brilliant: flower show tickets

Have you been to the Philadelphia Flower Show yet?  It is the largest in the country, actually the world, I think.  Every year it is more brilliant than the last.  But this year, it really is Brilliant.  That is the theme.


I will be instagramming my way around the convention center this evening taking in all of the English-themed delights.  I’ll also be paying special attention to the Designer’s Studio as well as the area around it.

Surrounding the Designer’s Studio seating area are themed pods.  The themes are Personality, Heirloom, Eco Chic, Neo-Tropic and Enchanted.  Floral designers have translated these themes into stunning arrangements and flower installations.

I am looking forward to checking out the Enchanted pod as it has been put together by my friend, Renee Tucci of Rhoads Garden and her partner, Darcie Garcia of Rich Mar.


Renee and Darcie have also been known to compete in the Designer’s Studio along with colleague Heather Towne.  The audience does all of the voting in real-time on a flower show app.  This is totally entertaining to watch.  In fact, there should be a competitive reality show featuring floral designers…  No?

Anyway, last year Renee won the competition.  And I hear Darcie won earlier this week in another competition.  I can’t wait to see who takes home the gold tonight.  There will be competitions going on all weekend at the Designer’s Studio.


Let me cut to the chase.  I’ve got free tickets for you to hit the show before it ends on Sunday, March 10th!  Yes, a pair of complimentary tickets which is a $54 value.

This is a quick giveaway.  It will only be open until 5 pm this evening.  To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite flower.  Include your email.  I will draw a winner and alert you via email this evening so make sure you are checking in as I will need your last name too.  Your pair of tickets will be left at will call for you at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

P.S.  There is almost always some vintage goodies to be found at the show!


Oh and also be sure to check out the new workshop tab above regarding details for our Milk Paint Workshop Series…

15 thoughts on “brilliant: flower show tickets

  1. Just bought ours last night on line-darn!

    Looking forward to your thoughts- they will guide me when I go on Saturday!

  2. I went on Monday and it was Brilliant. I will be going back again with my daughter and sister on Saturday. I truly enjoy the Flower Show every year. Won’t be needing the tickets as I have a membership but look forward to your Flower Show comments. Have fun. Karen McCall

  3. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas. I currently have one budding in my kitchen that I rescused from my son’s house last year. Spring is almost here.

  4. flowers, how to have a favorite???… i love wildflowers, i love roses, i love hyacinth, i love lilac, the list is endless :}… and i have been to the flower show 2x and have asked my husband to go with me this year for my b-day, and he has agreed… it would be awesome to win the tickets!!!

  5. It’s too hard to pick an absolute favorite flower, because I love them all! If I had to choose, however, I’d say any kind of Garden Rose.

  6. My fav flower is an Orchid. They take my breath away sometimes. I grew up in the UK and my parents are in town – it would be super cool to get free tix.

  7. The peonies in my mother’s garden originally came from my grandmother’s garden and must be 50+ years old by now. Their beauty, sweetness and nostalgia make them a hand’s-down winner for me.

  8. Pansies are my all time favorite they smile back to you. They go well in an English country garden!

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