vinyl + chrome = love

We’re just barely back from our honeymoon.  Still organizing life and most importantly all of our Brimfield finds!  However I couldn’t leave you hanging without a little dose of Circa Dee.

I’ve got a before & after for you from the archives.  I can’t hardly believe that I’ve never properly shared this project with you.  It is definitely one of my favorites around here.  In fact, there has been a debate on whether or not we should keep it for ourselves.  We don’t actually need this adorable retro dinette table & chairs however it fits in perfectly at the beach.  And we happen to have an open space for it.  Hmmm…

updated retro dinette  (2 of 23)

Of course I didn’t take a proper before shot. More like an in progress shot after we started taking the chairs apart.  As you can see they were covered in the original vinyl which was in bad shape.  And then there was newer vinyl (not pictured) haphazardly tacked on over the original.



Off it all came!  The chairs got updated with my modern spin on the original vinyl – bright aqua marine grade vinyl.  So fun!

updated retro dinette  (18 of 23)

Don’t you just want to sit down?

updated retro dinette  (10 of 23)

Now for the table… I love the original table.  Nice and solid.  What you can’t really see are all of the dings, filth and general wear & tear.  So ultimately we stripped it with the intent to stain the original wood with a more modern dark color.


But at the end of the day we settled on a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite.  I think it adds another modern punch that coordinates with the bright chairs very well.  I topped it off with a couple of cots of furniture wax.  It has a nice smooth finish.

updated retro dinette  (12 of 23)

And check out all of those legs!  We cleaned and shined up all of that chrome which really gives off the retro vibe.  All of that gorgeous chrome is the feature that is saving the table from staying in our home.  We have all brass accents so the chrome has to go!  Too bad for us but maybe good for you?

updated retro dinette  (8 of 23)

Wouldn’t you like to have a glass of wine at this table?

updated retro dinette  (20 of 23)

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I love staycations!  I spent the last 3 days shopping, antiquing, junking, painting, crafting & gardening.  The exterior of our house is full on Christmas now while the inside is still celebrating Thanksgiving.  I also managed to find some Christmas gifts.  Geez, I’m exhausted come to think of it! 

Now onto the treasures…

I made it to several estate sales, an antique mall, junk shop, a flea market and an auction.  So here are the highlights.  I will spare you the shiny brites (there were many) and glass bottles (only a few).

A coveted petite aqua fan…

A pile of crusty, rusty funnels and a hose head – all with great patina and even a few graphics! I have a future project lined up for these.

A little old US postal scale.

Two sets of old hooks with a great green base. These came out of an old gas station. They were used for hanging hoses and things. I am thinking they would look pretty in a bathroom or mudroom.

A vintage Christmas tea towel.

Ok I have a problem. I bought another retro cooler. This one is aluminum.  Why? Why?

You think that is bad. Wait until you see what I am hoarding inside the cooler. More enamelware. I can’t stop. I need to. I have a problem. That is the first step though right? Admitting I have a problem.

A cute old cupcake pan.

And some architectural salvage. A chippy board, another frame and a huge spindle…all purchased with projects in mind.

That’s all folks…

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did you see

Hey there!  Did you happen to catch the episode of Kitchen Impossible on the DIY Network that my friends were on a couple of weeks ago?  If so, you may be wondering the sources for some of the amazingness that now resides in their kitchen.  See below for deets.

If you are lame like me and missed the ep, don’t fret we have another opportunity to catch it tomorrow, Friday the 18th at 5 pm!  A second chance to see it.

You may remember my ‘before’ post showing the old kitchen.  Well here are the ‘before and after’ pictures so you can really see the amaaazing transformation.  Tune in for the show if you haven’t already to see the ‘during’.  They uncovered some pretty interesting things behind those old walls. 

Onto the eye candy…

Remember the retro red enamel top table? Well, the designers let them keep it…annnnd pretty much created the entire new kitchen around it!

Gorge right?  Let’s see more…the built in AC is GONE! Whew.  Look at all of the natural light that has replaced it!  The old cabinets are GONE too.  The new farmhouse inspired cabinets are a beaut.  They are from Wellborn. 

