Oh my goodness, I have been running non-stop this fall.  We were out and about at various local antiques events every single weekend including our own monthly sales.  In fact, a dealer we met at one event likened it to being a carnie.  It is so funny because it is true.  I think I’ve become an antiquing carnie this season.  And for some crazy reason, I love it.  Yes, I’d give up a stable corporate desk job for this gig.  Call me crazy.

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And wouldn’t you know that I have this weekend off but we’re having a party at our house?  A circus themed party none-the-less!  I kid you not.  Funny thing is that the theme was decided months ago before my carnie status set in.  Oh the irony.

Because my life has been a circus lately, why not embrace it and invite all of my friends and family to join as the sideshow for a day?  I’ll let you know how that theme plays out.  Missing Halloween this year (due to the storm) definitely has us in the costume party spirit.  Actually, Ryan and I (Wilson too) are always down for a costume party.

While gearing up for the circus party, I’m also preparing for the holiday season this week.  It seemed to come on strong and early this year.  Shops are decked out for the season and having holiday open houses already.  Our shop’s holiday season officially starts on November 17th when we re-open.  In fact, we’ve added lots of hours and we’ll be in the shop until just before Christmas with vintage and upcycled gifts, tons of holiday decor like wreaths, handmade stockings, ornaments and more.  Plus there will be milk paint gift baskets for the DIYer in your life.  Be sure to pop in over the holidays.

As for fall, we had a great season.  We closed it out yesterday at a chilly Clover Market. Regardless of the burr factor, my mom and I had a great time again.  Clover has such a wonderful community of vendors and shoppers.  Seriously is every city this small business friendly?  We’ve got some of the best artists and dealers around here along with some seriously savvy shoppers.  It amazes me how supportive all of the vendors are of one another too.  I love it!

I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s support in our efforts to raise money for MS research one Mason Jar Soap Dispenser at a time.  We nearly sold out of them again.  I say “nearly” because I’ve gotten better at forecasting how many to bring.  Thank you so very much!

Let me leave you with an image of what I believe is a unique treasure that the ‘rents and I found while scouring what seemed like the entire Eastern seaboard on Saturday.  Yes, you better believe I scooped up a 2 gallon Ball jar drink dispenser!  You know how obsessed we are with mason jars around here.  How could I not?  This will be filled and proudly displayed at our circus party this weekend.

mason jar soap dispensers for MS

I’m writing today with content that is different than my usual vintage treasure or DIY project.  I want to tell you a little bit more about us and a cause that we want to get behind.  In fact, it really is a DIY project after all.  A DIY fundraiser…

In September Ryan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It has only been a few weeks since we received confirmation that he has this autoimmune disease that is attacking his central nervous system however he has been suffering from symptoms for several months if not years.

Although this is not the diagnosis we wished to receive, we are happy to be able to develop a treatment plan that works to keep Ryan’s symptoms in remission.  We’re remaining positive and adjusting our lifestyle as needed.  That includes walking, cycling, ballet & yoga.  Yes, ballet and yoga.  You should seem him in yoga pants!  Kidding but he has mastered first and second position in ballet.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that Ryan is an instrumental part of Circa Dee.  While vintage, styling & repurposing are my passions, Ryan has been a driving force in the projects that I come up with.  He has lent his carpentry skills and knowledge in many projects.  Ok probably all of them.

And that’s not going to change.

You may be familiar with our popular mason jar soap dispensers.  They have been a great seller since we introduced them earlier this year.  It all began after Ryan made just one for our home.  Next thing you know we sold them like hot cakes.

I continue to source the vintage canning jars.  I particularly love the very old ones with imperfections in the glass like air bubbles.  We tested several style pumps this summer and settled on an industrial style one that is compatible with hand lotion, hand soap and dish soap.

Ryan has consistently made every soap dispenser lid even while experiencing numbness in his hand.  Throughout the summer we did not know the cause of the tingling sensation.  Now we have a diagnosis for it although there is no cure, only the hope that the symptoms stay in remission with the right treatment.  Ryan has found that making the soap dispensers is therapeutic for him because it helps to strengthen his motor skills.

Moving forward we’d like to make a $1 donation to MS research for every mason jar soap dispenser we sell. 

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers for MS.  We’ve set up a DIY fundraiser with our local chapter of the MS Society where the donations will be deposited monthly in Ryan’s name.  We’ve already made a deposit for September’s sales!

Currently the soap dispensers are available at our Brick & Mortar shop, Etsy, West End Garage, Phantastic Phinds and any popups you can find Circa Dee at around the Philly area like Clover Market.

Research for this disease is near and dear to us for the obvious reason of finding a cure but also because Ryan is a Scientist by trade.  Yup, he’s not all blue eyes and brawn around here.  He’s a smarty pants too.  Ryan has a PhD in Immunology & Microbiology.  In his post-doc, he conducted stem cell research which is also a current therapy for MS.

We’ll certainly be looking for other ways to get involved in finding a cure for MS and raising funds to do so.  You can expect to see us on the MS City to Shore bike ride next fall and maybe at a Zumbathon (in yoga pants), who knows!  Let me know if you’d like to join our team for the bike ride.

Thanks for listening!

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original art

Hello! Hello! There is a new addition front and center in our dining room. I couldn’t be more smitten with it!

That’s right.  It is an amateur watercolor by my main squeeze, Ryan.  He created this little gem in fourth grade!

Perfection.  It is seriously vintage at about 25 years old.

It’s like fourth grade Ryan predicted the future and knew how totally perfect his original art would be in his grown up home.  After all we are obsessed with mason jars around here.  We’ve got the mason soap dispenser and tea towel in the kitchen.

We also made the Ball pendant light recently.

I’m thinking Ryan’s art will make a cameo at our wedding because we will certainly have Ball jars full of wildflowers just like his picture foreshadowed.  Wouldn’t this art be darling next to a guest book?

Oh the wedding!  We actually have no updates in that department.  Other than the fact that you can expect to see Ball jars.  We have not set a date or picked a venue.  We’ve been super busy with the shop and all.  Thanks for asking though!

Back to our adorable family heirloom…When we paint the dining room sage, I will change the frame to a dark wood.

See moms you really should save all of your children’s artwork!  Their future spouse might just love it as much as you do today.  I’m so glad Ryan’s mom passed this one on to us!  Priceless.