Happy Halloween everybody! It sure looks spooky around these parts thanks to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy – dubbed Frankenstorm here in the northeast.  On Monday, I posted a bit panicked about how our favorite coastal town of Cape May, New Jersey would fair.  Well, I am here to report that Cape May won the battle with Sandy.  Hooray!

Unfortunately our neighbors to the north did not make out as well as Cape May.  My heart goes out to all of those folks just up the coast.

Ironically our home town to the west in Pennsylvania seemed to be more battered than Cape May as well.  We lost power in PA on Monday evening and as of writing this have not had it restored just yet.  Our town is full of beautiful, mature trees – one of the draws of the neighborhood.  However, not all of the trees withstood the wind gusts.  Some toppled over on our power lines.  We were nervous for the large trees surrounding our house but they all stood strong.

After about 36 hours without electric and heat we decided to venture back east to Cape May.  That is when we learned that ironically the coastal town was in better shape than our Montgomery county town.

And that we had internet.  Hooray again!

It is amazing what lack of electricity can do.  I forgot what day it was, never knew the time and flicked the light switch on a ridiculous amount of times out of habit.  Living in the dark is not fun.  Oh and neither is wearing 2 pairs of pants to sleep.  

Anyway, back to the positive news around Cape May…

Boarded up beach houses suffered minimal damage

For the most part, sand dunes did their job as barrier

Only a few roads were sand covered

Everyone’s favorite Cape May landmark, Congress Hall, overlooks the sea

Sandy makes a grand exit leaving town with a show of clouds

A little bit spooky for Halloween

A flock of beautiful cranes bathed in the storm’s remnants

Again, I can’t stress how fortunate we are.  We have some flooding around the house.  Ok, our front yard is a pond but nothing we can’t manage compared to what others are experiencing.

I hope you are your family are safe, dry and warm this Halloween.

field trip

I’m on my quest to soak up the last unofficial week of summer without rushing fall in like I normally do this time of year.  So today I took a break an enjoyed a stroll through a local U-pick zinnia farm in my area.  It was heavenly.  An absolutely gorgeous day for such a walk.  I could have stayed in those fields for hours.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other field of zinnias of course!

After my walk, I visited the farm’s market which was stocked full of colorful locally grown produce.   Farm markets are always so inspiring to me for their rustic, simple style, the textures and all of the colors of course.  And just the overall quantities of produce.

And then it happened. Sitting right there in the middle of my blissful late summer moment was a sure sign of fall!  I can’t deny that it is right around the corner with a pumpkin that orange staring at me.  Bring on fall!




make a day of it

Hey there!  I’m back with more details about this weekend’s sale.  I’ve been working diligently to get everything ready to go for our beach themed sale.  I hope you’ll stop by.  Here’s an itty bitty preview of what’s in store…

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must visit our new neighbor.  The Frock Shoppe will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend!  The Frock Shoppe is a new and resale boutique, with a mission of supporting our community through buying and selling top quality pre-loved, and new clothing and accessories.  All proceeds from the Grand Opening will be used to help local families with school supplies via their charity The Nottage Project!  I absolutely love their cause…and their taste.  This boutique is sure to impress!

Must.  See.  This weekend.

Since you’ll be visiting all of the great businesses at 1814 Valley Forge Road, Worcester, PA, I thought I’d give you some of my other faves just minutes away!  Yes, this list is for you, my city dwelling friends.  Come out to the country for the day – we’re just 30 miles from Philly.

Zacharias Creek Side Cafe – Just around the corner from us is this adorable and tasty cafe with outdoor seating.  Have lunch at the BYO and don’t skip dessert!  It’s that good.

Merrymead Farm – Meet the new calf who is just too cute and visit the piggies too.  But before you leave, sample the ice cream (who cares if you already had dessert) and get some farm fresh produce & milk.

Skippack Village – Spend the rest of the day strolling this historic neighborhood that is dotted with wonderful boutiques and antique shops.

Body Serene – Wrap up with a mani/pedi at this relaxing day spa.

Evansburg State Park – Oh, you want less shopping and more walking?  Definitely go for a hike in Evansburg.  Bring your fishing rod too.

Center Point Pond – Or you could always fish the stocked pond right in our backyard at 1814.

That brings us full circle  around the neighborhood.  I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous day.  We look forward to seeing you!

my phinds

Hola!  I had a looong weekend celebrating the marriage of two of our close friends.  The bash was held at a gorgeous 19th century mansion that offered lots of old world charm.  I have a ton of pictures to review and then I will share a full recap on the wedding and how it was styled.  Stay tuned!

But today my friends, I’ve got some vintage eye candy.  Just a bit since I obviously was pre-occupied this weekend.  Last week I stopped in a local consignment shop that I have just been dying to get to.  A couple of weeks ago my blogging buddy Holly documented her trip to Phantastic Phinds and I knew I needed to get there stat.  I soon found out that the shop’s owner reads my blog so I was certainly destined to go.  (Hi Angela!)  No more delays.  I made it.  And it was totally worth it.

First let me tell you that the shop is so neatly curated chock full of vintage goodies from furniture to accessories.  I tend to expect consignment shops to be a mixed bag of housewares from different eras but Angela really does a- well a phantastic job selecting what she brings into the shop.  Only the best stuff is for sale.

Since putting the Christmas decorations away, I feel like our built in shelves are kind of bare so I picked up a few accessories to add to the vintage camera collection already on display.  My favorite find being this awesome glass flask.

It gets even better. There is a second screw top cap inside.

