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Hi friends!  We are officially a day into spring. Yay!  Did you get your free Rita’s Water Ice yesterday?  Is that just a regional thing here in PA?  Mmm, I love Rita’s but the lines were so long so I skipped the free water ice.  Free is nice but time is money, now isn’t it?  Anyway, a day into spring and I am already getting so behind on posting my spring projects.  Life is just flying by so stay tuned as I try to get the projects up starting with our farm fresh Easter Mantel…

I went hard on the Easter theme over a general spring theme.  You can see there are eggs everywhere.  I couldn’t resist lining the mantel in all of my vintage egg baskets and flea market coop finds.

I don’t know if I will ever get sick of chicken coop wire.  I love it.  Oh and this little basekt sent me on a wild goose chase.  (Duh, that wasn’t an attempt at a lame poultry pun.)  Seriously, I bought it last fall and tucked it away for Easter decor.  I about threw in the towel on finding it.  Then I did some garage purging last weekend and it surfaced amongst the other farmy decor.  Obvi.

This is another adorable small egg basket.  I switched it up with moss balls instead of more eggs.

I also had a wiry canning jar holder that supports our jar turned vase full of felt roses.  Do you like how it is all framed out in my favorite aqua color?  So springy!  The aqua frame is made from old door molding found in that color and condition at the salvage.

In the center of the mantel is a pink chicken coop baby carriage.  Have you ever seen such a thing?  I put a ceramic baby chick in there.  Maybe a little bit creepy but whatever we are celebrating new life in all forms here!  Not all babies are cute.  Sorry chickadee.

All of the “grass” in the baskets are phonebook pages that we shredded.  Which I’ve learned also makes great shipping material.  And the vintage handpainted daisy tray has been floating along the mantel adding another pop of light aqua. I found it last year for 5 bucks and just love it.

With all of the pastels in place, the arrangement needed a dark color to ground it so I used faux moss flowers.

The box is an original vintage egg box, never used, and I have more than one so if you love it as much as I do, you can go snag it from my etsy shop in time for Easter.  Here is what the graphics on top look like. 

Another change this season is the brick fireplace. I finally painted it and am so glad I did. I don’t know what I was waiting for. We had acquired the painted red bricks when we moved in last year and I never liked it but wasn’t sure what I wanted.

I finally decided on painting the bricks with one coat of ASCP cream allowing the brick color to show through.  So glad I did and hard to believe I waited so long because the simple change really brightens up the space and feels more like us.  And yes that is another egg basket down there – larger size.  How many egg baskets are too many?

Happy Spring!  How have you been decorating for the season? 

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ambush makeover

Those of you that follow Circa Dee on facebook probably recall my status update last week about doing an ambush makeover at my parent’s house while they were away.  Well, today is the day for the big reveal.  Let’s first walk through the before so you can see what I was working with.

The “brown frown”.  As I like to call it.

See? Brown furniture.  Brown wall.  Brown floor.  Frown.

That room that you are looking at is their living room.  At least it was.  And it was seriously lacking color and character.  It needed to be injected with some life!  This side of the room had the most color.  A wall color that I am fond of however do not know the name of.  The least amount of changes happened over here.  In fact, the furniture configuration did not change at all.

More brown paneling on the banister.  And dark furniture.  And yes the Soprano’s always seems to be on in this house. 

Ok so honestly this is not some epic makeover where the room gets turned upside down and inside out in 24 hours.  I just can’t operate like that plus I didn’t want to give the ‘rents a heart attack upon their return from vaca.  The plan was to paint that god forsaken paneling.  I know some of you out there will cringe at the thought of painting one of the original characteristics of this mid-century home but if you’ve lived with it for the past 40 some odd years, you’d want it gone too.  Time for a change! 

Side note for those of you that don’t know: my mom grew up in this house and then it became her own house with my dad where they raised our charming family and now my niece is a regular in the paneled room.  It has been around for 4 generations now and that paneling has been the backdrop for many holidays, family parties and birthdays.  Although the paneling may sound iconic, it was just time for it to go.  But don’t fret, I didn’t just paint over family history that easily.  I have to admit that my mom knew the paneling was getting painted.  My dad, however, just knew they were flying off to Jamaica for the week.  uh-uh-uh (que creepy laugh)

So now that you know the background on the casa let’s get to the makeover, shall we?  Drumroll…

Like I said, it isn’t gonna knock you over but it is a much-needed change.  Whew!  No more brown on brown on brown.  Color and texture!  The room seems so much bigger and brighter with the painted paneling.  (Ahem, ignore the cords.)

The paneling got a coat of primer and 2 coats of Valspar Allen + Roth vintage.  Can you believe the paint color was called vintage?  No brainer choice for me, obviously.

The gallery wall tells a story.  Each piece of art was bought from local artists when my parents were traveling.  Looking at each piece can easily bring them back to that day and specific trip.  These paintings were scattered all around the house.  Some were never even hung so I thought it would be fun to have a statement wall that is like an album of their travels.  BTW I love how I’m making the ‘rents sound like world travelers.  They’re not.  They’ve been collecting these for a very looong time!  I left some holes in the lay out because I was sure they’d bring some new art back from Jamaica and do you know they didn’t? Shocking!  Oh well there is always next time.

