reclaimed industrial bedroom

In just 3.5 days we took our space at the Philadelphia Convention Center from this


to this…

Reclaimed Industrial Bedroom

Reclaimed Industrial Bedroom

The display includes a vintage blueprint wall installation, a headboard upholstered with a vintage tablecloth and a garden trellis turned mirror.  Every feature in the room, excluding some of the textiles, is vintage or repurposed…and DIYed with love.

More about the industrial drapes can be read here and more about the upholstered headboard can be read here.

Home Show - Upholstered Headboard

vintage blueprint wall installation

More about the garden trellis mirror can be read here.

Home Show - Milk painted dresser

More about the club chair can be read here.

Home Show - minnow bucket light

Home Show - Repurposed Frames & Vintage Vanity


Home Show - Garden Trellis Mirror

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before they were upcycled

So what do these things have in common?

a garden trellis

garden trellis

tree stump

tree stump



leather belt

leather belt

a tablecloth

1970s polyester tablecloth

old drawers


and this nastiness

club chair before

Any idea?  I can tell you that they all play a part in the room I am designing at the Philadelphia Home Show.  This is just a sample of what will be upcycled and transformed to create a reclaimed bedroom. I can’t wait to share the final results and walk you through the transformations.

I will be installing the room later this week.  Follow me on instagram for sneak peeks!

Would you like to visit the Home Show for free?  View Circa Dee and The Painted Home‘s showrooms plus visit our shared craft room where we’ll being painting and upcycling on the fly.  And you’ll be able to finally see the differences between milk paint and chalk paint in person!  Plus, there are 100s of home exhibitors, speakers and special guests attending the show.

Philadelphia Home Show

 Just leave a comment to win a pair of tickets!  I will draw 2 winners on Wednesday who will each receive a pair of tickets to attend the Philly Home Show on any day of their choice from February 2nd through 10th.

roses for your sweetheart

Hi guys. Happy Friday!

I’ve been busily preparing for the Philly Home Show up. in. here. Have I mentioned that little event lately?  Not this week.  No?  I’m putting together a bedroom full of reclaimed industrial style.  I can’t wait to share it with you all in less than 2 weeks!  Woo hoo.  Expect lots of repurposed charm and tons of vintage goodies.  There will definitely be sneak peeks on instagram while I am setting up next week.  So tune in!

In the meantime, I am running a bit of a re-run post today.  Don’t hate me.  I promise you won’t remember it.  It’s an easy-peasy 3 step craft for the ol’ V-day.  Or any day really.

Felt Heart Roses!  Hooray!

So you just need felt, scissors, glue and sticks.


DIY valentine roses

Done!  Told you it was easy.

So if you like doing crafts and you’re local, you should definitely come visit our Craft Room at the Home Show (Feb 2-10).  Denise, from The Painted Home, and I will be freestylin’ in the craft room.  We’ll be upcycling, repurposing, painting, you name it.  I will be doing mini milk paint demos as well!  So if you’ve been curious about Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint, now is your chance to see it live in person.  I might even have some available to purchase if that is of interest.  Would you like that?

how to measure and mix milkpaint

I know.  The fun never stops.