new milk paint display

Recently I completed one of my largest milk paint projects to date.  This armoire is an oldie but goodie.  It dates back to the 1800’s and was built to be easily taken apart for moving purposes.

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4952

It was love at first sight!

armoire before

It is a real stunner composed of beautiful wood.  Fortunately the inside wood was in great shape with minimal damage.  However the exterior finish was faded and worn.  chippy milk paint antique armoire-4954

I painted 2 coats of shutter gray and the door insets were painted in 2 coats of ironstone.  It led to the most authentic chipping paint which fits this particular old piece very well.  It seems like this armoire would be right at home in a centuries old farmhouse.

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4957

Quite reminiscent of chipping lead paint…a look I love so much but one that can be pretty dangerous.  This paint has zero VOCs!

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4958  chippy milk paint antique armoire-4960

The interior raw wood was brought back to life with all natural hemp oil.

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4959

MMS milk paint’s newest topcoat option is tough coat which proved to be the best choice for such a textured and chipping piece.  Tough Coat locks in the chipping paint so it doesn’t continue to flake off.  It leaves a nice durable finish with a little luster. Tough coat is now available.

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4965

One of the original brass drawer pulls was damaged.  I looked for a replacement at the flea market but that was basically like searching for a needle in a hay stack.  Ultimately, the drawer pulls were updated with clear glass handles.  They are also available for sale at both Circa Dee locations.

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4967

The size of this armoire works perfectly as a display for our milk paint at The West End Garage.  Come check it out in person!

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4968

So what do you think?  Is this much chipping paint a look you love or loathe?  You know where I stand already!

chippy milk paint antique armoire-4956

just another manic monday

After a fabulously gorgeous weekend in PA, it is a cold and rainy Monday.  And that is A-ok with me.  It is forcing me to stay in and catch up on some work.  However, last week was pretty great for sourcing and selling vintage finds.

First let me tell you, yesterday was Clover Market…ahhmazing.  As always.  We had a fabulous crowd!  Sunny skies and fun neighboring vendors too.  My first customers of the day were from Massachusetts.  (Hi girls!)  They traveled to Philly all the way from Mass just to visit us at Clover.  How cool is that?  If you are considering making the trip, November 4th is the last Clover of the season!  I guarantee you’ll find some unique holiday gifts and a few gems for yourself.

Prior to my frantic day-before-Clover prep, I took some time to shop and work on a room in my own house.  It is no where near ready for a reveal but let me show you a few treasures that will be in the room.

I seriously fell in love with this needlepoint old man.  Isn’t he sweet?  When I first found him, I thought that I would sell him.  (I’ve been on a vintage needlepoint kick lately.)

Then the more I looked at him, I knew he was a keeper.  Now call me crazy but he totally looks like an old man Ryan.  And my mom agrees. So call her crazy too.  I mean seriously, I think this is what my fiance, Ryan, is going to age to look like.  I’m pretty sure he even has that hat already.  Ryan currently has a shorter, darker beard and the same blue eyes. We’ll check back with him in another 35 years.

So old man Ryan stays.

Next up is a corner hutch in fabulous aqua blue.  We moved this guy right into the beach house living room to serve as a bar area.  It took the place of an oversized dark bookshelf.  The change really opened up the corner visually and invoked a little beach cottage whimsy with the color.

Funny thing is that the guy I bought this from kept telling me how I could refinish the paint but I thought that was the best part!  I suppose I will fix the cabinet pull though.

I love scouting antique scales.  This particular one is a fudge scale.  The flat marble base is a great area for displaying books and things.  I can’t keep everything though so I will probably sell this one.

I picked up this enamel top cabinet a few weeks back.  It is pretty beat but I hope to revitalize it with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint soon.

So what did you do this weekend?  Find any good vintage treasures?

I’ll be spending the rest of the week gearing up for our monthly sale this weekend at the Brick & Mortar.  We’ll be rolling out the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line.  If you are a local DIYer, you must stop by Saturday or Sunday to see all of the wonderful colors and products!  I may even have Miss Mustard Seed’s new book in stock too!  I’ll keep you posted.

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on the road

So I’ve got this little nook in our navy blue guest room that used to be quite bare except for plain white shelves and other riff raff that would collect there.

Awhile back I hung vintage scarves to serve as a valance in the space.  I like that look but it still needed more!

Back to the hideous white shelves.  They are made of particle board and were left by the previous owners.  They are definitely functional but not pretty.  Either is the hole left by their cable cord.

I decided to jump on the old book page bandwagon and recover the shelves with them.  Since the antique furniture in the room is already the color of old book pages, I thought the shelves needed a little umph.  Enter this big old atlas that I got for about 3 bucks at a thrift store.  I tore a few pages of blue, green and yellow maps out to mingle with the book pages. 

