on the road

Today was a pretty great day.  The perfect fall day to be on the road with my sidekick, Wilson.  (This was the best shot he’d give me.)  Fall is still hanging on and the sun was shining high.  We had a gorgeous drive.

We made a new friend who was all about posing for the camera.

She wasn’t shy at all.  In fact she gave me her better side.

And then invited me in for a tour.

I don’t know what it is about barns and farms in general that I am enamored with.  I suppose it is a lifestyle that I know little about having grown up in the suburbs but I’m always caught off guard by all of the simple, natural undeveloped beauty a farm offers.

And the old construction of the barns plus the new patina.  Boy, what I would do with that door.  It would look great above my mantel.

So what was a non-farm girl like me doing on this beautiful horse farm?  My upholsterer’s studio is located there!  I know.  Amazing.  I love taking that trip.  There are a couple of cute outbuildings and several homes on the property including a grand old farm house!

Back to biz though.  I picked up a fabulous club chair that I will post about next week after I tweak the finish.

Wilson and I made a few other pickups today.  Mostly of the holiday merchandise type.  Specifically vintage and handmade!

We also made some wreaths, painted a bit and planted paperwhites when we returned home.  Actually who am I kidding?  Wilson took a nap!  I did those things.

Prep mode continues for the holidays at our Brick & Mortar.  Hope you’ll come visit this weekend!  Open Saturday & Sunday 10-5.  Don’t forget, we have Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in stock too!

Other local events that I am participating in this weekend include viewing Freud’s Last Session at Arden Theatre after attending The Scene.

And on Saturday night I will launch my modeling career at The Frock Shoppe’s charity fashion show.  And then I’ll retire my modeling career.

What are your plans for the weekend?

thanks and a fall wreath

First of all can I just start by telling you how incredibly moved I am by all of your support and sweet feedback on Wednesday’s post about Ryan’s diagnosis?

Seriously moved over here.

Social media has become a very powerful tool.  As I wrote about us, reviewed it, re-reviewed it, hesitated to post it, I just hoped that a positive message would be transmitted.  We basically want to take something that we are already doing and that is well-liked and make a contribution with it.  So thank you all for your enthusiasm in this fundraiser!  It truly means a lot to us.

Now how do I follow that up with a fall wreath?

Well here it is.  A mini Indian corn wreath.

In January, after we removed the holiday Douglas fir wreaths from our windows, we saved the metal wreath forms.  They look something like this.

I pulled a few out to make mini Inidian corn wreaths.  You can buy clusters of the Indian corn at just about any Farmer’s Market this time of year.  I laid clusters of 2-3 cobs in between each prong, overlapping one after another.  The corn covers the mechanics of the prongs.

The prongs close over the stalks while adding rustic fall texture.

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a bow!  I went with a simple 4 loop bow.  The ribbon I used is like a combination of burlap and raffia.  It can be found at flowers shops.  I also looped the ribbon throughout the wreath.

Indian corn can be really brittle to work with.  It naturally wants to disconnect from the stalks so hot glue may be necessary for keeping it in tact.  I wouldn’t recommend hanging this wreath outside.  It will be gone in no time since the squirrels love Indian corn.  Definitely hang it behind a storm door or indoors!

hot pepper re-run

Hello all!  Tuesday already, huh? We certainly had a busy weekend around here with the Harvest Party sale and all.  Thanks to everyone who came by.  I love meeting new vintage fans and followers.

We had beautiful weather for the first weekend of fall which had me thinking about this time last year.  My how quickly time flies.  We had similar blue skies and crisp weather.  This little blog has grown tremendously since then so I thought it would be fun to post a project I did exactly one year ago.  I loved my hot pepper wreath and hopefully this blog re-run will give any fall nesters out there an easy DIY idea…


I was inspired at the farmer’s market again. There was a huge basket of wrinkled hot peppers on sale. $3 Take ’em all. Who can argue that?

Shiny. Red. Luscious. A couple of days past their prime for cooking.

Not for crafting. So I got a 12 inch flat wreath form.

And some wire. Layer 3 peppers on top of the former 3 and secure with wire.

I wired half of the wreath with the pepper stems out and the other half with the curly ends out.

I love the curly shape of these peppers.

I worked in some burlap scraps to up the fall factor and to hide the mechanics of the wire.

There you have a farmer’s market red pepper wreath.

Only 4 “ingredients” used.

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lavender, clover & a harvest party

September is one of the reasons I love living in this part of the country.  (And October too.)  The cool evenings.  The brilliant blue skies and the hint of fall foliage.

And opening day at Clover Market!

On Saturday morning, we took an early drive out to New Hope and stopped at this beautiful lavender farm on the way.  I love how even Wilson took time to smell the lavender.

