roses for your sweetheart

Hi guys. Happy Friday!

I’ve been busily preparing for the Philly Home Show up. in. here. Have I mentioned that little event lately?  Not this week.  No?  I’m putting together a bedroom full of reclaimed industrial style.  I can’t wait to share it with you all in less than 2 weeks!  Woo hoo.  Expect lots of repurposed charm and tons of vintage goodies.  There will definitely be sneak peeks on instagram while I am setting up next week.  So tune in!

In the meantime, I am running a bit of a re-run post today.  Don’t hate me.  I promise you won’t remember it.  It’s an easy-peasy 3 step craft for the ol’ V-day.  Or any day really.

Felt Heart Roses!  Hooray!

So you just need felt, scissors, glue and sticks.


DIY valentine roses

Done!  Told you it was easy.

So if you like doing crafts and you’re local, you should definitely come visit our Craft Room at the Home Show (Feb 2-10).  Denise, from The Painted Home, and I will be freestylin’ in the craft room.  We’ll be upcycling, repurposing, painting, you name it.  I will be doing mini milk paint demos as well!  So if you’ve been curious about Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint, now is your chance to see it live in person.  I might even have some available to purchase if that is of interest.  Would you like that?

how to measure and mix milkpaint

I know.  The fun never stops.

making a paper christmas tree topiary

Happy Friday everyone!  How was your turkey day?  Ours was filled with good food, good people and good memories.  Just the way I like it.

I hope you’re not out battling the mall crowds.  Maybe you are home decorating for the holidays like me.  I’ve got an easy DIY project to share today.  I picked up the vintage paper Christmas tree topiary idea from the BHG Special Interest Publication this season so maybe you’ve already tried it?

If not, I recommend giving it a shot.  You should do it over the long weekend!  You probably have most of the supplies in your home already.  Plus, this is an easy one to do with kids too.  Here’s what you need…

  • 4″ clay pot
  • styrofoam block
  • reindeer moss
  • vintage paper in 4-5 sizes
  • wooden skewer
  • raffia (optional)
  • cranberry (optional)

Cut the styrofoam block to size and insert it into your clay pot.  You may have to secure the block to the pot with hot glue.

Insert the skewer in the center of the block upright.  Make sure it is centered and straight with the pointy side of the skewer sticking out.

Cover up your mechanics with the reindeer moss.  This hides the styrofoam.  You may want to glue this as well.  Reindeer moss is the most expensive supply used in this project however you could substitute it with a lower cost moss but you may not get the same coverage.

Once you’ve got the moss secure, you’ll start building your tree.  I chose vintage sheet music cut in squares.  You may find other interesting paper ephemera or scrapbook paper works for you.  The largest square was 4.5 inches, then 4 inches, 3.5 inches, 3 inches & 2.5 inches.  I used about 4 of each size and started by puncturing the largest squares first and sliding them down the skewer to the moss.

And in just minutes you’ll have a tree!  I topped off the skewer with a fresh cranberry for the star.

I ended up not using the raffia on this pair but you can tie it around your pot and make a bow.  You could also have kids decorate the pots with paint or glitter.

I used this pair to decorate the shop “mantel”.  It complements the book page wreath just so.

Hope you’ll come visit the shop on Small Business Saturday tomorrow if you are local!  You can preview our inventory, special sales & discounts on facebook.

Happy holiday decorating friends!

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thanks and a fall wreath

First of all can I just start by telling you how incredibly moved I am by all of your support and sweet feedback on Wednesday’s post about Ryan’s diagnosis?

Seriously moved over here.

Social media has become a very powerful tool.  As I wrote about us, reviewed it, re-reviewed it, hesitated to post it, I just hoped that a positive message would be transmitted.  We basically want to take something that we are already doing and that is well-liked and make a contribution with it.  So thank you all for your enthusiasm in this fundraiser!  It truly means a lot to us.

Now how do I follow that up with a fall wreath?

Well here it is.  A mini Indian corn wreath.

In January, after we removed the holiday Douglas fir wreaths from our windows, we saved the metal wreath forms.  They look something like this.

I pulled a few out to make mini Inidian corn wreaths.  You can buy clusters of the Indian corn at just about any Farmer’s Market this time of year.  I laid clusters of 2-3 cobs in between each prong, overlapping one after another.  The corn covers the mechanics of the prongs.

The prongs close over the stalks while adding rustic fall texture.

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a bow!  I went with a simple 4 loop bow.  The ribbon I used is like a combination of burlap and raffia.  It can be found at flowers shops.  I also looped the ribbon throughout the wreath.

