upcycled decor popularity contest

Want to know what the most popular upcycled elements in my Philly Home Show room last month were?

You might be shocked.  They’re so simple…

First, the belt shelf.

Belt Shelf

Yup 2 belts and a shelf.  In this case, a very cool scalloped shelf.  People were floored by this concept.  You probably already have these items lying around.

Second, the industrial drapes, as I called them.

Indsutrial Pulley Drapes & Upholstered Headboard

That’s just 3 pulleys and a window scarf looped through them.  It made a big impact framing the bed.

Third, the minnow trap light.

Home Show - minnow bucket light

You can seriously turn anything into a light!  The minnow trap looks just like a lampshade, right?

These are all super simple and you can certainly DIY them in your own home if you are into the styles.  That is exactly why these three projects were so popular…the complicated factor is low, low, low.

And I suppose it is no surprise that they sold at the end of the show.  I do have more of the minnow trap lights though!

So my friends, look at things for what they can be.  And not necessarily just for what they are.  That is the upcycling wisdom that I’d like to impart on you today.

What have you repurposed lately?

Stop back on Wednesday.  I will be recapping my return to the convention center with a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show last week.  I was delightfully surprised to see lots of upcycled ideas being used in the garden too!  Can’t wait to share them.

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