vinyl + chrome = love

We’re just barely back from our honeymoon.  Still organizing life and most importantly all of our Brimfield finds!  However I couldn’t leave you hanging without a little dose of Circa Dee.

I’ve got a before & after for you from the archives.  I can’t hardly believe that I’ve never properly shared this project with you.  It is definitely one of my favorites around here.  In fact, there has been a debate on whether or not we should keep it for ourselves.  We don’t actually need this adorable retro dinette table & chairs however it fits in perfectly at the beach.  And we happen to have an open space for it.  Hmmm…

updated retro dinette  (2 of 23)

Of course I didn’t take a proper before shot. More like an in progress shot after we started taking the chairs apart.  As you can see they were covered in the original vinyl which was in bad shape.  And then there was newer vinyl (not pictured) haphazardly tacked on over the original.



Off it all came!  The chairs got updated with my modern spin on the original vinyl – bright aqua marine grade vinyl.  So fun!

updated retro dinette  (18 of 23)

Don’t you just want to sit down?

updated retro dinette  (10 of 23)

Now for the table… I love the original table.  Nice and solid.  What you can’t really see are all of the dings, filth and general wear & tear.  So ultimately we stripped it with the intent to stain the original wood with a more modern dark color.


But at the end of the day we settled on a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite.  I think it adds another modern punch that coordinates with the bright chairs very well.  I topped it off with a couple of cots of furniture wax.  It has a nice smooth finish.

updated retro dinette  (12 of 23)

And check out all of those legs!  We cleaned and shined up all of that chrome which really gives off the retro vibe.  All of that gorgeous chrome is the feature that is saving the table from staying in our home.  We have all brass accents so the chrome has to go!  Too bad for us but maybe good for you?

updated retro dinette  (8 of 23)

Wouldn’t you like to have a glass of wine at this table?

updated retro dinette  (20 of 23)

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corbel vision

I went to my first “demo sale” on Saturday morning.  The ad said to bring tools as the house was being demolished & rebuilt so everything could go. 

So I brought Ryan.  And he brought tools. 

Since it was on a street full of 100 year old+ houses, I had this vision of pulling down original molding, corbels, glass door knobs and other architectural salvage.  I had a major sense of urgency to get there first so I could get all of those corbels.

On the way over I thought about how we didn’t bring a ladder!  Darn.

Well I was wrong.  The house was old but there were no corbels or anything else that I dreamt up.  Nothing I wanted required tools.  It was more like an estate sale.  I’m glad I brought my muscle though because we did end up making a big purchase. 

Let me backtrack and show you this before picture…

This is our breakfast nook at the beach house.  The table came with the house.  It is cute and has done just fine for us but (there is always a but)…it is too small for the space.  And more importantly, too small to hold anything other than our breakfast plates.  We’ve been passively looking for a replacement table.

The demo sale came through with just that…

The table is much larger and boasts vintage charm with an enamel top

cutlery drawers with glass knobs (at least I found glass knobs)

and chippy white and seafoam painted chairs.

I’ve always loved enamel tables!  Plus its so much more functional for us than the last table.  Yay!  This might just be the beginning of a beach house kitchen makeover. 

Ok, so I didn’t stop at  the demo sale.  After unloading our new enamelware, I rounded up a few more charming finds.  I paid less than $20 for everything in this picture.

I will never pass up cute fish plates.  These may end up in a future dining room display rack.

A hexagon hat box dated 1966.

A little one sided planter. 

Onto the really good stuff.  My 2nd favorite find of the day!  A vintage chrome mixer by Hamilton Beech.  I was thrilled to find this.  It’s time to bake pumpkin bread!

I can use help with this one.  This cute purse caught my eye but I don’t know what it is.  Celluloid handle?  Some kind of plastic purse.

Golden velvet interior.  Any idea what this could be made from?

Did you notice the picture in the background?  I literally took this off the wall at an estate sale.  Not for the print though.

It is the reclaimed barnwood frame that caught my eye.  3rd favorite find of the day.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing this again.

Did you find any fabulous vintage this weekend?

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