they’re here!

Good news, folks! The eagle has landed. I repeat, the eagle has landed.

Three brand spankin’ new Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint colors are here!  Check them out…
new colors

I haven’t had the chance to experiment with them just yet so I borrowed some sample pics from my fellow retailers.  I am pretty sure Eulalie’s sky is going to be my new fave…

Eulalie's Sky by Miss Mustard Seed

Dried lavender is looking pretty good though too and it marks the first purple for the line.

Dired Lavender by Miss Mustard Seed

Artissimo is an intense navy blue.  Did you know that Miss Mustard Seed names all of her colors for things that she is inspired by and loves?

artissimmo by All Dolled Up

Abbe from All Dolled Up painted this desk in Artissimo with a surprise shutter gray interior.  The color combinations and finishes are seemingly endless with this line.  Follow the official Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint facebook page for more combinations.

artissimmo by All Dolled Up 2

Also new in stock are wax pucks which fit in the palm of your hand for distressing.

wax pucks

And white wax which gives you a white wash effect while doing double duty as a topcoat.

All 15 colors and companion products can be found at our shop inside Serendipity Shops of Doylestown located at 33 S. Main St.

Fun stuff!  Which is your favorite new color?

5 thoughts on “they’re here!

  1. Hey Dana I still have not used MMS but want to! Question, do you have to wax it or can you leave it unwaxed? Will it wear like Chalk Paint® if not sealed? Do you only carry it at Serendipity? I need to try it!

    Thanks, Angela Sipe Phantastic Phinds 631 Bethlehem Pike Erdenheim PA 19038 215.233.3325

    1. Hi Angela – you should definitely try it! It is a lot thinner than chalk paint and is more like a stain on raw wood. It should be sealed as it will wear too although not as much since it is thinner. I only have it at Serendipity.

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