Indian corn can be really brittle to work with.  It naturally wants to disconnect from the stalks so hot glue may be necessary for keeping it in tact.  I wouldn’t recommend hanging this wreath outside.  It will be gone in no time since the squirrels love Indian corn.  Definitely hang it behind a storm door or indoors!

fall round up

Hello!  Hello!  I’m starting to decorate my home for fall and I’m always trying to think of new display ideas.  I thought it would be a good time to post a round up of my fall decor from last year.  Perhaps you will be inspired…Feel free to pin away!

Mini pumpkin tea lights

Stocking covered pumpkin

Wine glass pumpkin risers

Pine cone place card holder

Birdcage shadows

Bowl o’ joy

Sick jack-o-lantern salsa 

Mini mumkin

There you have it.  Which is your favorite?

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pinning & framing spring

A couple of weeks ago when signs of spring started to emerge here in PA, I was itching for a new wreath for my front door.  I spied a pretty one out shopping but it was $40 which didn’t seem like a necessary purchase at the time.  I knew I had plenty of materials to make a new wreath at home so I vowed to not spend any money on a spring wreath and only use materials around my house.  But I was tired of the tried and true round wreaths I have on hand.  (I have a ton.)  I took to pinterest for some pinspiration.  I typed in “spring wreath” and the results were gorgeous and overwhelming.  I finally decided on fabric flowers and a square wreath which was inspired by this pin.

Here is what I came up with in under an hour…

It was so simple to make once I had the vision. First, I shopped the garage and found an old nondescript frame which lost its glass long ago.  A light coat of hot pink spray paint brightened it up but allowed the grain to still show through.

Next, I perused the yard for some twigs which I spray painted white. Then I cruised fabric scraps where I found some springy colors.

Wilson also assisted in creating the door decor.  Because the frame was kind of thin, I took some leftover foam core board and cut a triangle to add in the lower corner with glue.

For the flowers, I cut various strips of fabric anywhere from about 10-18 inches long and just a couple of inches wide.  The larger the piece of fabric, the larger the flower.  Obv.  Then I twisted and turned and fluffed the fabric as pictured below until I got something sort of resembling a blooming rose.  I added a dab of hot glue to the end which I pulled through like a loose knot.

Then I hot glued the twigs and flowers in a delightful pattern onto the frame and foam core board.

Wilson conducted a quality check.

And he approved of the final product. 

Up on the door the spring wreath went.

Replacing the old feather wreath which is so un-springy. It looked like a flock of pigeons were laid to rest at my front door. Which may be an ok look for winter (if dead pigeons is ever an ok look) but not for spring!

Out with death and in with new life!  Bright and cheery for $0 and less than an hour from concept to finish.

Have you found any pinspiration for your spring decor?

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the new owl

You know how owls were all the rage? Birds in general actually were quite rage worthy.

Now if you haven’t heard, I am here to tell you that bikes are the new lovebirds. And peacocks are the new owls. Is that confusing since peacocks and owls are both birds? It shouldn’t be. So lovebirds have taken a backseat to bikes and peacocks now trump owls on the trend-o-meter.

Got it?  Good!

Today let’s talk about peacocks.  Specifically their feathers.  200 of them.

My sister-in-law had 200 peacock feathers left over from her wedding last year. What to do? What to do?

When all other ideas fail, make a wreath. That is my craft motto. I saved metal wreath bases from our Christmas Douglas fir wreaths.  Can you see 9 of prongs below?  Good.

All you need to do to have an on trend peacock wreath is divide up the feathers into 9 groups. Work each bunch into a set of prongs and clamp the prongs closed. The ends of the feathers should hang into the next set of prongs. Take another bunch of feathers and fill in a new set of prongs covering the previous feather ends.  Clamp close.  Repeat this for all of the prongs and you will have yourself a gorgeous peacock wreath in less than a half hour.

Fluff and pluck feathers until your heart is content.  You’ve got yourself trendy peacock decor to occupy the space where your macrame owl used to hang.

Add more peacock feathers or other types of feathers. Whatever you want!  Aren’t the colors just gorgeous?


And since birds of a feather flock together, I’ve got a pretty little peacock giveaway for you today! A friend of mine just launched an etsy shop Sleek & Unique, specializing in decorative items for your home.  She has graciously offered a set of 4 of her very popular Peacock Tile Coasters to one lucky Circa Dee reader. 

Sleek & Unique needs help spreading the word about the new shop so there are 4 ways to enter the giveaway…

  • Follow Sleek & Unique on Twitter
  • Follow Sleek & Unique on Facebook
  • Tweet about the giveaway and link back to this post
  • Facebook about the giveaway and link back to this post

Leave a comment below for each entry.