I haphazardly applied the pages to the shelves using spray adhesive (while dinner was cooking).  This is a quick task.

After that dried, I applied a layer of mod podge using a sponge applicator.

Then I moved in some pretty shabby items

Yes, I applied pages to the under side of the shelves too.

I like the yellowing book pages and blueish atlas pages much better than the stark white particle board, don’t you?  Would you believe that Ryan never noticed the shelves before they received this little “wallpaper” treatment?  He asked if I hung the shelves too.  Ha!  They’ve been there all along.

Loving the tarnished silver compote filled with old wooden spools.  Someone’s trash is my treasure.

Across from the shelves, I moved in the vanity that matches the rest of the French Provincial bedroom set that belonged to my grandmother.

My favorite part is the antique vanity stool.  I was going to have it recovered but I am starting to find the worn in upholstery endearing.  It doesn’t look half bad in its new home.  Should it be re-upholstered?  What’s your vote?

I found an antique vanity mirror that reflects the new-to-us shelves.


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aqua beauty

Hola chicas!  I fit in some much-needed vintage love last week.  I finally found a few new treasures to share!

Let’s start small.  I grabbed this cute Christmas dish to use on my wall plate rack during the holidays.  I won’t actually be leaving cookies for Santa but I thought it was cute for 50 cents.

When I see blue Ball jars with zinc lids, I grab ’em.  Hopefully I will put this one to good in a lighting project soon.

Pretty vintage linens always catch my eye.  Do you like this sham?


Check out the pink doily border stitched on the yellow linen.

I believe this was hand embroidered.

I have a hard time staying away from kitschy Christmas linens.  This bright one is round and I dig the fringe.  I think it would make a good tree skirt.

Did you notice the chair?  I almost walked right by it.  It is an oak ice cream parlor style chair.  Love!

I’m sure you didn’t miss the aqua chest of drawers.  I didn’t!  I was so excited when I saw this.   I especially liked this find because it reminded me of my childhood.  We had quilted baby furniture in white that was very similar to this.  When I was wandering around a thrift store, the fab color just jumped out at me.  I immediately picked the chest up and lugged it across the store to a cart instead of bringing the cart to it.  I was afraid to let go of it because I didn’t want to risk losing it to another shopper. 

I didn’t think my quick reaction was ridiculous at all until I got to the register and the cashier was relieved someone bought the thing.  She actually used the word “hideous” to describe it.  I told her beauty was in the eye of the beholder and was hoping that some blog readers would support that this find was an aqua beaut.  Ahem. Thoughts? 

The cashier also asked what I planned to do with it. I explained that I would clean it, change the hardware and then it would make a perfect place to stash craft supplies. 

She must have missed the memo that vintage + aqua = awesomeness.

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early bird gets the worm

Last week I was off from work which afforded me the rare opportunity to hit some Friday estate sales.  I always, always wanted to go to the Friday sales! 

I made it to them!  Let me tell you that the Friday early birds are INtense.  I got to the first sale just 10 minutes after it started and it was swarming with buyers.  Serious buyers who already had piles set aside.  I grabbed a vintage green bench just as soon as I could get my hands on it and found it was already claimed.  If only I woke up 10 minutes earlier.  That chippy bench would be mine!  Good thing I managed to find some other sweet vintage items.

I tried to shake off the bench loss when I found these old gardening hand tools buried in the back of the sale.  The horticulturist in me was ecstatic with the wooden handled wonders.

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.  Check out how the metal curves around on this cultivator.  Love.

And these orange tools are so retro.  I didn’t even clean the 50-year-old dirt off yet.  Note to self.  Anyway…the color!

And another old school trowel…

like the ones we hung in the sunroom to use as hooks.

Enough of the gardening tools.  Let’s talk enamelware.  Like last week, I found some!  This time it is a 7 piece set of pots and pans.  I’m not even sure that they were ever used.

The stripes are just too fun!

Oh but these little lotus dishes are A-door-bell!

How can you not love?

By this point in the morning, I was moving right along from sale to sale.  Long forgotten about the chippy bench.  I swear.  Aqua planter? Yes, please.

A few Victorian inspired repros…

The old soap sign is perfect for a bathroom or laundry room.  It is circa 1974 so still vintage in my book.  Plus the rusty goodness gives this sign some character.

These hooks are going to be put to work in one of my shutter re-do’s.  I actually had a set of these in an old house of mine but left them behind.  I was happy to see them!  They look sooo old but are probably only 1950’s or 60’s.

A lil’ vintage candy jar! Always a love of mine so difficult to pass up.

I also took home some pint-sized furniture.  This white stool folds up. 

It’s a whole lotta shabby and a little bitta chic.  Check the faded stenciling. Mmm hmmm.

