an empire table

We had a great group turnout for the milk paint demonstration on Sunday. They left me inspired and ready to tackle some of my own projects!  As a result, I painted the day away yesterday using the new European colors.  Everything is “in progress” so today I’m sharing a December project that I’ve yet to post.

This table was nearly a goner.  The veneer on the base was chipped and needed some repair albeit not perfect.  We needed new molding around the column to secure it too.  It just needed TLC to inject some life into it again.

lucketts green empire table-5608

Empire style furniture dates back to the 1800’s.  Often pieces are identified by that round, circular-like foot.  I have seen dressers like this but this was the first table so I snatched it up.  Those curved feet were what attracted me to it in the first place.

lucketts green empire table-5612

The wood was very worn and raw – a perfect match for milk paint without any bonding agent.  I applied 2 coats of Lucketts Green followed by furniture wax with a little bit of antiquing wax to add depth to the color.  This table has so many possibilities for its next life.  A dining spot in a small kitchen.  An entry table in a large foyer.  You name it.  It is for sale at The West End Garage.

lucketts green empire table-5613

And these arrows.  I can’t get enough of them.  The colors are so bright and cheerful.  I’ll tell you, I become a real hoarder this time of year.  Constantly editing and re-editing vignettes at home.  It might be time to thin out this collection though.

lucketts green empire table-5616

window turned sign hooks

I never shared this super fun and easy DIY tutorial with you here on the blog.  I know, seriously, how could I keep this from you??

There are a ton of fabulous ideas out there about how to decorate your home with old windows.  And I have a stash of windows just waiting to be DIY-ified.  I’d like to add yet another idea to the mix that encompasses both acrylic and milk paints.

repurposed window  song lyric

This is a three part project yet you can easily adapt any of the parts to suit your own style.

I came into this cute little square window.  I love the size and shape but not necessarily the lack of character that the newer finish evokes.  It is from an Ikea cabinet.  It is simply preference but I prefer the aged look of an old chippy window as opposed to the more modern Ikea style.  I’m sure that is not surprising.  But this window was a great candidate for antiquing and aging.

repurposed window  song lyric DIY

But before we get into aging the window frame, let’s talk about dressing up the glass pane.  This is a fairly simple project that you can do at home!

repurposed window  song lyric DIY

1. First select your favorite quote or song lyric.  I chose to use the catchy lyric from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros popular song Home.  Type it, choose your layout and preferred font.  Once you’re satisfied, print it out and tape it to the underside of the window so you can read it through the glass.

repurposed window  song lyric

The next step requires some patience and a steady hand.  I promise that this is the most tedious part of the entire project.  And the most satisfying!  Take a fine paintbrush and simply trace over the letters printed beneath.  Do this until the entire lyric is painted on the window.

repurposed window  song lyric DIY

An alternative to painting the words is to use a paint marker.  You may find that you have more control over that rather than a paintbrush on glass.

repurposed window  song lyric DIY

Once your lyric is dry, you have a totally custom piece of art for your home from a discarded window!

2. You can take it a step further and age a newer window frame like I did here.  I started by removing all of the old window hardware.  Then simply apply milk paint.  I used one of my favorites – Lucketts green.

repurposed window  song lyric lucketts green

The milk paint did what it is known for and chipped off in a few areas giving an authentically aged look.  I added an antiquing wax topcoat to add to the aged charm.  This technique made a newer window look truly vintage without leaving any questionable lead paint chips behind.

repurposed window  song lyric lucketts green

And finally, I chose to remove the original knob from the center and move it over.  Plus, I added two additional mismatched old knobs to the group.

lucketts green window

Together the three knobs create little hooks.  Now the discarded window isn’t just a custom piece of art but it is also functional creating a place to hang your keys, jacket or dog’s leash.

repurposed window  song lyric DIY

What quote would you paint on an old window for display in your home?