We also made a few new friends.  The resident llamas were very welcoming.

But seriously, the lavender.  Can’t you just smell it?

Then Sunday was all work.  And fun too.  As always, Clover Market did not disappoint.  I just love being a vendor at this seasonal antique/art/handmade/vintage market in Ardmore.  I get to see so many familiar faces, and new ones as well, in such a fun setting.  Thank you to those of you that stopped by and said hello!

If you missed Clover yesterday, the next market is October 14th.  Mark your calendar.  We’ll be there with new inventory.  I hear people drive 2-3 hours just to attend!  Yes, I’d agree that it’s that good.

But first we’re gearing up for next weekend’s Brick & Mortar Harvest Party!  There will be fresh, never before seen Circa Dee inventory in store.  Open 10-5 both Saturday and Sunday.  We’re located at 1814 Valley Forge Road in Worcester, PA.

See you soon!

field trip

I’m on my quest to soak up the last unofficial week of summer without rushing fall in like I normally do this time of year.  So today I took a break an enjoyed a stroll through a local U-pick zinnia farm in my area.  It was heavenly.  An absolutely gorgeous day for such a walk.  I could have stayed in those fields for hours.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other field of zinnias of course!

After my walk, I visited the farm’s market which was stocked full of colorful locally grown produce.   Farm markets are always so inspiring to me for their rustic, simple style, the textures and all of the colors of course.  And just the overall quantities of produce.

And then it happened. Sitting right there in the middle of my blissful late summer moment was a sure sign of fall!  I can’t deny that it is right around the corner with a pumpkin that orange staring at me.  Bring on fall!




make a day of it

Hey there!  I’m back with more details about this weekend’s sale.  I’ve been working diligently to get everything ready to go for our beach themed sale.  I hope you’ll stop by.  Here’s an itty bitty preview of what’s in store…

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must visit our new neighbor.  The Frock Shoppe will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend!  The Frock Shoppe is a new and resale boutique, with a mission of supporting our community through buying and selling top quality pre-loved, and new clothing and accessories.  All proceeds from the Grand Opening will be used to help local families with school supplies via their charity The Nottage Project!  I absolutely love their cause…and their taste.  This boutique is sure to impress!

Must.  See.  This weekend.

Since you’ll be visiting all of the great businesses at 1814 Valley Forge Road, Worcester, PA, I thought I’d give you some of my other faves just minutes away!  Yes, this list is for you, my city dwelling friends.  Come out to the country for the day – we’re just 30 miles from Philly.

Zacharias Creek Side Cafe – Just around the corner from us is this adorable and tasty cafe with outdoor seating.  Have lunch at the BYO and don’t skip dessert!  It’s that good.

Merrymead Farm – Meet the new calf who is just too cute and visit the piggies too.  But before you leave, sample the ice cream (who cares if you already had dessert) and get some farm fresh produce & milk.

Skippack Village – Spend the rest of the day strolling this historic neighborhood that is dotted with wonderful boutiques and antique shops.

Body Serene – Wrap up with a mani/pedi at this relaxing day spa.

Evansburg State Park – Oh, you want less shopping and more walking?  Definitely go for a hike in Evansburg.  Bring your fishing rod too.

Center Point Pond – Or you could always fish the stocked pond right in our backyard at 1814.

That brings us full circle  around the neighborhood.  I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous day.  We look forward to seeing you!

fresh off the truck

Just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday.

The weekend flew by. Probably because I packed a week’s worth of activity into 48 hours. In reverse: another successful Clover Market. A wedding. A road trip to Maryland and back. A girl’s night. And buying.

How am I still standing? Ok I’m sitting. Who types standing up anyway?

I still managed to pick up some pretty great vintage finds along the way. A few that I may not want to part with…

Darling little nesting tables with glass tops. They need just a little work to be garden party perfect.

Oh how I love an old chicken coop. Like love love. The faded color and wear of this one is just right. Just right for a new life as a coffee table.

It was a big day when I found my first ever vintage Florida linens. I’ve long admired the kitschy style that is so often reproduced but this set is the real deal from the 1950’s. Tablecloth and tea towel.

And my final fave is this old box. Have you ever seen anything like it? They’re rare to come across out there.

It is an old delivery box that the bread man would’ve used before they switched to corrugated boxes. I can not find anything on T & C Baking Company though. Is anyone out there familiar with the brand? If so, please share. In the meantime I am admiring the advertising graphics and of course the perfect wear.

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junk spectrum

Hello! Hello! Have your holidays kicked off with a bang this weekend?  Mine certainly did and I am exhausted! Besides indulging in festivities I also managed to source some fab junk that span the spectrum of fave vintage categories. So here’s what I’m buying these days…

Starting small with Ball mason jars. I see more soap dispensers in my future.

