

She’s been with us a while!  Dating back to July.  Heard to believe.  Right away I painted the piece ASCP Aubusson Blue.  I love the color but I was very uninspired by all blue.  I knew I wanted to highlight the curves and give it more oomph.

Sometimes I just have to wait for the piece to talk to me and inspiration to flow.  Other times I know exactly what I want to do with it.   So it sat.  And sat.

Then the milk paint shipment came.  I used Shutter Gray on a console table and was surprised to see how bluish gray it was.  The now blue French piece continued to sit until a light bulb went off.  Shutter gray was the answer!

I mixed up the milk paint powder and added a fine/watery solution of the crackle medium to the gray. The gray seemed to settle into the blue and softened it a bit while also adding some dimension.  In some areas it gave a wash effect but in others a fine crackle effect due to the consistency of the crackle medium solution.  A thicker solution should yield a larger, more obvious crackle.

I let it sit a little while longer.  This time just a few days!  I decided to accent the curves of the doors in MMS milk paint in Ironstone.

Finally I went over those curves as well as the bottom detail in ASCP Egyptian gold gilding.

The inside received a simple Ironstone wash treatment to lighten up the cabinets.  Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture wax was applied.

And the original hardware went right back on to finish off the French look.

Boom!  Finally.  I love it!

I hope someone else does too because after being with me for so long, she needs a new home.  You can view her in the shop this weekend.  We’ll be celebrating Small Business Saturday in a BIG way!  Special discounts and details will be posted this week on Facebook so tune in and if you’re not local, be sure to shop small in your community.  It makes a big difference!

Have a happy turkey week!

P.S.  Shutter Gray, Ironstone, Crackle medium & wax are available in my online milk paint shop if you want to give this look a try yourself!

11 thoughts on “the perfect pairing

  1. I had the PLEASURE of visiting the West End Garage today during a mini getaway at Congress Hall. What a fun place!!!!

  2. I was just going to ask about my fav pillows at my fav shop!!!! LOL SO EXCITED….I will be going soon!! Thanks for the heads up. If there is any way you could send me some pics of the pillows that would be great!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  3. OMG, that’s amazing!! Really, really pretty. I’m sure she’ll sell fast! The hubster has a sideboard he won’t let me paint, because he refinished it himself once upon a time. This might convince him otherwise.

  4. Wow this turned out amazing! you really have a knack for color! Love how the ironstone accents the piece and makes it POP! Gorgeous. I am sure it will not last long at the shop!


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