the village: part 2

Wow, I kinda dropped the ball over here.  In the beginning of summer, I told you I’d be sharing some introductions of all the folks that help me out behind the scenes.  Basically, my family and friends who help rally and make this little biz and dream go.

We talked about Jake who is kind of hysterical.  Let me update you on his latest venture.  Last week, he calls me up and asks if I know anything about accordions and follows up with a picture text of this gem that he just picked up.


I tell him I’m no accordion expert but I do know they’re kinda hot and trendy right now.  So his next call was to a local music store. An hour later he’s at said store discussing his new treasure.  Needless to say, he left with a fist of cash all while saving this baby from a landfill.  The kid is resourceful and makes us all laugh with his stories.

Which leads me to my next victims, I mean partners.  The ‘rents.  They too have a big hand in helping make things go and have owned their roles around Circa Dee.  Here they are…acting naturally.


I like to refer to my Dad as the Director of Logistics/Historian.  He has since passed the truck loading baton onto Ryan however he loves to coordinate logistics when needed.  And I use the word ‘love’ loosely here.  He actually loathes it but if he’s left out, well he feels left out.  Therefore, I think he secretly loves it.  Are you reading this, Dad?  I figured out your game!

_ (1 of 1)-2

Ahh!  The picture above is actually more like it.  Just lugging some furniture around for me and yelling about it.  He always helps unload on site at a popup just to come back at the end of the sale and repeat that process, ideally with fewer items.  What a guy!  And he loves to see the wares when they’re all unpacked.  As one of the, ahem, older members of the crew he always has insight into the vintage gems and tells stories of how they related to his childhood.  Typically he can answer questions for me too if I am stumped on something.  This is why he is called the Historian.

My mom is the Director of Retail Experience.  She is there for just about every minute of the retail sales.  She also helps unload the truck and pack up.  Vintage linens are her specialty.  Particularly, Vera.  I passed that obsession onto her though.  We love hunting for Vera.  And love the hunt in general.

_ (1 of 1)-3

Oh and she also gives me a reality check when I obsess over whether or not I should rearrange/stage for the 5th time.  This applies to my own home too, not just sales.  Sometimes I get neurotic.  Shocking, no? And because she is a mom, she packs lunch for the crew, keeps me company and gives the moral support that is needed.

I’m blessed with such support.  Seriously, what would I do without my village?

And with all of that said, you can expect to see us reunited in our roles and antics in just one month.  The countdown is on for our very favorite Clover Market!  Save the date: September 15th

Clover Market

4 thoughts on “the village: part 2

  1. awww I laughed out loud and also almost shed a tear! What a beautiful tribute to your rents! They are amazing supporters!

  2. You have a great support group! Can’t wait for all of them to help me load in to the convention center this winter, I mean see all of them, snort.
    Hi to your mom, she’s a doll!!

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