chippy chippy ya

It seems like I’ve been picking up little foot stools left and right lately.  They’ve come in handy in the milk paint workshop series.

And also for keeping my sanity.

I haven’t had time to dive head first into a big paint project like a dresser lately.  If you haven’t guessed we’re in final crunch mode with wedding projects here but painting is very calming for me.  So producing a quick before and after is quite satisfying.  Let’s take a look!
kitchen scale, linen & lucketts green chippy milk paint

The upholstered stool used to look like this.  stool before

Although I’ve been in a needlepoint place lately, this stool just wasn’t cutting it for me.  Plus the needlepoint violets were super dingy.  Maybe that is not evident in this before photo.

stool before

I applied kitchen scale milk paint – two coats.  I didn’t add the bonding agent so I got some chipping around the top scale chippy milk paint

The violets got stripped and replaced with reproduction ticking fabric.

kitchen scale chippy milk paint

I never snapped a before picture of the other little stool.  This one was highly varnished so I was sure the milk paint would chip.  Sure enough, it did.  Linen milk paint is painted on top and lucketts green on bottom.  No bonding agent/primer.

kitchen scale chippy milk paint

In areas where the paint did chip, a great crackle formed!  Fun, right?  I love how the chipping and crackle gives such an authentically antiqued finish.

linen & lucketts green chippy milk paint

Well it’s been non-stop around here.  In 24 hours, I made visits to all 3 locations to restock.  Btw milk paint will be completely restocked on Thursday in Doylestown. Plus there are vintage treasures galore at both Serendipity in Doylestown & West End Garage in Cape May.  Our Brick & Mortar will not be open at all in May due to our wedding schedule.

After Thursday, I’m off the Circa Dee clock til I’m a married lady.  At least that’s the plan!  I do have some posts lined up for you but I will be tabling furniture projects and the general running around.  Be sure to check in thgouh.  I’ve got a ton of fun tutorials and projects to share post wedding!  The summer will definitely be busy at Circa Dee!

kitchen scale, linen & lucketts green chippy milk paint

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