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Hey friends!  Thanks for all of the love, support and kind words regarding our move to Cape May and our quest to live on less.  Yesterday, we hit a milestone – six months of marriage!

© Love Shack Photo

Those six months definitely flew by and, as described, so much has changed!  We’re getting to the point where we’re settled into our new lifestyle and home.  Along with the aforementioned changes, exciting new opportunities have developed.  Opportunities that we may not have had the chance to pursue otherwise.

The silver lining, my friends, is that Ryan is now managing his very own pet boutique…with Wilson’s expertise of course!


I realize many readers here frequent The West End Garage in Cape May and may have even found Circa Dee through the shop.  So next time you pop in the fun and fabulous marketplace be sure to visit Houndstooth and pick something up for your best friend!  In the meantime, Houndstooth is on facebook with regular updates.

houndstooth banner

Houndstooth specializes in eco-friendly products Made in the USA!


Plus lots of fun collars in extra small for cats through extra large for big dogs.

marlin collar mustache collar

Ryan has also put together a few Houndstooth Exclusive items that will be featured on the facebook page.  If you love Cape May as much as we do, I think you will love these for your best friend!  Stay tuned.

Recently I was told there wasn’t enough Wilson here on the blog anymore.  Being that he is the Houndstooth muse, it is pretty much all Wilson all the time over there!


2 thoughts on “our pet project

  1. Wilson, miss you buddy. I am totally going to stop in and pick up the mesh harness – so much more comfortable for us. See you soon. Luv. Sherman

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