lumberjack holiday

As everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving today, I find myself thinking about Christmas. I opened some of the bins over the weekend that house my decorations. Some vintage, some family heirlooms, some handmade. I simply wasn’t inspired by them this year. I want something different. Less fragile. More organic and comfortable. This led me to my favorite shirt. It is a vintage wool plaid shirt that I wear around the house. It is cozy, comfortable and colorful.

favorite vintage wool shirt

That is exactly how I want to decorate this year!  Cozy, comfortable and colorful.

Lumberjack Holiday

I am pulling out every single one of my cozy wool throws.

wool throws

The plan is to layer on the patterns and bring nature in – pine cones, moss, twigs.  I’ve got plenty of extras to go around like these pretty vintage wool scarves.

Lumberjack Holiday

This theme will be prevalent in my retail spaces as well.  Ryan has made timber napkin rings and coasters from fallen trees.

Plus, we’ve crafted wine gift bags from old flannels.  By “we”, I mean Ryan since he sews!  My idea of course but the execution was all him.  Turns out these little upcycled gift bags are the perfect size for milk paint as well.

Lumberjack Holiday

And I put together a few rag ball ornaments with the scraps.  I am loving all things flannel, wool and plaid this season!  Can’t wait to see how the rest of our Lumberjack Holiday decor comes together.

How are you decorating this holiday season?

Lumberjack Holiday

If you’re craving your own cozy vintage wool button down, I’ll have a few for sale in my shop at West End Garage along with the flannel wine bags, some flannel bunting (not pictured), the scarves and timber pieces.

wool throws

P.S. Did you catch a glimpse of that flag?  I recently scored two huge 48 star casket flags circa WWII.  I will be selling one as well.  American history at its finest.

Lumberjack Holiday

6 thoughts on “lumberjack holiday

  1. I love the lumberjack theme you have going on! I definitely want to do a rustic Christmas this year. That seems to be catching on more and more, but I LOVE rustic. It’s so homey and cozy and warm. My normal home decor is rustic/country/cottage. I don’t really have a lot in the way of Christmas decor though. A couple of years ago I got some plain red, silver and green glittery ornaments on sale for 75% off and I think I got a bow too. That’s about it. One day all of my ornaments will be individual pieces from here or there, or handmade. I think, to make use of what I have, since I don’t have the budget to buy all new, I am going to try to fabric wrap my ornaments this year. Hopefully it comes out how I’m picturing in my head.

    1. Go for it! You’d be surprised how many things you probably already have to pull off the rustic/lumberjack Christmas. Pinecones, twigs, etc. I will be sure to update you with the direction we go in. Happy Thanksgiving!

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