clover and a jacket

Oh the Clover Market hangover has arrived…

We had a fantastic time yesterday at the fall opener with splendid September weather. It is so fun to see all of the familiar faces after the long summer break. It is kind of like back-to-school for adults.

My brother, Jake and I, worked the booth from 10-5 and sold nearly all of the vintage treasures that we brought. You guys are awesome! Thank you!

We’ll be back for both October markets. The 13th in Ardmore and the 27th in Chestnut Hill. I am very excited about the new location!  Put those dates on your calendar now.

If you went to Clover, what treasures did you find?

So in other news, I’m obsessed with vintage military right now. I guess I have been for a while actually. Specifically personal military items like soldier’s bags, trunks, army blankets and jackets. I suppose I missed this trend in high school.

vintage army jacket

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to buy an entire lot of one soldier’s army jackets from the 50’s or 60’s. I just pulled them out since the weather is getting cooler and snapped photos of this lightweight jacket.

vintage army jacket

What I found so interesting were these yellowed tags still in the pocket. I find myself wondering where they were stationed and what, in history, they were doing.

vintage army jacket

Can you read that?  It is his quarter’s assignment and bedding receipt all typed up.  Each soldier was responsible for their iconic army blanket, sheets and pillows.

vintage army jacket

The other jackets are all wool.  I haven’t photographed them since coming back from the dry cleaner but there is a long overcoat, a button up jacket and a very cool cropped bomber that I think I have to keep…at least for now.

Thanks for your comments!

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