Now this mini folding chair might just be a dud.  I think I’m allowed one in all of these finds, right?  It’s pretty far gone but hopefully I can recover one way or another.

I’m thrilled with all of my mentioned finds but despite my Friday efforts and my attempt at being some sort of early bird, the gem of the weekend came Saturday morning when I wasn’t looking.  I drove by a Church sale, that wasn’t on my agenda, and hit the brakes.  Boy, am I glad I did because I rolled out this treasure…

Drumroll please.

Whatcha think of my industrial office chair?  I’ll say it again – They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

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treasure hunt

I went to no where short of one dozen yard and estate sales on Saturday morning. That is not including the multiple drive by sales. Those are the sales with the standard kid crap that does not warrant me getting out of the car. You could call me committed. I hit those 12 sales in about 2 and a half hours. For the number of sales shopped, I probably should have turned up more treasures but the good finds have been slim lately.

One of the first sales yielded lovely Roseville pottery and depression glass. I was excited to find them until I found the prices. This lady was selling them for full blown antique shop retail prices…on her front lawn. Ho-hum. I left there with a couple of old issues of Domino mag for 10 cents each. My first purchase of the day. I loved that design magazine. Why oh why did they stop publishing it?

Then I was on my way to what was advertised as a neighborhood sale in a retirement community. Ooh! Generally old people = old good stuff. I should have factored in the obvious. They’ve already downsized to move to the not-so-quaint retirement community. They must’ve sold their good stuff years ago. This sale seriously had used bed pans and walkers. Eww. I was out of there long before I could hit the bake sale they were pushing.

Fortunately, on the way to the old person village I literally took a wrong turn. And landed in an enchanted sea of sales that weren’t even on my planned route! Bonus. That’s where I got most of my finds…

This charming luggage set. It’s amazing how little they had to pack in the 1950s yet how chic the people were.

Even the interior of the suitcase is fab. They’re lined with jade colored satin.

Almost everything came in pairs. Two satin, vintage hangers. Two old advertising rulers to match my office.

An adorable tea towel. Never used. Tags still on. “Be My Helper. Be My Love.” Um, ok.

But the pick of the day was one of my last stops.

A set of 4 chippy blue and white chairs.

When I bought them, I thought I’d sand them down and paint them to coordinate with a dining table that I plan to re-do this summer. Then I got them home and realized that they match our kitchen in their current shabby state. What to do? Sand them for the dining room or leave them as-is for the kitchen?

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a vintage weekend recap

I finally reunited with the world on a social basis this weekend. After nearly a month of hermit-like behavior in our new home, I decided it was time to get out. Of course I picked a rainy weekend but it didn’t disappoint. It was filled with all things I love. In no particular order I…

spent time with friends, family and family friends

had a girl’s night out with my silly SILs

kissed babies

celebrated the anticipation of the arrival of twin girls

celebrated a graduation

celebrated a birthday

went to an estate sale

a yard sale

and a garage sale

helped a friend sort through her 96 year old grandma’s antique china and silver

refinished a child size park bench

finished refinishing the sunroom furniture

and started refinishing the built ins in our living room.

And now for the deets and eye candy…
Let’s start with the baby shower at one of my favorite “antique houses”.

I love, love, love these handmade banners that are made of fabric triangles that are glued to ribbon, I think. The adorable banners decorated various doorways in the house plus their front porch. I don’t know what it is about these little triangles of joy but I just need them in my life!

Aside from the fabric streamers, there were vintage baby blocks decorating the house. Now isn’t that, well, fun?

At the estate sale, I got some vintage Christmas linens which just make me happy. Tablecloth, apron & tea towel plus a 1957 copy of Wizard of Oz. This Dorothy looks different than the one I grew up knowing.
P.S. that’s also a “before” picture of the park bench in the background.

An avocado green, wicker hamper because why not? Plus that quirky terra cotta owl with 3 faces that is getting cut off in the picture.

Roller skates circa 1970. Could I possibly regret this impulse buy? Not with that fab red carrying case that came with them! Must. Have.

Old burlap feed sacks with sweet graphics. Why didn’t I buy more? I have a project in mind for them and they were available…dammit! Oh but they do smell like gasoline so let’s hope I can get rid of that stench.

Breakfast in bed anyone? As soon as I laid eyes on this delicate tray of wonderfulness, I knew that I couldn’t leave it behind.

This hand stitched (or is it hooked? I think it’s hooked) area rug with vivid yellow, orange and green flowers is a perfect addition to my office. One of these days I will organize it and post pictures of the office.

Double baking pans. A huge floral frog just because I’m obsessed. And a scale that may possibly find a new life as a plant hook.

Oh and this dirty but cool tool caddy.

I think that about sums up my 48 hours of wonderfulness. No pictures of the china at this time. Or the babies.

What did you do this weekend?

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