well, hello september

Oh September, I’ve been waiting for you. Summer on the front end. Fall on the back end.

Layla's Mint Console Desk-168

From flip flops to tall boots and iced coffee to the famous pumpkin spiced latte.

antique piano stool

You might be my favorite of all…

Layla's Mint Console Desk- vintage aqua mixing bowl

Slightly bittersweet with back-to-school and the mass exodus around Cape May.

Layla's Mint Console Desk- antique piano stool

Homework and schedules are at ease as we retreat to September.  We’ll take a few quiet, lingering afternoons on the beach before we trade sand for crunching leaves underfoot.
Layla's Mint Console Desk-173

Pictured here is a sweet little desk painted in Layla’s Mint and finished with antiquing wax.  It is available at The West End Garage.  Open daily 10-6 in September. 

chicken coop coffee table

Our latest upcycled victim is a fantastic old crate which was once a chicken coop. I’d imagine that chickens were transported to and from auction in this coop.  Feathers flying as the birds were off to find a new farm to call home.

chicken coop coffee table-146

The coop is larger than most that I’ve seen in the past and a bit more rudimentary in construction. The wear and aging on the wood can’t be matched.  It has that perfectly weathered & washed out color that retailers like Restoration Hardware try to replicate.

chicken coop coffee table-148

We removed the door from the top of the coop as it was raised and not conducive to a new life as a coffee table.  Over the opening there is now a large piece of glass making it functional again.  We added casters to elevate the coop to coffee table height and, of course making it mobile.

chicken coop coffee table-164

I always love a good coop coffee table.  We’ve transformed a few over the years!  This one is for sale at The West End Garage.

chicken coop coffee table-157

Did you spy the Victorian pink baluster lamp?  Another new upcycle from Circa Dee!  This one might be a keeper though.  It’s still up in the air.  We’re working on this living space so we’ll see how things shake out.  That color & patina though…

victorian pink baluster lamp #upcycle #lighting vintage card catalog