livin’ the dream

I can remember a vision I had as a teenager.  It was a cool fall day on the beach.  My pants were rolled up a few cuffs.  (I think they were actually khakis in my vision – it was the 90’s when I dreamt this.)  Anyway, rolled pant legs, walking the beach with my future husband who then remained a mystery man.  There was actually a pier in this vision as well.  We were walking hand in hand down the beach allowing the surf to crash on our bare feet.  I just knew this vision was in my future and I never seemed to forget it.

Do I sound crazy yet?

Before you lock me up, I just want to say that dreams can very much become a reality.  Intuition maybe?  The mystery man and life I seemed to imagine have come true.

Ryan and I have finally set a date.  We’ll be getting married 7 months from today in none other than our favorite place – Cape May, NJ.  After laboring over a venue, we seemed to easily select the one.

It was such a ‘duh’ moment for us when we discovered we could host our big day at the Ferry Terminal.  It is perfect and just so us.  We bike there all of the time and watch the ships come and go.  It is a big open space by the sea.  Casual.  A little out of the box.  Just one mile from home and right down the beach from where we got engaged.  It is pet friendly so you better believe Wilson will be there.  Yes, we’re those people who will have their dog at, no wait, in their wedding.

Now hosting this kind of wedding is sure to be a ton of work.  We’ll transform that blank canvas of an open field by the sea into a completely memorable party al fresco next spring.  I’m up for the challenge and can’t imagine not styling our own wedding event.  You’d better believe that it will be chock full of vintage, rustic details.  Many of which I’ve already started working out in my head.

I’ll be sure to share details of fun vintage, repurposed and DIY projects here.

Goodness, only 7 months to go.  If you’ll excuse me, I have a dress to shop for…

P.S. Does anyone have a lead on a vintage aqua pick up truck that I could rent for the day?  Yes, I’m serious.  I even pinned it.