wine cork ornament DIY

Tell me you don’t have a big ol’ pile of wine corks somewhere.

In a drawer.  In a vase.  In your liquor cabinet.

If you are just a little bit crafty (and like wine), you’ve most likely stashed some corks like I did, right?  Just waiting for some trash-to-treasure project inspiration.  Well, here it is friends!

wine cork tree ornament diy

Start by gathering these supplies…

cork tree ornament supplies

For the corks, be sure to use the porous ones – actual corks.  The waxy ones just don’t adhere well.

I played around with a few different layouts before I got started.  I found that the bulky champagne corks made great “tree trunks”.  Plus they tend to be more decorative on top.

wine cork tree ornament

  • First, drill a hole perpendicular through the center of the cork so you can loop your twine through.  I used 6 inch pieces of twine for the ornament hanger.cork tree ornament
  • This is totally optional but if you’d like to attach a name tag, now is the time.  Punch (or cut) a circle out of card stock.  Use the hole punch to create a small hole and loop the twine through before knotting it.  This step allows you to double the ornament as a name tag on a wrapped gift!wine cork tree ornament
  • Now let’s assemble.  Glue a horizontal line each cork and attach one at a time.  Make sure to use your ornament hanger as the top cork tree ornament

That’s it!wine cork tree ornament

These ornaments are fun and easy to make but the best part is acquiring enough corks.

wine cork tree ornament DIY

Because you probably already have all of the other necessary materials.

wine cork tree ornament supplies

roses for your sweetheart

Hi guys. Happy Friday!

I’ve been busily preparing for the Philly Home Show up. in. here. Have I mentioned that little event lately?  Not this week.  No?  I’m putting together a bedroom full of reclaimed industrial style.  I can’t wait to share it with you all in less than 2 weeks!  Woo hoo.  Expect lots of repurposed charm and tons of vintage goodies.  There will definitely be sneak peeks on instagram while I am setting up next week.  So tune in!

In the meantime, I am running a bit of a re-run post today.  Don’t hate me.  I promise you won’t remember it.  It’s an easy-peasy 3 step craft for the ol’ V-day.  Or any day really.

Felt Heart Roses!  Hooray!

So you just need felt, scissors, glue and sticks.


DIY valentine roses

Done!  Told you it was easy.

So if you like doing crafts and you’re local, you should definitely come visit our Craft Room at the Home Show (Feb 2-10).  Denise, from The Painted Home, and I will be freestylin’ in the craft room.  We’ll be upcycling, repurposing, painting, you name it.  I will be doing mini milk paint demos as well!  So if you’ve been curious about Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint, now is your chance to see it live in person.  I might even have some available to purchase if that is of interest.  Would you like that?

how to measure and mix milkpaint

I know.  The fun never stops.

shutter luck

Can I just tell you how much I love freecycle!? First, we got a free couch that perfectly matches our living room and is exactly what we envisioned. (Don’t worry germophobes, it got vacuumed and shampooed.) Then someone was offering early 20th century interior window shutters up for grabs. The shutters were originally window treatments for a Philly row home. The freecyclers gave up enough shutters to cover 2 large windows. That’s 4 sets, 8 pairs or 16 individual shutters depending on how you calculate it.

I knew I needed them but I wasn’t sure why. At first.

Now I am rolling out salvaged shutter projects like it’s my…hobby.

The shutters were filthy and looking every bit of 100 years old. Each got a bath. The original hardware came off. Then onto primer. And finally paint.

I’m still trying to think of a good way to reuse the original knobs. I believe there are 4 porcelain knob and brass hook sets. Any ideas?

The first round of old shutters were reborn as glossy, new decorative hooks.

They sold quickly at Clover!

The feedback that I got fom the happy buyers was that they intended to use them to pack a little extra punch and texture in kids’ rooms and kitchens.

This was such an easy, low cost project. I bought vintage hooks on etsy and ebay and new picture hanging hardware for the back. I need to hit my stash and make some more! I think we’ll be seeing some of these in the sunroom.

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