ammo trunk

Vintage Trunks are the best, aren’t they?  Clearly they provide storage as that was the intention in the utilitarian object to begin with.  However, they also lend an aesthetic appeal to a space.

Vintage Ammo Trunk

A few years back I scored this large vintage ammo trunk as part of a lot of trunks.  It was a WWII US Navy trunk. In fact, the shipping labels are still in tact which indicate that it was sent to the US Air Force in New York.  The trunk, overall, is in great shape.

Vintage US Navy Ammo Trunk

I have a soft spot for World War II memorabilia.  It is probably the least feminine thing to collect but there is something visually appealing to me about the army green, type fonts, rivets and brass details typically associated with the items.  It generally leads me to wonder about what our country was like at that time with women headed to work while men were at war; what my grandparents were doing; what technology was in play and so on.  It is also the era that my collections date back to.  I don’t really gravitate toward many pieces earlier than 1940’s.

vintage army jacket

Naturally I loved this green trunk although I did initially try to sell it but had no takers.  When that happens it is a sure sign that it is meant to stay with us…at least for now.

Junk in the Trunk! vintage trunks stacked

Over the past year it has lived a double life after receiving a set of casters on the bottom so it can easily be pushed around.  First, it made a fantastic window seat when covered with a thick, tufted cushion and pillows.

vintage ammo trunk turned bench window seat

The problem was that it simply wasn’t getting enough use beyond its storage abilities.   A few months ago, I pushed it into play as an extra long coffee table where it seems to have a more fulfilling life.  Plus, this made more room for vintage chair hoarding.

vintage nautical living room with army trunk coffee table

 You can do no wrong to it. Drink rings cause no damage.  This thing was in war after all!  And brass always looks good with army green.

vintage brass tray & paper weight

What is your favorite way to use a vintage trunk?

Vintage Ammo Trunk

P.S. Don’t forget about the upcoming milk paint demonstration at Serendipity Shops of Doylestown on Sunday!

9 thoughts on “ammo trunk

  1. I inherited a trunk from my dad, who served as ship officer in Boston and left in 1964. Apparently, the tradition was that the shipmates would build a trunk for a retiring officer. It’s wood, held together with lots and lots of glue (I can see where it oozed out when they put it together) and decorated with black iron. It definitely has a used, seaworthy look to it. At some point, my dad put it on casters, lined the inside with paper, and turned it into a rolling liquor cabinet. I currently have it in storage while I find room to keep it in the house, and it’s holding many treasured family photos.

  2. We recently inherited a trunk that my husband’s great-grandfather brought from Germany when he immigrated here. It doesn’t have a flat top, so I’m not 100% sure how to make the most use out of it. We were thinking of turning it into a toy chest, but we’re worried about the heavy lid (hard to lift, scary to fall on little fingers). Any tips on how we can retrofit it for our purposes? Aesthetically it matches nicely with our living room, which is the appeal to keep it in place and stash all those toys we’ll have soon in a way that doesn’t make our house feel overrun with plastic things!

    1. Oh family steamer trunks like that are the best! I’d still store toys and things in it but the ones that you can help get out as opposed to small toys like books and blocks. Think things with parts and pieces. Oh my!

  3. Love it! Did you make the cushion for the trunk or where did you get that? I have a similar trunk and want to make a bench out of it. Thanks!

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