You will notice that the layout of the room has changed.  That really wasn’t a flaw in the old room so the designers kept it.

Did you see the sink and countertops?? Soapstone!  A soapstone farmhouse sink.  I’m not gonna lie, I am jealous!  They came locally from Stone Masters in Kennett Square, PA – the mushroom capital of the world.

Remember the white appliances?  Check out their fab retro inspired replacements.

The left counter is a butcher block.  The butcher block and flooring are from Totally Bamboo.

Need a closer look at the red appliances?  They are by a company called Big Chill.  Aren’t they cool?  And have you ever seen anything quite like it?

For the big bright wall…it wasn’t so bad before but now it is useful with some cute built ins!  Built ins!  BUILT INS!

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the new kitchen and it is so perfect.  It is like Rosie the Riveter and Old MacDonald had a love child in the form of a kitchen.  Who knew you could do retro and farmhouse together so well? 

Don’t forget…tomorrow 5pm EST DIY Network. Second viewing.




P.S. The Poppies and Petals giveaway is still going on but you are running out of time to enter to win a package valued at $80! 


office tour

Comin’ atchya live from my home office today! 

As a part time blogger and full time work from homer, I spend no less than 80% of my waking hours in this little yellow room so it is important that I get it just right.  Althought I still have a few projects on the horizon for this room it is close enough for a reveal so come on in.  Let me show you around.

I’ve had this little table for years.  A past roommate left it behind.  I can’t tell you how many times I considered selling it.  I’m so glad I didn’t!  The table is perfect for crafting and I don’t care how much paint/ink/glue I get on it plus it takes up minimal space. 

The vintage area rug was found at an estate sale in the spring.  I knew then that I wanted the color scheme for this room to be orange, green & yellow.  The rug seemed to be a heavy, dark anchor for this otherwise light, bright room.  Plus it was hand hooked and in great shape!

This might just me my favorite vintage little nook in the whole house.  It is a close second to the sunroom anyway.  Remember the orange bench?  I have to tell you that I get the most feedback on that find.  What a score! 

The bench looks even better surrounded by these textiles.  The only splurge and only brand new items in the entire room are the yellow rosette throw pillows.  I found them at Target on my Missoni mission by another designer.

Let’s move over here and take a peek at the few modern pieces in the room.  I found this armoire on sale a few years back and it now hides most of my craft supplies. 

I like having a few dark espresso accents in the room like the coordinating frame that displays my print of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss that I got on a trip to Vienna after graduating college.  Who knew Gustav’s colors would go so well with my office?  Oh and as you pass by, high five the antique glove mold that I found at the Brooklyn Flea.

Meet the girls.  The grey antique dressform is Cecilia.  She is a big boned girl who is adjustable in size.  Did you spy the old wine rack down there on the floor?  It holds fabric scraps.

Isabelle is our petite dressform.  She’s a Singer made mold that replicates an actual (skinny) woman’s measurements.  The original model’s name is in the mold.  Cree-py.  But these girls make great props.

Ok, reversing sides of the room now.  Remember the dyed coffee filter wreath?  Here she is again.

The reality is that I spend the majority of my time at this little built in desk.  I love the architectural charm that is original to our 1949 house.

The desk is adjacent to the printing station which is housed in the vintage green cabinet.  Don’t you love how I hide all of the office clutter?

And how could I not mention the pulldown school map of Pennsylvania?  This map has influenced and shaped the color pallet of the entire room.   

I am not sure which feature I love more.  The orange & green school map or the orange bench on the opposite wall.  What do you think?

Ok well thanks for visiting my office!  I will keep you posted on upcoming projects in here.

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Hello Gorgeouses!

I am here to tell you that I let yet another weekend come and go without sourcing any fab vintage finds.  I am not upset about it though because you see last weekend I was seaside and this past weekend lakeside.  Life couldn’t be better!

Unless of course I were oh say lakeside surrounded by vintage perse…

 Yes, that would make me happy to see all this vintage goodness in its original state. 

Nothing says cabin like a stone hearth and knotty pine.

