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I’m still not over the fact that it snowed this weekend.  I know.  I am acting like it was a blizzard of epic proportions but the sheer fact that we got about 4-6 inches in October is debilitating enough.  It’s just weird and doesn’t happen in PA.

So unfortunately our festive costume party that was planned among friends for Saturday night was seriously scaled back.  Only the diehards made it out.  What did they dress up as?  So glad you asked…

Zombies.  Yes, that is Zombie Flo from Progressive.

Ceiling Fan & Window Fan.  Punny.

Sexy Pirate.  Fred Flintstone.  Sexy Baseball Player.

Reversed Religion.  Catholic & Jewish.

Flapper & Karate Sensei.

And the best costume went to…drumroll please…Mother Nature & Father Time.

Ryan, Wilson and I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf.

Doesn’t Wilson make a cute grandmother?

Although it seemed like we should be dancing along to “the weather outside is frightful…”  we managed to play scary music, indulge in apple cider and eat spooky treats…like jack-o-lantern vom.

The snow is beginning to melt here just in time for tonight’s trick-or-treaters!  What is your best Halloween costume?  

Happy Halloween!

mini mumkin

The original mumkin was such a hit that I decided it was time for a spinoff. 
Meet the mini mumkin. 

This petite mumkin makes the perfect centerpiece for any fall occasion.  I put together a few minis for my friend’s bridal shower this past weekend.  The mini mumkins gave just the right fall vibe.  The arrangement would also make a nice wedding centerpiece.

Thanks to pinterest the original mumkin has received a ton of traffic and a number of comments and emails.  I hope to answer your questions today with another tutorial.

Again, we start with a pumpkin and a fall plant of your choice.  The plant’s pot needs to be plastic, not the biodegradable papery type.  It also needs to be slightly smaller than the pumpkin.  In the case of the original mumkin, I used a large pumpkin and a 4 inch potted mum.  You could get crazy and get an extra large pumpkin and pair it with a 6 inch or gallon size potted plant.

I like the small version.  The mini mumkin is partnered with a pansy in a small individual pot.  This pot is larger than a market pack cell.   Should it be called a pankin?  pansy + pumpkin

Carve the top of the pumpkin slightly larger than the pot.  You have to scoop all of the pumpkin guts out.  And then scoop some more.  I use a spoon to “shave” the inside layer off of the pumpkin.  This is important because you want to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

Then let the pumpkin dry out.  I usually let it sit for just a couple of hours before adding the plant.  Again, it is about getting the moisture out of the pumpkin.  Once it is ready, I place the potted plant in the pumpkin.  Never take the plant out of its original plastic pot.  Direct contact between the soil and pumpkin will cause the pumpkin to rot quickly.  If you need to water the plant, remove it from the pumpkin and make sure it drains completely before putting it back in.

In the case of the mini mumkin, I added spanish moss to unite the pumpkin and the pansy.  You could slightly see the top of the pot.  The moss hid that and gave it a finished look.  The original mumkin just needed a bow to dress it up.  It is really your choice how you want to finish your arrangement.  I received questions about bows too.  More about that in a future post.

I received several questions about how long the mumkin should last.  Mine lasted exactly 2 weeks.  The environment the mumkin is left in directly influences this though.  I displayed mine in our sunroom which is cold and also covered from rain and direct sun.  The cool temperature preserves the pumpkin from rotting.  This is similar to putting produce in a refrigerator to lengthen its shelf life.  You may want to display it on a front porch under a roof.  Displaying your mumkin inside a warm home will definitely shorten its life.  If you choose to make mumkins for a table centerpiece for say Thanksgiving or a wedding, do it as close to the event as possible so they look fresh. 

Several readers said that they would make this arrangement with a “funkin”, a fake pumpkin.  That will obviously lengthen the shelf life.  I personally prefer the real thing.  I wonder what we would call a funkin mumkin.  A fumkin?  Fu-umkin?  These name choices are endless.

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Hello there punkin!

Can you believe October is upon us already?  That means it is time to go pumpkin picking!  My fave…

Here is an out of the box use for a pumpkin.  It becomes a unique fall planter.  My SIL dubbed it a “mumkin”…can’t take credit for that one but I sure do love it!

Pick a large pumpkin.  Carve the top wide enough to fit a 4 inch or 6 inch plant.  Clean out the inside of the pumpkin and let it dry.

Once it is dry, insert the plant leaving it in its nursery pot.  It is really important that you leave the pot around the soil.  I learned the hard way a few years ago that if you plant the soil in the pumpkin it will rot almost immediately.  It is just too much moisture for the pumpkin.  Also remove the plant from the pumpkin when watering.  Let all of the water drain before re-planting.  Try not to get any excess water in the pumpkin.

Then the fun part…decorating!  I chose a chocolate brown satin ribbon to contrast with all of the orange.  You could use raffia or moss to finish it off or even decorate the pumpkin with glitter.

There you have a mumkin!  It makes the perfect fall centerpiece.

Check out the mini mumkin here!