ball & burlap

Two weeks from now we’ll be waiting Santa’s arrival. Can you believe it? Where has 2012 gone? Seriously?

Last week we finally got our butts in gear at the Circa Dee house and did some holiday decorating.  Normally this happens the day after Thanksgiving but we seemed to push it back a little bit and we kept things simple and natural this year.

Here is our tree…

Christmas Tree 2012

Now before you laugh our tree’s miniscule status let me tell you that thing packs a punch!  It is super heavy because we opted for a ball & burlap spruce tree this year.  The root ball is hidden in the galvanized bucket which we propped up on another bucket to add some height.  I can’t wait to plant the tree out in our yard and watch it grow year after year.

ball & burlap Christmas tree galvanized tub

Since the tree is so short, we didn’t want to overwhelm it with ornaments so we kept a simple scheme of red Christmas balls, natural ornaments and a collection of rocking horses.

vintage West Germany ornament

The rocking horses are all Ryan’s.  He received one every year as a kid and now we’ve made the collection the focal of this year’s tree!

rocking horse ornament

All of the glass Christmas balls are vintage. I am sure you’re not surprised! They’re either Shiny Brite or West German.

vintage West Germany ornament

I have to give credit where credit is due.  The star tree topper was my mom’s idea.  I already had the ruler made into a star and she suggested that it would make a great topper and she was right!

upcycled star tree topper

And just for fun this is our Fraser fir tree from last Christmas. Last year’s tree was done in gold and sheet music.  I love using burlap on a taller tree too.

Christmas Tree 2011

I can’t wait to share my mantel this week.  Let’s just say that it coordinates well with the tree!

In other news, I visited some friends in Australia last week.

No not physically.  I wish.  I stopped over at Plan Vintage {wedding} as a guest blogger.  As you know, I am in the midst of planning my own vintage wedding so I love the website and was honored to give some advice on sourcing vintage wedding decor.

And while I’m talking about the blogosphere and Christmas, I should share with you that my mantel from last year was featured on Better Homes & Gardens blog.  Dream come true!  Here’s a refresher for you.

Christmas Mantel 2011

Oh and I almost forgot to share that I am a finalist to be the next home show designer at the Philly Home Show early next year.  I will keep you posted!

Home Show finalist

So what’s new with you this week?

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7 thoughts on “ball & burlap

  1. Home Shoe designer? Dana, are you keeping a secret about designing your own vintage shoe line? Do tell. Ha ha. Love the tree. We just decorated our douglas fir and of course it has the old fashioned bulb lights and vintage Christmas ball ornaments. I must say I am acquiring quite a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. I love the faded metallic colors and designs. I really can’t part with any of them. This is how a collection is born.

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