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Merry! Merry!  Are you ready for the big guy to visit?  We are all set over here!

I’ve got just one last Christmas DIY project to share. In fact, it is not really Christmasy at all but coordinates with my choice of decor this season.

Tell me the truth, are you sick of the vintage sheet music and book pages that are all over the place these days? I might be getting close but I’m still fully embracing the trend…for now.

I was inspired to make a paper mache bowl after I saw one in the pages of BHG’s DIY magazine last month.  I thought it looked fun and pretty easy.  I was right.  Here’s what you need…

  • Paper of your choice.  It doesn’t have to be sheet music.  It could be scrapbook paper, newspaper or perhaps something meaningful you want to preserve but don’t mind if it takes on a new form – like children’s schoolwork.
  • Mod Podge or glue and water solution.
  • A bowl to use as a template.
  • Saran wrap.

Cover the bowl in saran wrap.

Then apply pieces of paper to the saran wrapped bowl with the mod podge.  I used a sponge applicator.  Overlap as necessary. Once you’ve covered the whole bowl with paper. Coat the now “paper bowl” with more mod podge to create a shellac and seal it all in.  Let it dry. 

 The paper will harden and take on the shape of the bowl.  You can separate it from the saran wrap.  I found that one layer of paper wasn’t enough though.  See how thin it is?

Flip the bowl template over and cover with the saran wrap.  Apply more paper with mod podge as above.  Apply as many layers as you want just let it dry in between.

Once it is all dry, trim any paper corners that are poking out of the top of the bowl.  Easy, right?  This would be a fun project to do with kids too.

Go ahead and display it however you like!  Of course, I chose some vintage ornaments to deck out the paper mache bowl.

I feel the need to disclose that 2 Shiny Brites were broken in the making of this post…I know. It was terrifying to take 2 vintage ornaments out of circulation.  Shiny Brite lovers everywhere mourn.

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all that glitters

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!  How I lo-ove thee! 
Our tree is trimmed and presents are starting to accumulate underneath.

We chose a tall, skinny Fraser fir that fits just right in the window space we carved out for it.  The tree is actually in our dining room.  Tonight we had dinner next to it and it was really quite nice!  Plus, it provides for a holiday focal in that room while the living room’s focal point is exclusively the oversized rustic mantel.  And  did I mention that the tree smells ah-mazing!

I tend to stick to a traditional color scheme when trimming the tree.  White sparkly lights and gold ornaments with a hint of holiday red.  This year the traditional decor was accented with our overall Christmas theme of galvanized, burlap and sheet music to coordinate with the mantel.

Burlap played a major part as the tree garland. 

The only new ornaments added to the collection this year are sheet music DIY balls.  I just inserted strips of vintage sheet music into clear glass balls.  And now we’ve got sheet music on the mantel annnd tree.

Did you spy where the galvanized comes in?  I skipped the tree skirt this year.  We put the tree and stand right in this big galvanized tub.  It keeps things tidy when watering the tree, looks awesome and seems to spare some space under the tree…for more gifts!

Yes, even the gift wrap follows the rustic theme.  Natural brown paper.  Burlap ribbons.  Sheet music wrapping and tags.  Plus hints of gold and red.

Consistency really pulls it all together.  It is easy to have a theme in your Christmas decor by simply repeating the core elements and colors.

What is your Christmas theme this year?

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rustic & reclaimed mantel

Falalalalala.  Ok, so I’m in full on Christmas mode.  The mantel is complete, the tree is up, the cards are, well, they’re in progress.   

It’s kind of hard to believe it was 70 degrees again yesterday.  We didn’t wear coats to buy our tree which seemed odd.  I have no problem decorating for Christmas in any weather.  I could do it all year!

 I love the scent of the Fraser fir tree we selected.  But the live princess pine roping on the mantel is just gorge!  It is so delicate.  It balances the rustic, woodsy decor.

I used an old Royal Crown Cola crate as an upright display shelf for some vintage Christmas balls.  I have acquired a ton of these old ornaments.  They’re on display in just about every corner of the house.

Remember my architectural salvage finds from just last week?  The chippy green board provides a background for the Victorian pink spindle turned candle holder.  In fact, all of the items that make up this mantel vignette are from recent picks.  Who needs family heirlooms this year when we’ve got perfectly good junk to display? 

I’ve fully embraced burlap, galvanized, reclaimed wood and sheet music in my overall Christmas decor this year.  I’m really happy with the rustic combination so far.  See the cute little burlap stocking?

You know that phrase “Go Big or Go Home”?  That is sort of what I adapted with me 3 foot plus Santa.  The huge poster was surfaced over the summer and the barnwood frame came from another pick.  I put them together and voila…

Because the poster is about an inch smaller than the frame around, I added yellowed book pages to create a matting.  I am also really happy with the birch pieces.  Side note: Ryan cut all of the birch for the fireplace not the mantel.  They’re just too pretty to burn though, aren’t they?

Oh!  Remember the old gas station belt hooks I got last week?  The mint green worked perfectly in this vignette.  I didn’t even plan that in advance.  The hooks also function well for the mini sheet music wreath to hang from.  Yes, I have gas station junk out for Christmas.  So what?

There are the galvanized buckets…the perfect flower-pot for my white poinsettia.

More burlap.  This old toy sack is excellent for holding firewood.

More green…this time in a dented pail that I just love to use as a flower-pot.  Yes, there are white pumpkins still out for Christmas.  Why not?  The color goes perfectly with the poinsettia.

And there you have our rustic & reclaimed Christmas mantel!  Stay tuned for more burlap/galvanized/reclaimed wood/sheet music decor from Circa Dee this rustic holiday season.  Do you have a theme for you decor this year?

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