A rusty jar thingy. Anyone know what this was once used for? I have a transformation in mind.

A heavy contained floral frog.

I scored a pair of iron steps. These were used on an old horse & buggy so passengers could step inside. I hope to transform these into practical hooks.  Stay tuned.

I managed to find 2 old grain sacks in decent condition. I’m very excited about them!

An itty bitty primitive egg basket. Have you ever seen one so small?

More wiry goodness in the form of a small rusty pink pram. I’m thinking both of these would be lovely in a spring display.

A pretty sweet distressed leather suitcase. Loving…

I bought a whole set of Victorian iron fencing like the segment below in a private sale. I’ve got a few projects in mind for them. The fencing literally opened the door for me to many other picks. The woman who sold them invited me into her garage and next thing I knew I was sifting through piles of her family heirlooms and making offers in true American Pickers style. How exhilarating. I will be going back later this week to pick ’em up. Stay tuned for photos on those items.

One of my favorite finds this weekend were these old lab stools at a flea market in NJ. I bought them from a great dealer who also sells on etsy. He had such a neatly curated stash of industrial vintage. I am going to pair the stools with a wooden high top table we already own which will be in the man cave when it is finished. Is it bad that I am shopping for the man cave before construction on it has even begun? Maybe worse that I am shopping for the man cave at all considering I told Ryan he could style it. Hmmph. I can’t help myself.

And finally, my favorite this week. In another private sale I bought an iron patio set with 4 chairs in excellent condition plus a matching table.  The curves are awesome. Who buys patio furniture in December?

So although it is freezing outside and yard sales are long gone, there are still plenty of vintage deals to be done. Pick on!

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they say it’s your birthday

Can I just tell you once again how much I’ve enjoyed my staycation over the last week and a half?  I return to the grind tomorrow but not without just one more play day.  I started the day with a birthday breakfast out with a bestie.  I will be going antiquing and out to lunch with my mom to celebrate our birthdays.  (Her’s is tomorrow and it’s a BIG one!)  Hopefully there are many new treasures in our future. 

I need to tell you about yesterday.  It was epic!  I met the legendary Miss Mustard Seed.  And her sidekick Mini Mustard Seed.  What a delight!  Let me pause for a minute for those of you that are my family and friends and only read my blog (thanks) and are therefore not in the know in the design blog world.  Miss Mustard Seed is pretty much amazing.  Let’s face it.  She invented the vintage sheet music wreaths along with the influence of the Union Jack furniture craze plus many other home decor trends.  Marian has a totally admirable design and freelance writing career and a wonderful eye for antiques. 

So why would she be meeting lil ol’ me?  Turns out we live just a few hours apart.  After reading a recent blog post about how rapidly her business is growing, I offered to be an antique buyer for her.  I simply emailed her and she welcomed the assistance.  Marian is so down to earth but I still acted like I was talking to George Clooney in our first conversation.  Yes, I just compared Miss Mustard Seed to George Clooney.  So what?  That’s how A list she is. 

I essentially pick items that fit her style to relieve her of some of her shopping duties.  Being a personal shopper has always been a dream.  I live to shop.  Especially for antiques.  Perfect combination if I do say so. 

This is my best “picker” look…

We met up at this great little flea market called Root’s Old Mill.  Neither of us had ever been.  Who knew there was such a bustling business every Tuesday morning in Manheim, PA?  The market was nestled amongst several rolling farms.  I love taking a drive out in the sprawling country and seeing nothing but undeveloped land.  What a refreshing sight.  As you can tell by the sky, rain threatened all morning.  Fortunately it held out for our shopping excursion. 

I’ve got a thing for silos.  Weird, I know.  There is just something so iconic about them.

Since it is my birthday week (in my family we get an entire week), I decided to treat myself to a little antiquing in downtown Lancaster on my way back home.  I stumbled upon a fabulous vintage and artisan co-op called Building Character.  Oh and did that building have character.  Exposed brick.  High ceilings.  The ultimate industrial chic market.  It actually reminded me a lot of West End Garage in Cape May…another fave shopping destination.  I’m loving these venues and need to get into a shop like this!

I bought a kelly green vintage coat in mint condition at an excellent price.  Happy birthday to me, from me.  Can you also tell how the full length mirror is hanging on a very old, freestanding door?  I like that look.

When I went back out to North Queen Street, the skies opened up and the threat of rain became a reality.  I must come visit Lancaster again soon!

The day was ended with a birthday dinner and cake with Ryan’s family.  They gave me a tool chest filled with tools!  My very own palm sander, dremel, heat gun.  Oh my.  What a nerd I’ve become.

All in all a pretty great start to my birthday.