I also picked up a vintage yarn holder. I am no knitter so I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a yarn holder. It is like a delightful little metal cage that adds some depth to the shelf.

We’ve been discussing lighting for the area around the built ins in the living room. At the last-minute I added a desk lamp to my loot. The price was right so I figured I’d give it a shot. Unfortunately, I don’t think it fits the space mostly because it is too big so the hunt continues for lighting. We’ve got a plan B. As for the lamp’s future, I’m certain I will find another use for it…perhaps at my sewing desk (whenever I start sewing).

Sooo the bookshelves still need some tweaking but I think we’re onto something with the vintage camera collection, family photos, old books and our newest vintage accessories.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I also had a great time meeting and shopping with another reader, Jennie from Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. She is a local floral extradonairre bringing the Philly area it’s first flower CSA. How cool is that?

A lot of shout outs today, huh?

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Let me tell you guys up front that I really think the lack of picking this past weekend has put me into a funk…a junk funk.  Yesterday’s post displayed that and I still haven’t recovered.  So consider yourself warned.  This one is a rambler…

I had planned to feature our Christmas cards today.  That got me thinking about cards in general.  We’ve received a few handmade ones this year.  Either I’ve got some pretty creative friends or the handmade movement has really infiltrated individual households.  Either way I like it and so does Ryan Gosling.  (Seriously click there.  It is funny.)  It reminds me of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards in grade school.  They were handmade or maybe just your favorite cartoon character.  Perhaps you gave them to just the girls.  Or maybe you gave one to everyone.  Did you sign “your friend” or “love”?  Scandalous if you signed “love” in 4th grade.

Anyway, we were talking about Christmas cards weren’t we?  Here are some of the lovelies that arrived in our mailbox so far from my creative friends.  And yes, they signed “love”.  Don’t be jealous.

Keeping with our overall Christmas decor this year, our cards were red and made of vintage sheet music.  Very simple since I made like a zillion of them.  If you want to see some of my more complex work, check out the invitations.

The inside sentiment followed the musical theme of the card with a Christmas song lyric.

Talking about grade school also reminds me of the library.  Today I got my first library card since about 6th grade.  I went to the library during college but I can’t remember ever actually checking out a book. 

The experience was much different today.  No card catalogs of course since we all know this is an antique concept these days.  In fact I was thrilled to pick up a beautiful oak one not too long ago. 

But still, I was a little sad to see that they’re really not there anymore.  Instead there was a friendly computer where I typed my book title into the search box and, just like google does, it brought back results in seconds.  Nice but not the same as the Dewey Decimal System cataloged in rows and rows of tangible cards filed away right in front of you. 

The librarian scanned the bar code on my book like I was in the grocery store check out.  The laser and beep were both exhilarating and ultra depressing.  It was so easy and it even printed out a tidy receipt with the due date.  I was really, really hoping there would be a little card tucked in a pocket in the front of the book with the due date.  She could just stamp the card with the rotating date stamp that never lined up quite right and left ink smudges.  No such luck today.  That old card also told you a little history about the book like how 12 other people took it home before you.  Eww.  Or how no one checked the book out in like a decade because it wasn’t popular.  I always liked to check out the unpopular books.  Poor things.

On the upside, a few things haven’t changed a bit.  First, the musty book smell that I pretty much love still remains.  You know what I am talking about.  The librarians are exactly how I remember them too.  Elderly women with orthopaedic shoes and chains to hold their eyeglasses around their neck who converse at a high decibel although it is the library where you are supposed to whisper.  But the most stunning revelation that I made was the fact that overdue book fees have not been inflated.  I was sure that in nearly 20 years the fee would have definitely increased.  Nope.  Just 20 cents per book per day.  I can certainly swing that.  Not that I plan on being late returning books.  Why haven’t I been going to the library all these years?  I’m smitten with it! 

So tell me…do you have a library card?  Do you hand make your holiday cards?  Did you sign love on your elementary school Valentine cards?  Geez, I’m nosey today.

And a word from our sponsor…Wilson.

i <3 thrifting

Have you all heard what today is? It is officially “I ❤ Thrifting" day all around the country. Mr. Goodwill Hunting started this up and it has gone viral in the blog world. Groups of people are getting together in participant cities to thrift together. And wear matching shirts. Pretty amazing to think that one thrift happy guy put this all together. Even HGTV has caught wind of it and is hosting the Knoxville event. If you are local to Philadlphia, like me, you can find details for the Philly event here.

Don’t tell anyone but I think I may skip the thrift stores today and hit some flea markets. It is kind of safe to assume that the fleas will be empty if everyone’s at the thrifts. Does that make me a party pooper? I should have my pick of the gems if my plan goes well. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, happy thrifting!


How long is forever?

‘Til the end of time this piece of land is permanently preserved. I just love seeing that sign.

No shopping centers.

No developments.

No highways, bi-ways or thru-ways.

Just wide open space.

That’s me looking like a girl who doesn’t get out much. Cut me some slack. I just moved here from the city. I’m not used to having this country setting around the corner from my house.

Can’t you just smell the fresh air?

Are you planning to frolic in any meadows this weekend?


Hello there! We just moved to a quaint neighborhood outside of Philadelphia. I left the city life to set up home in a historic area which boasts tons of old world charm. Just take a look at these houses circa 1850.

John Oates of the famous Hall & Oates actually grew up here. Well not necessarily right here. But in this town.

We live on a sycamore-lined street. I just love these old, stately guys.

Here’s our vintage cottage-like house that we’re slowly transforming into our cozy home.

Stay tuned for the progress and vintage inspired projects!