part 2: the haul

Did you catch my last post about our romantique Brimfield honeymoon?  It was fate that our wedding was the Saturday before the spring antique market.  Honestly, I didn’t plan it that way.  With such timing, how could we not take the opportunity to honeymoon at the largest antique show in the country?  Don’t worry we also hit Nantucket and other New England sites such as Plymouth.

But let’s talk about what we bought!  These pictures don’t show all of the haul but the majority.  Although we could’ve fit more in the truck, I was trying not to make this a crazy Circa Dee buying trip since that isn’t exactly why we were there.  We had a lot of fun picking out things for our home including a set of andirons for our fireplace that aren’t pictured.  Overall, it was 50/50 in terms of what we bought for us versus what we bought to sell.

Ok I’ll stop talking for a minute so you can feast your eyes…

vintage treasures May (1 of 28)

vintage treasures May (2 of 28)

vintage treasures May (3 of 28)

vintage treasures May (4 of 28)

Have you ever seen a Tom Thumb?  It is a kid’s size typewriter.  I hadn’t seen one before but then ran into a few of them.  It is from the 1950’s and comes with a metal cover.  I love the color.  I am bringing it to Brooklyn Flea Philly this weekend so maybe someone will be just as amazed as I am by the Tom Thumb.

vintage treasures May (5 of 28)

And this Lazy Lake sign…it is most likely a reproduction made maybe 30 years ago but it is still fabulous.  The swim cap, the graphics, the bum in the air!vintage treasures May (9 of 28)

Oh there were so many fun vintage ship wares.  I have a thing for crotchety old ship captain figurines these days, especially the old peg leg one.  And check out the brass plaques used which came from a ship.  I had such a hard time picking out which ones I wanted.  We’ll definitely be hanging the Cert. Private Lavatory plaque in the bathroom.  I haven’t made a decision on the others although they’re all quite punny.

 vintage ship plaques & captains

More nautical swag.  I never pass up a minnow bucket.  Those orange graphics!

vintage treasures May (19 of 28)

Vintage glass fishing buoys are so beautiful.  They tend to vary a little bit in green and blue colors and their shapes are imperfect.  The glass was usually blown right on the ship.  The buoys still float.  Ryan tested it…  We kept one and put a few for sale in West End Garage because they really make an awesome coffee table piece in a beach house.

vintage treasures May (20 of 28)

I found so much humor in this sign.  I wanted to keep and display it but decided it would give customers the wrong idea because yeah, we do take credit.

vintage treasures May (12 of 28)

The credit sign is laying on a vintage apple press.  At least part of the apple press.  The wood has the most beautiful patina to it most likely from the acid of the apples.  I love the age of the wood so we’re planning to create something with the press piece.  Stay tuned on that front.

vintage treasures May (13 of 28)

This little birdhouse was also made by the nice couple that we met that shares our anniversary.  They were selling these birdhouses like hotcakes so we had to grab one for ourselves!

vintage treasures May (14 of 28)

We selected a neon letter R to represent our last name.  You can also see there that we found lots of mason jars.

vintage treasures May (21 of 28)

And crates.  I chose ones with graphics that I liked.  I especially liked the Buckeye crate for all of my friends with Ohio roots.  vintage treasures May (25 of 28)

We scored a few pieces of small furniture that I’ve already put in my space at West End Garage.  It was pretty bare there when we got back so I was happy to add this white Empire chest.  It is also perfect for a beach cottage.  I was drawn to it for its crackle finish.

vintage empire chest

So what were our favorite finds you ask?

Ryan’s was definitely this carved wooden eagle.  The day we found it he mentioned something about wanting a “totem pole”.  And then he spotted this.  And suddenly totem pole type things were everywhere.  I’m so glad he selected the eagle though because some were not nearly as awesome.vintage carved eagle

I’ve always wanted to find a leather doctor’s bag.  Then I came across one with my initials on it!  The guy practically gave it away when he heard they were my initials.  I didn’t mention that they’ll be changing any day now as soon as I get around to completing the paperwork.

vintage doctor bag

So what is your favorite find from our Brimfiled stash?

romantique honeymoon

Seriously, I have the best husband ever.  Not only did he agree to spend a good portion of our honeymoon antiquing our way through Brimfield but he actually loved it as much as I did!

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (24 of 27)

I had to laugh the first day when we parked at 9 am and the guy told us the lot closed at 7 pm.  Yes, I actually laughed because I thought we’d never spend that long at the market.  Well, here we are returning to our truck at 6 pm.  The last vehicle in our area.  Yup, we spent about 9 hours shopping that day!  My kind of romance.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (16 of 27)

Let me just tell you, this trip was everything I’ve always dreamed of.  Ok, I guess I imagined a honeymoon in a Tuscan villa at some point in my life but in reality Brimfield was better.  Way better.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (22 of 27)

How you ask?  Loads and loads of vintage, antiques, junk and just down right cool people hauling tons of old junk.

Brimfield transportation

We had zero agenda and that was the best plan we could’ve made.  Everyone we met led us to a great restaurant, park or shop.  A dealer named Tracy from Fresh Vintage Mercantile gave us her dinner reservation that she couldn’t attend at a fabulous (and booked) sushi restaurant in town which we were clueless about.  We also got this great sign from her that I posted on facebook last week.

save the world buy vintage

We met dealers, Sherry and Paul, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the same day we got married.  They even gave us a little vintage gift!  We purchased these handmade grapevine trellises from them.  That’s Sherry and me…and a random photo bomber.

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (25 of 27)

As we pulled into town the first day, I was basically hyperventilating, shrieking “Stop the car! Stop the car!” when I saw all of the goodness that Brimfield had to offer.

Brimfield Collage

And the food…omigoodness the food is pure fair food heaven.  Actually, there’s nothing pure about it.  All junk.

Brimfield food

I could keep going with the stories but I’m sure you’d rather see the eye candy!

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (26 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (8 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (5 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (4 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (2 of 27) Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (3 of 27)

Brimfield Antique Market 2013 (23 of 27)

Some couples spend their honeymoon in an all inclusive tropical island.  Not us.

Brimfield Honeymoon

tell me everything you know

About Brimfield.

Friends, May is on the horizon.  And it’s going to be phenomenal!

For one, we’re getting hitched.  I will have tons of details and pics to share here on the blog afterwards.  Can’t wait!

And speaking of after the wedding…you may have guessed we’re taking a honeymoon.  And our honeymoon week just happens to fall on Brimfield week.  Honestly, I didn’t plan that although one of my dreams has been to visit Brimfield and take it all in.  The antique wheelin’ and dealin’ mecca of the universe!  What better way to spend a romantic week as husband and wife?  Our first romantic week as husband and wife for that matter.

junk sign

Ok. Ok. We’re not spending the entire week in Brimfield.  I haven’t completely lost my mind.  It is a pit stop on the way to our real honeymoon in remote Nantucket.  A location that we both have always wanted to visit.  We can’t wait!


So tell me what you know about both Brimfield and Nantucket.


What are must sees and dos in Nantucket?  We’re planning on lots of bike rides around town in matching cable-knit sweaters casually draped over our shoulders with fresh baguettes resting in our woven bicycle baskets.  Yes, seriously.

Beach Cruiser

And some fishing.

For Brimfield, we’ll be arriving in the beginning of the week so I’m hoping to watch the magic unfold while avoiding the late week traffic.  What fields are musts?  What are some local eateries that we should hit up?  Tell me everything you seasoned Brimfieldians!

pile of vintage

And yes we’re bringing a truck to stock up.  And perhaps His & Hers flea market carts.  Pure romance.