And nothing says PA Poconos cabin like original mustard yellow kitchen countertops.  I love encountering these throw back mountain cabins.

Friends invited us to stay with them by the lake.

I took no where short of 2 dozen photos of these chairs.

Did I mention there was the most fabulous old green jon boat? 

I’ve always wanted to say jon boat. 

The distressed swingy red door just invites you right into the lakeside cabin.

I dig the setting.  Giddy about it!

The beautiful day wouldn’t have been complete without a fire and s’mores.

Under the nearly full moon.

Did I mention there was no cell service?  I think we could get used to this.

green with envy

Hello friends!  Happy August.  The past couple of days were jam-packed with fun in the sun.  We played on the beach, went crabbing, rode bikes, visited my favorite winery and spent time with family and friends.  It was an excellent way to see July off.  Isn’t the summer going so quickly? 

With all of those plans in just 48 hours, I almost didn’t have time to hunt for junk.  Almost.  I couldn’t let a Saturday morning go by without making the rounds.  And I’m glad I did.  On an abbreviated hunt, I found these 2 items that I couldn’t pass up.

First we have an enamelware double boiler pot.  In all of my enamelware hunts, I have never seen one like this.  Not even close.  I knew it was out there somewhere.

There are 2 pots and a lid – hence “double” boiler.  They are worn in all the right places in my opinion.  I like the way enamelware wears over time.

But the big find of the day was this funky green metal cabinet.  Love the color!

Check out the old latch.  I love how industrial it is yet the green is all retro goodness.

It comes complete with matching shelf liner paper.  That will have to go when I clean this bad boy up.  I’m thinking some vintage wallpaper may be a nice “new” shelf liner.

I’m so glad I squeezed this treasure hunt in on Saturday!  What do you think?  They need to be cleaned but that’s not happening today.  We’re sleepy here at Circa Dee.

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road trippin

I’ve been meeting some great people in my vintage journeys lately. Mostly collectors and dealers. Everyone has their own niche.  Just last week, I called Bridge Street Antiques in Lambertville, NJ to see if the owner would be interested in buying some items from me. I knew her shop specialized in fine antiques. I had some Limoges and Staffordshire that I’ve been looking to sell. They are just not my style. The owner was very receptive and invited me right in. I’m glad I called that day. She was a doll and told me about what she collects and why it is or isn’t valuable. In addition, she’s already called with a lead for me since I am interested in much different items than her.

The gift of gab is really paying off…

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza in Kutztown, PA. When I was there I bought this funky old cage and a few other vintage farm style goods from a nice couple. Much more my style than Staffordshire…

I got to chatting with the couple and they told me about their shop, Charlette’s Web, and their flea market, Bus Stop. Both are located in Slatington, PA which is about an hour north. I figured why not make a trip out there this summer?

So I did on Saturday. The flea market wasn’t as big as I hoped. Basically Charlette, the owner, had the best stuff out of all of the vendors. I bought this slate from her…slate in Slatington. I saw it and immediately thought “cheese slate”. Right? Crate & Barrel sells slate tiles all day long that are not nearly as cool as this one for like $25 – double what I paid. This one is footed and has a handle and is a slate from Slatington.

Charlette also had more fruit picking baskets. Last time I got some peach baskets from her. I picked up a few berry baskets. These are all on the shelves in my living room. And where else can you find a basket for a dollar?

Then I went down to her antique shop and picked up this orange condiment dish for only $3. I am keeping this cute little guy. Orange is an accent color in my kitchen and apparently I’ve just a condiment dish collection.

The drive up to Slatington was beautiful. I forgot my camera or would post some pics. Rolling hills, slate quarries and old barns. I thought I’d be back early but I couldn’t help myself from hitting some yard sales while I was up there. It was worth it. Suddenly my car was packed! I should’ve brought the truck. Thank god the seats in my car go down because I got some big things!

More slate from Slatington. Ok I will stop saying that now but seriously, I didn’t make the connection until I got home and Ryan confirmed that yes, Slatington is known for their slate quarries. Duh.

