out with the cold

As I write this post it is snowing outside my window.  The wet kind of snow that you don’t mind in January because it brings a cold, gray day that you want to spend entirely fireside with a cup of warm hot chocolate in your hand wrapped in a warm blanket with your dog snuggled by your side watching a My So called Life marathon or something as equally 1990’s (read that all in one breath for the full effect).

But it’s not January.  And I’m over it.

I am dying to open the garage doors and start working on a little chest I just picked up this weekend.  I want the sun shining on my back while the palm sander buzzes in my hands.

Wilson is over his winter attire too.  He’s pretty much stripped his snowflake fleece off for the season.

Wilson Collage

With temperatures creeping up into…wait for it…the 40s a few days last week we managed to score some new junk and sell off some old.  We had an impromptu garage sale where we shed some old dishes, furniture and projects on Saturday making room in the garage for new ones.

Here are a few of the new treasures and projects that wait for Spring…any day now.

You may have caught a glimpse on instagram of this fabulous turn of the century card catalog that is from a now defunct printing company in Philadelphia.  Don’t worry all of the drawers are there.  It is a 20 drawer oak cabinet that was long ago painted green and has been sitting dormant for quite some time.  It needs a good cleaning and then I will decide if the paint stays or gets stripped.  What do you think?

antique oak card catalog

From the same printing company, I turned up a few large type drawers.

vintage printing type set drawer

What do you think of this funky stool?

repurposed oak stool

It was love at first sight for me.  It makes zero sense and that is probably why I love it so.  Someone long ago repurposed the base of a bar or count height stool by putting a wood seat on it.  Now the stool is low to the ground but the chrome foot ledge is still in tact.  Randomness.

repurposed stool

And our big treat of the week comes in the form of a large and in charge 1940s retro dinette set complete with this stunning bench also featured last week on instagram.


We pulled this bad boy out of a friends house.  It was a custom built in for their kitchen back in the day.  Oddly enough our house has a very similar layout to theirs.  However, we are not putting this in our kitchen.  We’ve decided to keep it and add it to our sunroom as it creates the perfect little breakfast nook.  table

I can’t wait for it to stop snowing so we can enjoy ourselves there while we listen to the birds chirp (if they ever come back).


Who knows maybe I will be sitting here when I publish my next post!

8 thoughts on “out with the cold

  1. Great finds! I love your new diner set!! Wow, stunning!
    I’m so with you on the winter weather and longing for spring.
    Debbie 🙂

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