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So I’ve got this little nook in our navy blue guest room that used to be quite bare except for plain white shelves and other riff raff that would collect there.

Awhile back I hung vintage scarves to serve as a valance in the space.  I like that look but it still needed more!

Back to the hideous white shelves.  They are made of particle board and were left by the previous owners.  They are definitely functional but not pretty.  Either is the hole left by their cable cord.

I decided to jump on the old book page bandwagon and recover the shelves with them.  Since the antique furniture in the room is already the color of old book pages, I thought the shelves needed a little umph.  Enter this big old atlas that I got for about 3 bucks at a thrift store.  I tore a few pages of blue, green and yellow maps out to mingle with the book pages. 

I haphazardly applied the pages to the shelves using spray adhesive (while dinner was cooking).  This is a quick task.

After that dried, I applied a layer of mod podge using a sponge applicator.

Then I moved in some pretty shabby items

Yes, I applied pages to the under side of the shelves too.

I like the yellowing book pages and blueish atlas pages much better than the stark white particle board, don’t you?  Would you believe that Ryan never noticed the shelves before they received this little “wallpaper” treatment?  He asked if I hung the shelves too.  Ha!  They’ve been there all along.

Loving the tarnished silver compote filled with old wooden spools.  Someone’s trash is my treasure.

Across from the shelves, I moved in the vanity that matches the rest of the French Provincial bedroom set that belonged to my grandmother.

My favorite part is the antique vanity stool.  I was going to have it recovered but I am starting to find the worn in upholstery endearing.  It doesn’t look half bad in its new home.  Should it be re-upholstered?  What’s your vote?

I found an antique vanity mirror that reflects the new-to-us shelves.


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coco chenille

Can we talk about the fact that everyone had a chenille bedspread in the mid-century?  And how no one I know seemed to hang onto theirs?  And if by chance they did save it, it was eaten by moths, stained or smells like a basement?  Yup.  That’s what I’ve learned in my journey to find the perfect chenille bedspread in tact. 

Full size.  Or Double as they used to say.

But I don’t give up easily. Not when it comes to the perfect vintage accessory.  And I found the Channel of the chenille blankets.  You heard right.

Oh yeah and it is in the guest room.  Which seems to be the only room I have been working on lately and yet the only room we don’t use on the reg. 

I paired the blanket with a variety of vintage linens to complement the navy walls & yellow toned furniture.  

From the ground up…

Remember my chenille rug?  Matches just right.

The peach bedskirt was my Grandmother’s.  It’s fluffy and ruffley eyelet.

Then the charming chenille blanket.

Plus a variety of comfy pillows…

Starting with inviting, simple white shams with an eyelet border.

And vintage green plaid ones from the 70s which match my scarf window treatments.

These cute little throw pillows were handmade for me by a family friend.  I can’t resist the green butterflies!

What do we have over here?  Oh just some antique butter pats that my imaginary guests can use to hold their gems and jewels.

And yes that is an early copy of Wuthering Heights.  And yes it was less than a $1 to boot.

So when are you coming to stay?

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The guest room has been getting lotsa decor love lately. 

First, the sheet music wreath.

Then the spoon wreath last week.

And now a window treatment!

The funny thing is that we don’t spend any time in there.  It reminds me of a living room that no one lives in.  You know the type.  You may have had one growing up or maybe you have your own now.  It’s that room in the house that is the most pristine.  So pristine that no one goes in there.  No one is allowed in there.  I’m afraid that my beloved guest room is turning into the untouchable room.  We need to have some overnight guests stat so we can change that.  Until then I continue to deck the walls in vintage (and spoons). 

Moving right along.  Vintage scarves are my accent du jour.  These aren’t just any old scarves.  They were my grandmother’s.  When I acquired the furniture from her, the silky fabrics were left in a drawer.  I never saw her wear these scarves in my lifetime.  I wonder if they were all even hers or possibly her mother’s.  At any rate, they are most definitely 50 years old or more.  They are quite fragile so I am afraid to wear them.  What if I were to lose one?  Stain one?  Tear one?  Some even have holes already so when working with them, I chose not to wash or steam them.  I didn’t want to wear them out even more. 

After seeing various versions of scarf curtains and valances, I decided that was how I wanted to display some of my silky heirlooms.  I chose complementary colors to the navy walls and contrasting yellowy furniture.  The greens are pretty. 

When it came to hanging the scarves, I simply draped them over the already existing valance hardware. 

(Yes, we still have a 1950’s shade on the window.  Me likey.)

I used 3 large scarves, folded them in half diagonally making a triangle.  When draping them, I made sure the point was down in order to keep the look consistent. 

I’m pretty happy with the results.  So simple and so much better than keeping these textiles hidden away in a drawer.  And I’m hoping those wrinkles will just fall out.  Soon.  Very Soon.

What are some other ways to display vintage scarves?

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be our guest

What a fabulous, long Memorial Day weekend we had! I found myself surrounded by friends, family and perfect summer weather the entire time. There were lots of people in and out of our house and therefore our first official house guests!

They got to stay in our very vintage guest bedroom…

The room is still a work in progress (as they all are). We inherited the navy blue walls from the little boy who used to live in this room. Navy blue is a bold color to go with but it works really well with my Grandmother’s antique bedroom set that I now own. There she is getting ready for her wedding circa 1946 at that very same mirror.

I love the contrast between the ivory furniture and dark walls. I think this works so well because there are 3 large windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight.

Remember the chenille rug? It’s hard to believe I found this gem just a few weeks ago. Here it is in it’s new home at the foot of the bed. I’m still on the hunt for a coordinating chenille bedspread.

I like how this little corner is shaping up. There’s one of the night stands donned with a tarnished compote filled with wooden spools that I estate saled last week. Interesting combo that makes me happy!

See that picture? It is a Philadelphia newspaper print dated 1913. I love the contrast of the newspaper on the navy wall. I got it at an antique mall a couple of years ago in Quakertown, PA with my antique-loving-SIL. It was that day that we decided we needed to rent a trailer and go cross country antiquing. We haven’t booked that trip yet but one of these days…

But my new favorite part of this room is the vintage sheet music wreath.

I made it last week during the 19 inning Phillies game on Wednesday. I could have made atleast 3 of them in that time. Ryan didn’t really understand why one would want to make a wreath of paper. I told him it only cost $3 in materials. Then he saw the end result. Maybe he is a believer of paper wreaths now…

I started with a really great tutorial that I found here. Then I went to the dollar store and got some materials.

I wrapped the wreath in the ivory ribbon. Then I tore all of the sheet music pages out of the book.

Here’s a tip…cut those pages in half horizontally. Your sheet music will go further.

Then I rolled all of the pages and glued the edges. The tutorial throughly outlines this step. I tried different sizes. In other words, I rolled some tight and kept others open wider. I learned that the wider ones make the wreath look fuller. Duh.

Final step is to hot glue the rolled pages to the wreath. I did 2 layers. One glued to the side and one glued to the front to create depth.

There you have it. A wreath of old paper. I love it!

Have a great short week my friends! I expect to see Wilson on Thursday or so when he gets out of bed. He is just so exhausted from our long weekend…

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