more seeds

Remember when I shared my vintage sunflower seed packet reproduction a few weeks ago?

And remember how I mentioned that I wanted to make a pumpkin seed packet sign too?  Well, I finally got around to it last week!  You may have seen a preview of it on facebook if you follow Circa Dee there.

I am always on the hunt for old boards and wood that will make a good canvas.  In this case, I used an antique playpen.  This sucker was heavy for an on-the-go mom!

Some of you may cringe when you realize I disassembled this into 6 pieces.  But this playpen was really not functional or safe in the ‘as is’ state anymore so doesn’t it make more sense to upcycle the wood into something new?

The side rails make the perfect towel display rack (more about that another time).  That leaves the bottom pieces.  There were 2 sets of slatted wood with hinges on the side and a finger hole where you’d close the playpen from.

One of those bottom pieces created the canvas for the large pumpkin seed packet.  I liked the raw wood and left it unpainted in some areas to give a rustic, timeworn autumn feel to this piece.

This is the actual seed packet that was the inspiration for this sign.  I modified the colors and made them a bit abstract in my version.  I used latex and chalk paints – mostly custom mixed colors.  Then clear waxed all of it with some dark wax over the pumpkin.

I particularly like how the slatted wood broke up the image a bit.

I still think the sunflower sign is my favorite though.  Although I do enjoy the rustic feel of the pumpkin sign.  I have another, smaller reclaimed wood board devoted to the autumn vintage seed packet collection.  Any votes on what seed you’d like to see next?  I’m stumped!

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fall round up

Hello!  Hello!  I’m starting to decorate my home for fall and I’m always trying to think of new display ideas.  I thought it would be a good time to post a round up of my fall decor from last year.  Perhaps you will be inspired…Feel free to pin away!

Mini pumpkin tea lights

Stocking covered pumpkin

Wine glass pumpkin risers

Pine cone place card holder

Birdcage shadows

Bowl o’ joy

Sick jack-o-lantern salsa 

Mini mumkin

There you have it.  Which is your favorite?

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happy halloween


I’m still not over the fact that it snowed this weekend.  I know.  I am acting like it was a blizzard of epic proportions but the sheer fact that we got about 4-6 inches in October is debilitating enough.  It’s just weird and doesn’t happen in PA.

So unfortunately our festive costume party that was planned among friends for Saturday night was seriously scaled back.  Only the diehards made it out.  What did they dress up as?  So glad you asked…

Zombies.  Yes, that is Zombie Flo from Progressive.

Ceiling Fan & Window Fan.  Punny.

Sexy Pirate.  Fred Flintstone.  Sexy Baseball Player.

Reversed Religion.  Catholic & Jewish.

Flapper & Karate Sensei.

And the best costume went to…drumroll please…Mother Nature & Father Time.

Ryan, Wilson and I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf.

Doesn’t Wilson make a cute grandmother?

Although it seemed like we should be dancing along to “the weather outside is frightful…”  we managed to play scary music, indulge in apple cider and eat spooky treats…like jack-o-lantern vom.

The snow is beginning to melt here just in time for tonight’s trick-or-treaters!  What is your best Halloween costume?  

Happy Halloween!