what what

I need your help here.

What could this little piece of furniture be? Thoughts?

bench before

My friend found it and thought it could be rescued. I’d say it looks pretty good updated in 2 coats of Eulalie’s Sky – one of the newest colors in Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint line.  I mixed the paint up bonding agent.  After waxing it, I lightly distressed it.

eulalies sky bench

Seriously, is it a bench?  Or maybe a little side table.  Piano stool?

eulalies sky bench

Oh, but if it is a bench, why does the back snap closed like this?

eulalies sky bench

It crossed my mind that it could be a kneeler of some sort.  Maybe for a funeral home.  But there would probably be a cushion.  Unless it doubled as a seat too.

eulalies sky bench

Either way, it would make a quaint landing area in a small entry way.  A place to toss keys and mail and even sit down to put shoes on.

eulalies sky bench

Plus, you can always snap the top closed over the junky mail pile when company comes, right?

eulalies sky bench

So what do you think this bench was in its former life?

5 thoughts on “what what

  1. I have seen these used before either as a small table (telephone—remember those???) and a small bench in foyer or mud room—

  2. This is a piano bench! I have one just like it that came with my old, long-gone player piano. The seat back of mine is covered in leather. I love how you have refinished yours. I may do the same thing!!

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