nautical tricycle

There is something very summery about Miss Mustard Seed’s Tricycle milk paint.  I have now painted my 3rd oak dresser Tricycle.  The color is so vibrant! I love it.  The two pictured on the right were done last summer.  I just completed the one on the left.

Tricycle milk paint oak dressers

They all seem to have a subtle nautical vibe but this last one is just so much more obvious due to the rope details on the dresser and pulls.  I left the two knobs unpainted and added some antiquing wax to darken the color.

tricycle milk paint nautical dresser

And here’s the before picture.

oak dresser before milk paint

And here’s the top drawer.  There was a great ship wheel applique but part of it was broken and beyond repair.  There is a slight shadow left where it was attached and I think that is pretty cool.

oak dresser before milk paint

I love its shape – great for a little boys room.  Or a beach house of course.

tricycle milk paint nautical dresser

If you come here often, you probably know how I feel about antique oak…fab!  Something about the grain of oak wood is just beautiful.  Sometimes I don’t want to paint it at all.  It just depends on the patina of the wood I suppose.  However, the color can sometimes be orangey or blah.  That doesn’t mean the beautiful grain has to be lost.  I used the milk paint as a stain on this piece because it was very raw oak meaning it would absorb the color.  I applied just one coat letting it settle unevenly in some places to give it a nice aged look and to allow the grain to show.  I topped it off with furniture wax and buffed a little bit.

tricycle milk paint nautical dresser

By the way, there is a new Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint group page on facebook for more color inspiration.

Did you meet my friend the sailor boy?  Isn’t he a darling little paint by number?  I have had him awhile and can’t seem to part with him.  I think he needs a name – any suggestions?

tricycle milk paint nautical dresser

This dresser is headed to West End Garage in Cape May this week so it can find a forever home, hopefully at the beach.  Don’t we all wish for that?

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Miss Mustard Seed

3 thoughts on “nautical tricycle

  1. I looked at him and immediately the name “Corky” came to mind. He looks like he would love to fish with a cork!

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