It’s a child’s easel from 1957. It opens up to reveal another side. There is also a paper roll on the top. It once had animal and educational graphics. Too bad that paper didn’t make it. But is this not a real vintage piece that stores like Pottery Barn Kids are now reproducing?

Notice a trend here in the commercial retail world? Everyone has gone vintage or faux-tique.

Check out this retro Samsonite suitcase plus a Coleman cooler. I got some great suitcases just a few weeks ago so I’m on a roll. And vintage luggage has been knocked off for years by Fossil but here’s the real deal. For less.

As for the blue metal cooler, I bought the same one in orange about a month ago. I loved it. So did my dad. He couldn’t stop talking about it so I gave it to him for Father’s Day. I’m sure he has used it everyday since. Now I have a replacement. Too bad the blue one had a lock added to it – not original. It’s probably to keep the bears out when camping.

Speaking of orange…check out this mod orange leather bench. I picked up this guy for 5 bucks before I even knew if it would fit in the car. I knew I had to have it for my office. It is so sleek! Oh and I’m thinking it is Anthropologie-esque but about a $1000 less. I’m still working on the office…

My last but definitely not least find of the day, is my very own industrial factory cart. You’ve seen Mike & Frank on American Pickers buy these. You’ve seen them in Restoration Hardware catalogs. Now I have one! These carts are popular to refurbish and make them into a coffee table. Restoration Hardware sells these for over $1000. Mine is a little bit smaller than most but we’ll see what we can do with it.

Overall, it was a good day. The commercial reproductions don’t have anything on these finds!

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christmas in july

I was never good at economics class in college. I am still not sure of the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics. I think I took one class and not the other.

However, I did comprehend supply and demand. For example, there is a low demand for vintage Christmas in July. But there is a large supply that I stumbled upon which equals a low, low price for me! Much lower than they would be in December when the demand is back up.

I love retro glassware but try not to buy too much because it’s a pain to store. Here are some Happy Holidays glasses.

And Seasons Greetings glasses in the same style.

And some classic holly glasses.

You know how almost everyone did ceramics in the 70s? I think this holly candy dish was a staple or prerequisite of some sort. I’ve seen tons of them and have sold quite a few.

I love checking the bottom of the handmade ceramics to see what the person inscribed. Usually there is a date – 72 on this one.

I have never seen a holly cake stand. I suppose most of them broke in the last 40 years. I just love this cute little guy.

And there it is. The predictable inscription with a date. I wonder who Marge is and how she managed to keep her cake stand from breaking.

I also picked up this cute candy dish complete with retro tree image and font. It is very reflective.

I will tuck these mid-century gems away for a few months until swim suit season is behind us and we’re ready for an egg nog toast. Mmm, egg nog.

don’t judge

I had the most fabulous and rare weekend without a single commitment. I didn’t want to double book anything on Judgement Day so I just went with the flow. Fortunately that brought me to the beach! My mom and I spent Saturday & Sunday morning on treasure hunts. We could barely fit everything in the car but somehow in these pictures it looks like less than I thought.

Anyway, here’s what I got…

A little bit of everything including a lot of holiday swag that I can just never resist. How cute are these candy corn?

This awesome kitchen scale.

Some sheet music. I’m going to hold onto these for some future craft projects. This song title made me laugh because I thought of Colleen at freshvintage. Seriously? The Dickey Bird Song? Colleen would’ve had a field day with this one!

And while I’m at it…I saw this sign in a junk store on Sunday. I didn’t buy it but just had to take a picture. Mmm-hmm.

But these wholesome vintage invitations are just too cute. I got the whole pack.

Plus some wooden spools that were calling my name. They aren’t really thaaat old but I thought they’d be cute in this tarnished silver compote.

An old Sealtest ice cream crate.

But the pick of the day was definitely the orange, retro Coleman cooler. Love it! The color actually coordinates perfectly with the sunroom furniture so I am going stock it there for Memorial Day.

Here’s what my mom got. Don’t miss the vivid Vera tablecloth. Good find!

I love the vintage tennis racket. She got a lot of cheery pyrex too.

All of this and we still made it to the beach with Ryan & Wilson.

And back for the sunset.

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