what a long, strange trip it’s been

Ok, it wasn’t long at all.  Ryan and I were gone for about 36 hours over the weekend.

vintage treasure haul

But it was strange.

where are her pants?

We decided to hit the back roads of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to quench our junking thirst.  We quite literally took the roads less traveled.  Passing rolling hills of farm land boasting the most perfectly dilapidated old barns.  Followed by the swampy marsh land dotted with the most perfectly dilapidated old boats.

barn door and concrete planters

We scored all sorts of vintage treasures hitting junk shops, flea markets and yard sales.

retro yellow porch chair

The junking trifecta if you will.

vintage aqua pots and pink trowels

vintage art

We even stayed at what seemed to be a trucker motel…

treasure hunting

I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about that experience yet.

vintage drexel nightstand

We had dinner in a swanky drape lined lair where men apparently wear fancy hats.


Ahh, yes, the things dreams are made of…

The wide open road, an empty truck and no real agenda.  I’m so glad we chose this strange career.

Perhaps it chose us.

11 thoughts on “what a long, strange trip it’s been

    1. Lol. What would you do with them? They were already sold…in 3 colors actually!

      On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Circa Dee wrote:


  1. Looks like fun….crazy question but were you at Shupp’s Grove?? Lol, thought I recognized it in one of your pictures. Ahhhh, the back roads!!

  2. I am on the hunt for an old pretzel tin with my maiden name on it “Schlotterbeck” if you ever see one please pick it up for me and I will pay you for it. I don’t get out nearly as often as I would like and I know you see more treasures than I do.

  3. Great finds! The mannequin legs are awesome. It’s very nice that you and (your) Ryan (husband?) enjoy this together. My husband has taken an interest in my love of vintage, and I think he’s caught the bug….not that he would admit to it.

    1. Yes, my husband has taking a liking to the road trips and the general culture of vintaging/antiquing. Although making the call on what to buy is still up to me. We have lots of fun with it for sure. I’d love to get a camper and travel the country!

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