christmas in july

I was never good at economics class in college. I am still not sure of the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics. I think I took one class and not the other.

However, I did comprehend supply and demand. For example, there is a low demand for vintage Christmas in July. But there is a large supply that I stumbled upon which equals a low, low price for me! Much lower than they would be in December when the demand is back up.

I love retro glassware but try not to buy too much because it’s a pain to store. Here are some Happy Holidays glasses.

And Seasons Greetings glasses in the same style.

And some classic holly glasses.

You know how almost everyone did ceramics in the 70s? I think this holly candy dish was a staple or prerequisite of some sort. I’ve seen tons of them and have sold quite a few.

I love checking the bottom of the handmade ceramics to see what the person inscribed. Usually there is a date – 72 on this one.

I have never seen a holly cake stand. I suppose most of them broke in the last 40 years. I just love this cute little guy.

And there it is. The predictable inscription with a date. I wonder who Marge is and how she managed to keep her cake stand from breaking.

I also picked up this cute candy dish complete with retro tree image and font. It is very reflective.

I will tuck these mid-century gems away for a few months until swim suit season is behind us and we’re ready for an egg nog toast. Mmm, egg nog.

cookies & candy

When I am hunting for fabulous vintage to sell, I usually look for pieces that I actually just want to keep for myself. Then I reluctantly sell them anyway because, well, I like selling just as much as I like finding vintage. So about a year ago, I found these square, glass coordinating cookies and candy jars circa 1950.

Love them! I knew I needed to have them even if only temporarily.

I posted them on my etsy shop and got a few bites but no buyers. I had no need or place for the jars at the time. I kept them wrapped up in a box and forgot about their sweetness while pursuing other treasures.

April rolled around and I put together my inventory to bring to Clover Market. The old school goody jars made their way into the stock pile. I displayed them prominently at the sale. Again, they were getting a ton of action but no forever kind of lovin.

At the end of the day they were still there. I had never been so glad to NOT sell something in my life. All of the interested customers made me realize how much I really loved the jars and needed to have and hold them…forever!

Now they sit on my kitchen counter and hold Wilson’s cookies and candy treats. I think Wilson is glad they’re there too.