Then I took it upon myself to accessorize the room with more color.  I really had to restrain myself when it came to pillowing up the place.  I would have at least doubled the amount of pillows but I knew they’d hate that.  So I went with these ginormous blue textured pillows found at Home Goods.  They look like they are part of the gallery wall.  The colors and size.  It’s like the art comes right down onto the sofa.

Cool blue is the main accent color throughout the room to contrast with the warm brown furniture.  The floral motif on the pillows is perfect as it pulls in red accents which are subtly every where and also some green, white and gold.

They had been talking about getting an area rug.  Naturally I shopped the home and came to the realization that we each had a burlap coffee sack with bold red and blue graphics.  When layinglengthwise next to each other they make a neat little throw rug that packs some punch.  I put a slip pad underneath and we’re still working on getting the creases out.  Honestly this accent may just be a little “too Dana” for them and may not make the long-term cut in the room.  Bummer because I love it!  It provides so much texture which the room needs to balance out all of the dark leather.

Next up, some funky furniture to add to the color palate and overall “lived in vibe” of the room.  I love this chippy green nightstand for a side table because it has drawers and corrals “stuff”.  Plus there are pops of red showing through.  You may remember me posting about it after scoring it at an estate sale.  It’s chippy in all the right places.

Next is a Phantastic Phinds find…and old farm bench turned side table which also has some fabulous red paint peaking through.  Again, subtle red.  Subtle farmhouse.

How fabulous are those modern lamps?  I never really noticed them until the makeover.  They pop off of the white wall.  And the shades, although brown, coordinate with the new colors just right.

And I brought in this old painted oak school chair that I’d previously been using as a prop.  It works well as a catch call.  The patina matches with the rest of the furniture .  The pale yellow also recedes into the white so it is not a big focal point and avoids creating a cluttered feel.  The orchard basket adds some more farm style flair while holding keys and things near the door.

They already bought the new media console.  We just set it up.  It was made in Lancaster county from reclaimed barnwood by the wonderful Clover sellers Reclaimed Crafts.  There’s that pale blue accent color and farm style again.

Oh and some pale blue cushions to give the hope chest color and purpose.  And de-browns it a little.  We always seem light on seating when gathering in this room anyway.

The once too high artwork behind the hope chest seems at just the right height with the tall lamp helping to put it in proportion.  The height of the painting works now that the chest will be used as a bench.  You can sit and lean back without hitting the frame.

To recap, here is how they left the room.

And here is what they came home to a few nights ago.

So there you have it.  A successful ambush makeover!  My dad seemed unphased by the changes.  In under 10 minutes he found his beloved sofa and crusty blanket and pillows in front of the tv.  Reality set in.  As predicted he moved the lovely new pillows.

So what do you think?  We’ve still got a list of things to do in this room like putting up shoe molding, new window treatments, paint the door, paint the banister (I wanted to see how it would look with a wood top – not a fan), paint the wall behind the banister so the mid-century cut outs are less noticeable, and the list goes on.  Is any room ever really finished anyway?

And Tank likes the new space too…

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Is it really Monday night already?  

I didn’t manage to fit in any junking or antiquing this past weekend.  I know.  It makes me cranky.  We went away for my work holiday party at a beautiful resort in Western PA called Nemacolin.  It was fareeezing!  The resort was something like 2000 acres.  HUGE!  There were literally lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Actually I don’t think there were tigers but there were zebras and camels and buffalo.  No lie.  It was like a zoo.  With a spa.  Strangely satisfying.  I was too lazy relaxed to take many pictures although the halls were certainly decked for the season.  Here are our new friends…

We had a good time hanging out with friends and enjoyed delicious food.  I wish I brought home leftovers actually.  It was definitely a great getaway that many would dream of but I have to admit we don’t the whole relaxing thing very well.  I was itching for a project and I missed my little guy terribly!  I have become such a homebody…just 2 days away and I’m “that girl” wishing our dog was with us.  Turns out there was a pet spa at the resort.  Yes, I am sure Wilson would have loved to get a pawdicure if he had come along.  I wish I made “pawdicure” up but that’s actually what they call it at Wooflands Spa.

After my relaxing weekend, a long day of work today, homemade turkey pineapple chili (seriously try it) and a ton of gift wrapping tonight, I finally fit a little vintage into my life.  I whipped out my new buffer (nerd alert) and worked on one of the final steps of the dining room table that I am restoring for us.  So close!  I am loving how it is turning out…

And for some more randomness since I seem to be all over the place tonight…a couple of weeks ago I spent my birthday out shopping, eating and antiquing.  My fave kind of day.  I’ve got some eye candy to share with you from that day.  I finally made it to the nearly famous Terrain.  This is a local greenhouse/cafe/shop owned by Urban Outfitters.  It is pretty much everything I love rolled up into one retail shop.  You’ve got your plants, Urban style, good eats, chic boutique, housewares, repurposed lovelies, reclaimed wood, the works.  How have I never been here before now?  I heart Terrain.  Here are some things that caught my eye since they’re inline with my current rustic decor.

The same day, we stopped by an antique shop with a French flair called La Mason Home.  So inspiring.  The store was in an old farmhouse and every room was styled even better than the one before.  Gorgeous!  More eye candy for you…

Thanks for sticking with me and my wild train of thought tonight! I will be back this week with some new projects to share.