the dresser in the window

Oh heey! By now you may have caught a glimpse my latest dresser on instagram or facebook. I snatched this image from my friend Denise at The Painted Home. She is a fellow vendor at the new Serendipity Shops of Doylestown.


The dresser is in my window display at Serendipity.  I am very excited about windowscaping.  I imagine that windowscaping will take on a life of its own much like my seasonal (or monthly) mantelscaping has at home!  I just have to figure out the best way to capture a photo of the windowscape without the glare of the window.  More about that later but for now let’s talk about the dresser, shall we?

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

Here she is in all her kitchen scale and linen glory!  Both colors are from Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint line.

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

Bonding agent was mixed into the milk paint solution for the first coat of each color.  The bonder encouraged adhesion on the French dresser since it had a shiny finish before.  However, I chose to slightly distress by hand in a few areas.  I didn’t want the all over chippy look for this piece – just slightly aged.

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

On the linen drawers, I applied a teeny bit of antiquing wax in addition to furniture wax as a top coat.

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

How fab is that hardware?

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

Another milk painted dresser.  This was the last of a long line of French pieces that I painted early this year.  It is for sale at Serendipity.

It is so fun to mix and match the colors and finishes with milk paint.  Want to learn how?  Our spring workshop series begins next Thursday!

Kitchen Scale & Linen French Dresser by Circa Dee

It’s funny to look at my current catalog of furniture for sale because I realized that there has clearly been a trend in the pieces I’ve worked on lately.  Everything is blue and neutral with pops of bold yellow.  I am going to head in a different direction with my next furniture project, just not sure where yet.  Are there any colors you’d like to see?

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2 thoughts on “the dresser in the window

  1. Dana, let your color muse inspire you. I think using the landscape of spring colors is speaking loudly to me right now. Love the light/verde greens (panetone’s color). BTW, I found out Pennypack Farm has a few workshares left at the farm if you are interested. The spring/summer season starts the last week of May. Hope you consider joining the farm at Pennypack. I think you will be amazed and inspired. E-mail me if you are interested as I will put in a personal recommendation with the farmers for you which helps (of course your own merits would get you in for sure). You would have to interview with them for the workshare position. The farm also plants wildflowers/sunflowers, etc. for the members pickings. They love anyone with expertise to step up and contribute to make the farm better. Karen McCall. P.S. I better get back to preparing my taxes. I have been surfing the net for an hour procrastinating. Yuck I would rather be junking and creating any day.

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