designs adrift

You’ve got to see this!

So I was perusing my new copy of Coastal Living over the weekend and came across a gem of an article.

 On page 34, the magazine featured a carpenter/sculptor who works exclusively with driftwood.  Michael Fleming of Designs Adrift is quite the artist.  I am stunned and just had to share.  Check out his sculpted horse!

Yep, makes my lil’ old driftwood tree seem so amateur.  Well,  I suppose that I am an amateur driftwood sculptor, aren’t I?  Can I even use the word sculptor to describe myself?

Anywho, here are some more images of what this guy can do with driftwood.  A lamp?  Yes, driftwood!  Truly amazing…

And furniture too. I would love to have this club chair in our beach house guest room…or anywhere for that matter.  Swoon!

His process is quite involved from hauling a large backpack along the coast of Maine we he harvests the pieces to allowing the driftwood to cure for months. He certainly captures all the beauty driftwood offers by transforming them into practical and gorgeous home decor.

Just had to share friends!  I heart driftwood.  That’s all.

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vintage around town

My local vintage lovers are surely looking for a follow-up on how Saturday’s popup shops were. If you missed it, I outlined an itinerary last week of where to be. As promised, I’m back with some highlights!

I started the day out at the Nannygoat estate sale. These ladies did not disappoint with 9 rooms full of vintage and antique goodness staged to my delight! There was something for everyone for sure including a fair amount of mantiques. Highlight reel…

I finally made it into the newest vintage shop on Main Street in Manayunk. I met the darling owners of MeadowSweet. Their displays are immaculately curated. I could move right into that little shop. But instead, I took something warm and cozy home. An army green wool blanket. Yes, please.

While wandering Main Street, I snapped some icy pics of the sculptures for your viewing pleasure. So fun!

I have to admit that I started out strong on the picture-taking front but as the day progressed, the pictures did not. I visited the artsy ladies at Cupid Gets Crafty and talked so much that I didn’t take a single picture. After picking out a few small gifts (mostly for me!) I visited the Outpost event at 3P4 and found a new favorite.

Peg and Awl. First of all, the aesthetic of their popup was so satisfying-ly simple yet stately. I love how everything is handmade by them from unique antique materials. See the brown canvas and leather bag? I’m the proud new owner of it. The leather is from a WWII revolver strap. The soldier even carved his name into it. A little piece of history on my tote.

After Outpost, I left town with a detour to Philadelphia Salvage. And lastly the mid-century popup Nomad.  The large open space had a gallery feel to it with many cozy vignettes that flowed one into another.

I still haven’t made it into RevivalSmith and a few other brick and mortars on Main. Another day. Another shopping excursion. In the meantime, I’m loving my new acquisitions.

reclaiming philly

Hello there!  I am excited to tell you about my shopping trip on Saturday.  It wasn’t my normal crack of dawn estate sale or flea market kind of Saturday.  They’re not too prevalent in January so I took to junking in doors.  I went to not one, but two salvages.  That’s my kind of day!

Let’s review the pics!  I started my day at the fairly new Philadelphia Salvage in Mt. Airy.  I was chomping at the bit to get in the door and was literally waiting on their stoop for them to open up shop.  Nerd alert.

I was delighted by the rows and rows of salvaged old windows. 

They had everything from reclaimed wood

to tile

to claw feet.

An airborne vintage bicycle. Why not?

Corbels…love. I want to hug them. That’s not creepy at all.

Wouldn’t this fab green mantel make a fun headboard with an upholstered center?

And these wheels – how about a pot rack?

Love the roman numerals on this stone stating the year the once standing building was built. How about making it a coffee table now?Lay it down and put a piece of glass on it.

I can keep going. The pew seems more suitable for a restaurant because of its size. Maybe a breakfast bar or divider.

I could have rummaged through Philadelphia Salvage all day for more treasures and conceptualized repurposed projects but I had to move on. I left the charming block in Mt. Airy with materials for my next project. Stay tuned on that front.

Lucky for me though I ended up in a similar salvage on the other side of the city, in Port Richmond, just a few hours later. I was in heaven. Two architectural salvage shops in one day? I didn’t even plan this! My friends and I visited Restore of Philadelphia (not to be confused with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore) to reclaim more of the city for another upcycled project that will be shared soon. Of course, I was easily distracted by the rows of neatly organized old doors. Imagine all of the headboards in their future.

This shop offers two whole floors of shopping.  Why buy new when you can buy character?

It is like organized chaos in these salvages.  What a perfect day for a junker!

If you are not from Philly, do you have any awesome architectural salvage shops like these in your city?