a new display

A couple of weeks ago I posted this photo on instagram…


Gross.  I was in a dungeon rescuing this little piece of American history.  Is that too dramatic?

antique card catalog

I posted for feedback on whether or not I should strip it back to its original state – solid oak and brass pulls.  Finding a card catalog has been on my wanted list for quite some time!

antique card catalog

According to my very official poll, most people liked the color.

antique card catalog

And while I was on vacation in New Orleans, my antique factory shoe cart sold which was serving as a display piece.  That’s a good problem to have but it did leave me scrambling a bit this week!

antique factory shoe cart

I scrubbed away the filth on the card catalog keeping the history in tact and revealing the nice blue-green paint.  I think it makes for a really unique milk paint display with great patina.

antique card catalog

The history is also pretty cool.  It is a turn of the century 20 drawer card catalog from Penton Kelly Co. which was located in downtown Philadelphia.  It was a printing firm and this catalog seemed to house client information.

Ultimately I decided not to strip it.  I needed to turn it around quickly and figured I’d leave the restoration project out there should someone want to take it on!  Painted pieces are all the rage right now anyway, right?

This sucker is heavy!  You can see that solid oak peeking out.  Each side of the cabinet has a 4 pane panel.

antique card catalog

I just love these old pulls.  Check out the brass showing through.  I wonder why someone painted over the brass.  I guess we’ll be asking ourselves this same thing in the future about everything that is currently being painted.   Gotta love trends!

This guy is up for sale and display at Serendipity in Doylestown.

antique card catalog

I am trying something new with my watermark.  I always thought it would be fabulous to have my logo instead of text but I’m not sure I like it!  Thoughts?

Back to preparing for Sunday’s Clover Market…

9 thoughts on “a new display

  1. So glad you sold the shoe cart – what a unique piece. Also, love the new display case for the paint – very nice. Karen McCall

  2. P.S. IMO, I don’t like the logo as much as the words. I think it draws your eye too much from the photo. Maybe make it smaller? Karen McCall

  3. Hi! Just popping in from Miss Mustard Seeds furniture party…I got psyched when I spotted the word “Doylestown”!!! I live outside of Boston now with my family but grew up in Doylestown. I’m trying MMS milk paint (Linen) for the first time right now (like today!) on an old “dry sink” that we used in my house growing up. And I ordered some new antique brass card catalog type label holder drawer pulls for it:) I love this card catalog you found, such a great piece. Looks amazing as product display. Darn, I wish I was still going back to Pa (my parents sold our house there), I would love to come by and check out your stuff. Congrats on such a lovely business!!!

    1. Glad you found me! I love Doylestown and actually went to college there too at DelVal. We’re headed up to Mass next month – Brimfield and Nantucket! HAve you visited either? Good luck with the milk paint.

  4. I love this piece! And yes, it does look awesome displaying your milk paint selection. I think your logo looks great as a watermark, but it might be a bit too large.
    Debbie 🙂

  5. i have a library card catalog in my dining room. it was from the children’s department in the library i used as a little girl. i LOVE having this piece of my history and home town in my home.

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