the bubble gum table

Ryan put together a fantastic one-of-a-kind table last week.  He topped the base of a former bubble gum machine with a live edge cross-cut of a tree.  It makes the perfect petite side table.  Check out the original fire engine red paint on the cast iron base.  We’ll be bringing this one into the shop soon!
upcycled bubble gum machine table-6785


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dad’s day

Today’s featured vintage is in honor of my dad, the original hoarder junker. I actually surfaced all of the goods below on my dad’s birthday with him in mind. Well, most of it anyway.

I tend to pass by chalkboards on my vintage excursions because I forget that they are actually vintage. It still amazes me that kids these days use white boards and laptops in the classroom. What happened to projectors and chalk? Don’t get me started on the chalk allergies kids have now. They need to be responsible for clapping the erasers like we did.

I digress…

Dad grew up with chalkboards. And so did I.

I picked up this Boy Scout canteen and wasn’t sold at first because it looks like the original aluminum cap has been replaced with a plastic one. Dad agreed.

Then I remembered a dream I had just nights before. I dreamt that I had a whole stash of vintage Boy Scout paraphenalia and it was all the rage! The dream alone is why I bought it. And the fact that dear ol’ dad was a Boy Scout.

And then I saw the gem of the day! An awesome mid century Stanley Thermos that I had to have.

With the original cork stopper.

Annnnd, drumroll please…it is lined with cobalt blue glass. Love!

And last but not least is a weird sign originally sold on the Jersey shore boardwalk circa 1970. It just seems like something my dad would have hanging in his office…since 1970.

The aqua enamelware pot and tins really have nothing to do with Dad. I just liked them.

Happy Father’s Day! What mantiques did you get the dads in your life?

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