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I couldn’t be happier about the arrival of Spring. Afterall, it means the arrival of all of the really, really ridiculously good junking. I am totally in my element when uncovering long forgotten vintage goodies in the back of someone’s barn like on Saturday when I scored all of this and some…

Remember what I said last week about only making strategic purchases and buying less blah blah?  Well, forget it!  I was just kidding but thank god I cleaned out the garage to make room for everyone else’s junk.  Woo hoo!

And by the way, I don’t know if I could have timed it better but my long-awaited copy of I Brake for Yard Sales: and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster is supposed to drop today in my mailbox!  The book is authored by Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer who  shares her secrets for bargain hunting, restoring, and decorating.  Sounds like my kind of girl.  She knows a thing or two from her work on Antiques Roadshow.  I can’t wait to read it! 

Let’s review the weekend loot, shall we?  I’ve been on a trunk/foot locker kick lately.  Remember my World War II one?  I’m still obsessed with it.   This one is smaller than most because it is a boy scout locker.  It would be the perfect addition in a little boy’s room at the foot of his bed filled with toys or blankets. 

Next up are a few pieces of luggage…one fab and one not so fab but I went for it anyway.  Irresistible.  Yes, I am describing luggage as irresistible.  It is vintage.

I may regret this one later because it is not leather but something about the CLUB sticker was appealing at the time.

Scale love in a perfectly rusty green.

I hit all of the main food groups in the junking pyramid…luggage, scales and fans!

I always love a few good half aprons.

Never have I ever picked up an old whisk broom but there’s a first time for everything. I kind of like him.  I think I’ll keep him.

Amongst all of this junk, I was surprised to find a perfect mid-century clutch unharmed. As much as I love it, I posted it on etsy already if you’re interested.

Did you find any good vintage this weekend?

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treasure hunt

I went to no where short of one dozen yard and estate sales on Saturday morning. That is not including the multiple drive by sales. Those are the sales with the standard kid crap that does not warrant me getting out of the car. You could call me committed. I hit those 12 sales in about 2 and a half hours. For the number of sales shopped, I probably should have turned up more treasures but the good finds have been slim lately.

One of the first sales yielded lovely Roseville pottery and depression glass. I was excited to find them until I found the prices. This lady was selling them for full blown antique shop retail prices…on her front lawn. Ho-hum. I left there with a couple of old issues of Domino mag for 10 cents each. My first purchase of the day. I loved that design magazine. Why oh why did they stop publishing it?

Then I was on my way to what was advertised as a neighborhood sale in a retirement community. Ooh! Generally old people = old good stuff. I should have factored in the obvious. They’ve already downsized to move to the not-so-quaint retirement community. They must’ve sold their good stuff years ago. This sale seriously had used bed pans and walkers. Eww. I was out of there long before I could hit the bake sale they were pushing.

Fortunately, on the way to the old person village I literally took a wrong turn. And landed in an enchanted sea of sales that weren’t even on my planned route! Bonus. That’s where I got most of my finds…

This charming luggage set. It’s amazing how little they had to pack in the 1950s yet how chic the people were.

Even the interior of the suitcase is fab. They’re lined with jade colored satin.

Almost everything came in pairs. Two satin, vintage hangers. Two old advertising rulers to match my office.

An adorable tea towel. Never used. Tags still on. “Be My Helper. Be My Love.” Um, ok.

But the pick of the day was one of my last stops.

A set of 4 chippy blue and white chairs.

When I bought them, I thought I’d sand them down and paint them to coordinate with a dining table that I plan to re-do this summer. Then I got them home and realized that they match our kitchen in their current shabby state. What to do? Sand them for the dining room or leave them as-is for the kitchen?

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