more fun with milk paint

Oh milk paint!  How I am learning the ins and the outs of what make this medium so unique!  It is so unpredictable yet the more I work with it the more predictable I think it is.

Did you catch that?

Here’s the latest addition to the shop…

My first piece using Mustard Seed Yellow.  I knew I’d love this color.  It is so bold!  Right up my alley.

Here is the before shot.  It is a Bassett dresser with classic straight lines.  I love the big wide drawers and how the pulls are wooden too.  I knew this dresser had to be mine and it had to be painted a bright color.

The straight lines were calling for an imperfect finish.  I was fairly certain that the dresser’s current top coat would yield a chippy milk paint finish.

And I was right.  I did not use the bonding agent.  Just 2 coats of Mustard Seed Yellow right over the dresser, drawer pulls included.  Almost on demand, the paint started to flake away as it did not adhere to the shiny finish in some areas.

I encouraged the chipping further with a putty knife as I’ve seen in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint tutorial videos.

Once the loose paint was removed, I used the line’s furniture wax on the entire piece.  It cures quickly compared to other waxes I’ve worked with.  Then I sanded the entire piece for a super smooth finish.  All of this texture yet it is very smooth to the touch.

I am really loving milk paint.  It does take some getting used to but it certainly offers a lot of flexibility in the end result.

I have found that it is best to mix the paint using warm water as instructed and then leave it over night or at least for a few hours.  This allows the water to absorb the powder evenly.  Once you’re ready to paint, mix it again really well.

Speaking of milk paint, guess who’s coming to town!

By the way, my current obsession of the season is vibrant winter berry.  Winter berry is the only deciduous holly.  The red berries are a perfect natural addition to the holidays.  Love!

And thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our Small Business Saturday {weekend} at the Brick & Mortar shop.  It was a great success!  I am looking forward to the rest of the holiday season.

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7 thoughts on “more fun with milk paint

  1. Yikes. I am SO happy you rescued that dresser — the ‘before’ was terribly sad. The ‘after’ is awesome! Milk paint is next on my to-do list with some unsuspecting candidates already waiting in the garage for their makeover. 😉

    1. oh and my before pictures are getting worse and worse too because my garage is packed full of furniture as well! Milk paint is really fun! Give it a shot.

  2. Hey there-
    I am not a fan of yellow. I can honestly say I don’t own a single yellow piece of clothing. But THIS yellow. . . well, it might just be another story. I haven’t tried it yet but I am very tempted. I have a beautiful little (very, very small) antique amber colored glass lamp that would look perfect on a Mustard Seed night stand. Or something.
    I’ve tried Ironstone, Tricycle, and Boxwood… and so far NO chippiness at ALL. Need to find something shinier to paint!
    I LOVE the way this dresser came out! Beautiful!

    1. Breida – I too have tried the colors your listed. I love the bold ones. I haven’t used many of the neutrals yet. I just finished a boxwood table. I love that color more than I thought I would. You should give Mustard Seed a try!

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