CSA carrot fries

A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about the CSA we joined this year. It is our first time participating in Community Supported Agriculture and we just love it!

Every week’s pick up is sort of like Christmas. You don’t know what you’re going to get.  There is a level of anticipation because you know you’ll love it either way. It’s so exciting.  Yes, I am still talking about vegetables…


We’ve picked up carrots from the farm a few times.  It is so adorable how they come with their green tops still attached much like in Bugs Bunny but nothing like in the grocery store.

I like carrots but I needed a new, fresh idea.  I didn’t want to just steam them again.  I racked my brain for something different.  We love sweet potato fries so why not try carrot fries?

easy carrot fries recipe

So we did!  I’ve found that just about any root vegetable is tasty sliced up and roasted in the oven producing healthy “fries”.  We did this with kohlrabi earlier in the growing season and loved it too.

To prep the carrots, you need to clean and lightly peel them.  Then slice them into 2-3 inch sections.

carrot fries

Brush on some olive oil, salt & a dash of cumin.

carrot fries

Pre-heat your oven at 425 degrees.  Then bake the carrots for about 25 minutes.

easy carrot fries recipe

That’s it!  We drizzled ours with a little bit of raw honey.  They were delicious and got rave reviews from my food connoisseur husband.

easy carrot fries recipe

6 thoughts on “CSA carrot fries

  1. Dana — Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. Yum Yum Yum. Well at the McCall household we have been having a ton of fun with our heirloom tomato shares. We just made fresh tomato sauce over the weekend and oh what a treat. We are making alot and canning them to store the sauce for winter when summer is a faint memory. I am so glad you decided to join Pennypack. As I knew would happen, both farms sold out and now there is a waiting list again. Now we need to get you hooked working at the farm for your share. I have been doing it about 8 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. There is no turning back now. Enjoy. Hope to catch up maybe at Clover Market if I don’t bump into you at some thrifty/salvage spot sooner. Karen

  2. what a fantastic idea!! You are starting to dip into the food arena with blogging…..no pun intended. and I am LOVING reading and seeing your beautiful pics. delicious. I will be trying these…it might go over with the kid friendly crowd too! Thanks!

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