shop news: west end garage

As the tides change and we settle into life in Cape May, the timing has also allowed me to get back to my roots.

How’s that for puns?

Circa Dee at West End Garage in Cape May, NJ

Once in a while an opportunity comes along that is just so right.  This particular opportunity will allow me to pursue my passion in horticulture coupled with my flair for vintage.  I couldn’t be more ecstatic to share the news that Circa Dee continues to grow under The West End Garage’s roof – an antique tin one at that!

Circa Dee at West End Garage in Cape May, NJ

You can now find us in our new location up front where we’re proudly featuring a garden to table collection. Amongst our very favorite vintage furniture and quirky finds you’ll find succulent gardens, herbal wreaths & topiaries, bitters & other fixings for fantastic cocktails, cookbooks, botanical stationary, garden tools, vases, pots & cloches with much more to come!

Circa Dee at West End Garage in Cape May, NJ

We hope to inspire you to get back to the simple pleasures in life as we currently are…  Growing your own summer cutting garden and arranging fresh flowers.  Harvesting your own vegetables and cooking them for dinner.  Planting your own terrarium and watching it grow.  We’ll offer seasonal merchandise to help make that happen.

Circa Dee at West End Garage in Cape May, NJ

In addition, we’ve been working hard to bring in a selection of sustainable, high quality American Made goods that complement our new garden to table direction.  It has been very empowering to work with so many small, family owned businesses and artists who are experts in their craft.  I am looking forward to sharing these products with you here on the blog and, of course, for sale in the shop.

Circa Dee at West End Garage

I’ve been a fan of The West End Garage since the day the doors opened nearly 5 years ago.  It is Cape May’s most unique shopping destination boasting an eclectic mix of vendors that we’re proud to be a part of.  You never know what you’ll find hidden in that wonderful, old building.  It’s worth the trip!

Circa Dee at West End Garage in Cape May, NJ

The best news of all is that we’re already open for business in our new location.  We’ve been busy bees.  Stop in one weekend this spring or any day this summer!

The West End Garage

484 West Perry St. Cape May, NJ

Here’s to a new chapter in our story…

12 thoughts on “shop news: west end garage

  1. I love West End Garage and can’t wait to visit you there. What a great spot to be in.
    Thinking Spring and wishing you luck.

  2. I heard you had some exciting things up your sleeve the last time I was at the Garage. It looks great! Can’t wait to get down again and see what you’ve done in person. Wishing you the best!

  3. Good to know you’re in there. My wife and I love browsing and spending time in there. Glad EZ is going in too. Guess the Artist’s coop moving out hasn’t hurt them. Best Wishes.

      1. Thanks Dana, I didnt realize I wasnt following you. You came up on a Cape May Tag. “Full confession” I was confusing you with Meacreations too. Following now.

  4. Always exciting to see what you are up to. My Mom, sister, Rosey and I will be at the Star during Easter week (M-F). I definitely will bring them in to check out your cool stuff. Maybe I’ll bump into you bopping around Cape May. God Bless your new space. Do you have the other space inside as well or just the new and bigger spot? Karen McCall

    1. Hi Karen, I’d love to see you guys when you’re in town! I no longer have the other space, just up front. Thanks very much. See you soon!

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