The giveaway will be open all week – closes Saturday night (2/25) at mid-night EST.  Winner will be drawn at random and announced next week.

So are you loving peacock feathers as much as I am?  Oh and how many times do you think I said peacock in this post?

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drifting away

Good day friends!  Is anyone else out there dreaming of summer? 
Cocktails outside.  Long, lingering sunny days.  Bright blooming flowers. 
And of course anything beach side.

I sure am!  I had a styrofoam tree leftover from Christmas crafting. I never got to this one and rather than tucking it away into the Christmas bins for next year, I decided to make a year ’round project with the tree form and splash some more sunny beach decor into the house.

I collected some small pieces of driftwood from the beach and I will admit I bought some as well.  The pieces needed to be just 2-4 inches long.

I started at the base of the tree hot gluing bulkier pieces neatly together and working my way up.  The pieces have to fit together like a puzzle as to not expose the styrofoam in between.  The driftwood pieces should also hang over the edge of the tree base a bit for a natural shape.  Keep gluing round and round til you get to the top!

The last step to making a driftwood tree is to adhere a flat round piece of driftwood to the bottom to create the tree stump.

Finally, shop a spot around the house to display the driftwood tree all year!

Are we any closer to summer yet?

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pop art

Merry! Merry!  Are you ready for the big guy to visit?  We are all set over here!

I’ve got just one last Christmas DIY project to share. In fact, it is not really Christmasy at all but coordinates with my choice of decor this season.

Tell me the truth, are you sick of the vintage sheet music and book pages that are all over the place these days? I might be getting close but I’m still fully embracing the trend…for now.

I was inspired to make a paper mache bowl after I saw one in the pages of BHG’s DIY magazine last month.  I thought it looked fun and pretty easy.  I was right.  Here’s what you need…

  • Paper of your choice.  It doesn’t have to be sheet music.  It could be scrapbook paper, newspaper or perhaps something meaningful you want to preserve but don’t mind if it takes on a new form – like children’s schoolwork.
  • Mod Podge or glue and water solution.
  • A bowl to use as a template.
  • Saran wrap.

Cover the bowl in saran wrap.

Then apply pieces of paper to the saran wrapped bowl with the mod podge.  I used a sponge applicator.  Overlap as necessary. Once you’ve covered the whole bowl with paper. Coat the now “paper bowl” with more mod podge to create a shellac and seal it all in.  Let it dry. 

 The paper will harden and take on the shape of the bowl.  You can separate it from the saran wrap.  I found that one layer of paper wasn’t enough though.  See how thin it is?

Flip the bowl template over and cover with the saran wrap.  Apply more paper with mod podge as above.  Apply as many layers as you want just let it dry in between.

Once it is all dry, trim any paper corners that are poking out of the top of the bowl.  Easy, right?  This would be a fun project to do with kids too.

Go ahead and display it however you like!  Of course, I chose some vintage ornaments to deck out the paper mache bowl.

I feel the need to disclose that 2 Shiny Brites were broken in the making of this post…I know. It was terrifying to take 2 vintage ornaments out of circulation.  Shiny Brite lovers everywhere mourn.

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noel, noel

Happy Friday everyone!  I am off to partake in some holiday festivities this weekend.  I just love this time of year.  I strive to decorate and shop early so I can relax and soak up the Christmas atmosphere in December sans stress.

Before I’m off for the weekend, I have just a little holiday project to share…

Do you remember my dream sign

I pretty much followed the same technique which isn’t much of a technique at all actually.  Just use stencils for the letters.  Fill in with acrylic paint on the textile of your choice.  My choice was none other than burlap.  Shocker since it is a huge element of our Christmas decor this year.

I wanted a festive frame so I painted a dated wooden frame (you know the honey colored ones that look really 90’s) with one coat of ASCP Emperor’s Silk letting the wood grain came through. 

I clear waxed to make the contrast between the red paint and the dark grain of the wood pop.

Did you know the word “Noel” means birthday?  Me neither.  It derives from French.  It’s funny how we have these little holiday traditions, like the Christmas carol Noel, and we don’t even know what it means. 

Time for a story but I will keep it quick…my mom has these free-standing ceramic N-O-E-L letters that she puts out at Christmas.  When we were little, my brother always changed them around to spell Leon.  Um, and still does actually.  The words Noel and Leon are sort of interchangeable in my family as a result of this antic.  Turns out Leon is derived from the word lion.  When you break it down, it doesn’t seem like there is much correlation between the words birthday and lion now does it ?  (Jake, I’m talking to you!)  All research done via wikipedia.


TGIF!  Does your family have any silly holiday traditions?

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